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Cass Ingram

Wild Raw Crowberry and Hemp Brain Detox

Cass Ingram shares his insight into the powerful combination of raw wild crowberry and hemp to support brain detoxification.

2 thoughts on “Wild Raw Crowberry and Hemp Brain Detox”

  1. Hi Doc I just started taking the Hemponol Brain Detox and I was wondering if it can make my face break out? I’m having serious issues. I thought maybe it was part of the cleansing process. Help please:)

  2. Hi Dr. Cass,
    I have low energy and motivation. Insomnia, I did take hempanol last night.
    I thought Neuroloft capsules might help because it has st. John’s wort. But I don’t see them anymore. I take a B-complex.
    I haven’t taken oregano oil in a few months.
    Any suggestions?
    I love all the products and often tell friends about you . I think are so smart and knowledgeable.

    Thank you for all you give us with educating people for their health,,

    Sharon Rose

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