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Cass Ingram

Wild Oregano Oil is Huge Preventive Against Lyme Recurrence

Wild Oregano Oil is Huge Preventive Against Lyme Recurrence
In the prevention of Lyme recurrence the intake of wild oregano oil is essential. In this regard only the edible wild oregano oil as an extra virgin olive oil emulsion should be used for this purpose.
The wild-type oil from the true wild oregano species is entirely safe for human consumption and can be taken in considerable amounts, a critical element for the reversal of the disease and also for the blocking/preventing of any recurrence.
Wild oregano oil is a potent germicidal agent: a broad-spectrum antimicrobial. Nothing can match the diversity of its powers as an anti-germ agent. It is directly germicidal against the Lyme bacillus and, in fact, all spirochetes. After all, wild oregano oil is capable of sterilizing sewage water. No known pathogenic germ, including various spirochetes, can hold up against it.
The Lyme bacillus, known medically as Borrelia burgdoferi, is a cork-screw pathogen. Such a pathogen has vast invasive properties against human and/or animal tissue. It’s cork-screw capacity gives in great abilities to burrow deeply within tissues, with a preferential capacity to attack the brain, spinal cord, and the joint linings. It also tends to deeply burrow into the skin, off of which it feeds.
This is why oil of wild oregano is ideal. It has the capacity to root out deep-seated infections, essentially causing the corrosion of the cell walls of the Lyme bacteria, causing them to readily destroyed. The wild oregano oil essentially burns the bacteria out, and this effect is most dominating through oral dosing. One of its mechanisms is destruction of the spirochete’s cell wall, at which point it dies summarily.
If there is one natural medicine that Lyme victims must take, it is oil of wild oregano, edible type, wild-source: 100% mountain grown. This natural complex should be taken, ideally, as drops under the tongue but can also be taken orally in juice/water. It can also be used topically, rubbed up and down the spine and also rubbed on the bottoms of the feet and up-and-down the shins.
The ideal oral dosing is through sublingual administration, which allows the oil to enter the bloodstream directly. From there it is carried into also the lymphatic system, where the Lyme bacillus often takes up residence. The same is true of the topical rubbing. This delivers the oil into the needed areas through the lymph, as oil of wild oregano is vigorously taken up by the lymphatic system.
For ideal results the oil should be taken also with the whole, crude herb complex with Rhus coriaria and organic onion plus garlic. All such complexes have antibacterial properties. For optimal results the Lyme victim should take three capsules of such a complex twice daily as a minimal dose.
The oil is major prevention: of not only the onset of Lyme but also recurrence. Regarding the onset if a person is taking this oil on a daily basis such a one is much less vulnerable to the attack than those who have no such antiseptic powers in their systems. It thus acts as a germicidal barrier against the infection. Regarding existing Lyme there is no better natural medicine to take than oil of wild oregano. Use it and be safe. Use it vigorously for eradication. Take advantage of this potent natural medicine. Just as the Bible states it is a purge: even for the Lyme bacillus. In this regard this author, a victim of Lyme, has achieved a final resolution, an absolute reversal of the disease, through continued, daily use of the oil, along with the whole, crude herbal complex.
For tough cases see the protocols in the Lyme Disease Cure (same author, Knowledge House Publishers).

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