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Cass Ingram

Wild Oregano – Allergy Fighting Medicine

Wild Oregano – Allergy Fighting Medicine

Make no mistake about it wild oregano is a most potent natural medicine for fighting allergy and all its associated conditions. There are numerous herbs and other natural medicines that are relied upon for fighting allergies. The same is true of certain vitamins, which are touted as allergy remedies.
Yet, none are as potent as the wild mountain spice, wild oregano, in combating allergic conditions.
Wild oregano is a powerful antihistamine. This is true of both the whole, crude herb as well as the steam distilled oil. Wild oregano is also an anti-toxin, and allergic reactions are, essentially, toxic reactions. Some such reactions are so noxious that they cause great corruption in the body, including inflammation, swelling, and even the potential for shock reactions, some of which can lead to death. The latter is known as anaphylactic shock, strictly an allergic toxicity.
The whole crude herb of oregano is a rich source of a key anti-allergy compound, the flavonoid quercitin. It is a blocking agent of the inflammation caused by allergic reactions. In this regard it is well established that this flavonoid “blunts” IgE reactions, the very ones that lead to histamine release.
In fact, regardless of the allergic cause wild oregano is an aggressive, effective agent. It has a significant history in this regard, being used for hives, anaphylactic shock, swollen throat/tongue, rashes, venomous bites, rhinitis, sinus congestion, head congestion, stomachache, upset stomach, itching, hay fever, and far more. This was originally and largely edified in the book, The Cure is in the Cupboard. Here is found numerous case histories of people who dramatically benefited from in respect to allergic reactions, respiratory conditions, and much more to wild oregano therapy.
There is also the issue of prevention. The regular intake of wild oregano-based supplements, ideally both as the whole, crude herb and the wild edible oil, helps block allergic reactions, even serious ones, like peanut allergy.
Topically, oil of wild oregano is effective, as in the instance of itchy rash, hives, venomous bites, and swollen throat/tongue. In an emergency it can prove lifesaving, halting the progression of anaphylaxis, which may include life-threatening swelling of the throat and tongue. It is all one further reason that no one should be without high quality wild oregano supplements, as demonstrated by the following case history:
Mr. C. is a 55 year-old male in relatively good health. Other than a few allergies he rarely reacts to any exposure, never even contracting colds or flu. He does suffer from certain food intolerances, notably that of wheat, rye, celery, and certain cheeses. After a hard day’s work a friend attempted to do him a favor, giving him a glass of “freshly squeezed vegetable juice.” Unbeknown to him it was pure celery juice. After drinking a few sips he noticed something severe. The throat becoming scratchy, he couldn’t speak. His tongue began tingling and started swelling, plus his throat closed off. Barely speaking, he convinced his friend to grab a bottle of edible wild oregano oil. After taking a dropperful under the tongue, the entire shock reaction, of potentially fatal anaphylactic shock, was eliminated. It would appear that the wild oregano oil may have saved this person’s life.
Not everyone will need such a large doses. For many people two or three drops of edible wild oregano oil twice daily is sufficient, along with one or two capsules of the whole, crude herb twice daily. Be aware that there are a number of imitation or false oregano oils on the market, including those which are genetically engineered, as well as those made from Mexican sage, Moroccan oregano, the generic, Origanum vulgare, and Spanish oregano.
For allergic reactions of more ‘minor’ issue, such as hay fever and rhinitis, wild oregano is also a boon. Ideally, both the whole, crude herb with Rhus coriaria, along with the oil, should be used in the treatment of such conditions.  In fact, these conditions are “no contest” for the powers of this wild, high-mountain natural therapy. A list of the allergy-related conditions which respond to wild oregano therapy include:

  • hay fever
  • rhinitis
  • head congestion
  • sinusitis
  • hives
  • itchy rash
  • eczema
  • swelling of the tongue
  • itchiness of the throat
  • anaphylactic reactions
  • swelling of the throat
  • allergic cough
  • stomachache
  • irritable bowel syndrome
  • migraine headache
  • itchy, irritated bites
  • venomous bites
  • swellings
  • abdominal bloating
  • heartburn
  • reactions to poisonous plants

The wild oregano-based emulsified spray is also highly effective in fighting allergic reactions, including all topical reactions. This includes bug and mosquito bites as well as noxious reactions to plant toxins, like the reactions of poison oak and ivy. Use the wild oregano oil and the whole, crude herb with Rhus coriaria as the dynamic duo for optimal health this spring, summer, and fall. Take advantage of the wild oregano/multiple spice spray as a neutralizing agent against both topical allergic reactions and those resulting from airborne allergens. Us this spray inside the home to reduce pollen, mold, and dust irritants as well as to neutralize cockroach poisons. Be allergy-free. That’s the wild oregano guarantee.
See also:
Ingram, C. 2013. The Cure is in the Cupboard. Buffalo Grove, IL: Knowledge House Publishers

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  1. How much Wild oregano oil to heal food intolerances?
    I am unable to eat anything without experiencing tachycardia, facial flushing and swelling.
    How long to take it?
    Do you need to take probiotics after your course of Wild Oregano oil?
    Many thanks :)

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