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Cass Ingram

Wild Medicines Are Always Better than Farm-Raised

Wild Medicines Are Always Better than Farm-Raised

Make no mistake about it wild medicines are infinitely superior to farm-raised types. A number of supplements are derived from farm-raised materials. Supplements which are exclusively wild in source are relatively rare.
For instance, virtually all greens supplements are from farmed greens. When organic, such greens are health-promoting. Yet, they are no where near as potent as medicinal substances compared to those of wild origin.
Even better than merely wild is wild and raw. Now, that’s some serious potency. This is the kind of power and potency needed for the reversal of serious diseases. In this regard it must be noted that animals in the wild are free of the common diseases afflicting humankind. Why is this so? They eat food which has medicinal properties, plus they consume it wild and raw.
Has anyone ever seen a constipated dear or bear? How about a wild animal of any kind with terminal cancer, crippling arthritis, high blood pressure, diabetes, and/or heart disease? It is not even worth consideration, that is it simply does not occur. This demonstrates the power of wild, raw foods/medicines.
If humans consumed the types of food/herbal complexes consumed by these wild creatures, then, they, too, can be free of such diseases. They can also achieve major protection against such devastation.
A number of studies have demonstrated that wild is better, that wild plants and their extracts are richer, nutritionally, and also offer a greater, more potent medicinal profile. There are a number of reasons for this. For instance, the soil is unaltered. Often, it is rich in humus, which creates an ideal environment for nutritional density. There is also the issue of a native, raw environment with plenty of sunshine, moisture, natural decaying elements, and far more, which makes the wild environment unique. Too, wild plants are challenged by the elements for survival and thus their chemical profile is unique compared to commercially raised counterparts.
There is also the divine or God-given factor. This revolves about the fact that in the wild the seeds are not altered, that is they are not purposely corrupted or hybridized. It can be assessed this way. The purpose our Creator had for the plant or plant substance is fully intact. Nothing is altered in the least.
This is true of all medicinal plants, whether greens, berries, aromatic, or otherwise.
It is a major issue, which can be readily proven. Consider an investigation comparing the levels of extracted phenolic compounds in commercial (hybridized) biotypes versus the wild ones, in this case, those growing in Mexico. On average the flavonoid extract of farm-raised berries showed anthocyanin levels of about 50 mg per gram, while the wild ones averaged an incredible 430 mg per gram, nearly 8-fold greater.
This is a massive difference, make no mistake about it: in fact, great beyond comprehension. Yet, it is true of all wild plants. They are always more medicinal, sometimes tremendously so, versus their commercial counterparts.
Consider also wild dandelion. What a nutritional powerhouse it is.  For example, one cup of raw dandelion greens contains 112% of the daily required intake of vitamin A and 535% of vitamin K. With vitamin C one cup provides some 20 mg, nearly 35% of the daily need, along with 100 mg of calcium, that is 10% of the daily value.
Now, organic is powerful, too, yet it is not as powerful as wild material. Plus, the wild material acts not only as a nutritional source but also as a decided medicine.
In the supplement industry wild is rare enough, while the combination of wild and rare is virtually unknown. One exception are those which are extracted in the field in a raw state and cold sterilized. These truly wild, raw supplements include the following:

  • a wild, raw dandelion leaf and root extract
  • a wild, raw dandelion, burdock, and nettles extract as sublingual drops
  • a wild, raw total body purging agent for elimination of noxious substances
  • a wild, raw super-5-berries extract rich in tissue-cleansing anthocyanins
  • a wild, raw multiple berries extract as sublingual drops
  • a wild, raw black raspberry extract of the Rubus species as sublingual drops
  • a wild, raw high-bush cranberry extract as sublingual drops

NOTE: All such wild complexes are hand-harvested from remote areas, free of toxic exposure and common pollutants. No herbal medicine can heal if it is burdened with toxic compounds. In particular, the wild, raw greens extracts aid in a healthy detoxification response for the intestinal tract, the colon, the gallbladder, and the liver; for constipation, the use of such extracts is essential, as the bitter greens components activate bile flow.
Therapeutically, there is a vast difference between wild and raw. This will be evidence from the consumption of such raw extracts or from the harvesting and consumption of wild, raw foods. Even so, if such extracts/concentrates are consumed regularly in the diet, there will be a vast improvement in overall health. There will be cleansing, though it will be in a natural, gentle process.

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