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Cass Ingram

Treacherous Lyme – Fight Back with Wild Oregano and More

Treacherous Lyme – Fight Back with Wild Oregano and More

How truly hideous it is, the Lyme bacillus, a pathogen of vermin now fully embedded within human bodies. Once it infests the body the immune system is under siege. It is not sufficient in most cases for natural immunity to resolve it. There must be other action taken.
Nor in many cases antibiotics sufficient as the sole means of cure. In fact, in may instances these drugs worsen the condition. As is well established the causative agent of this disease, the bacterium Borrelia burgdoferi, is a highly aggressive organism which can readily evade immune defenses. See how it infests the body in the following schematic diagram:

It injects its poisonous germs which ultimately make their way to the intestinal canal. As a result of their specialized invasive capacity, they readily penetrate the gut, ending up, incredibly, in the facial region. There, they infect the salivary glands. This may explain why Lyme can be readily transmitted between spouses. It may also explain the issue of Lyme-induced TMJ syndromes as well as the facial paralysis syndrome, Bell’s palsy. The salivary glands lie in close proximity to the facial nerve, which may be, apparently, attacked and infected by the Lyme bacillus.
See is great treachery, here. This is an electron photomicrograph of a white blood cell, specifically a neutrophil, attempting to attack and destroy a number of Lyme spirochete. It’s a battle that the white blood cells don’t always win. The spirochetes are seemingly twisting themselves about the pseudopod of the white blood cell, as if attempting to choke it to death.

Here it is zoomed-in. Truly, these invaders are hideous. Yet, what is clear is that the body must gain all that is possible in order to combat these disease-producers.
From the well-written Lyme Website, Jenna’s Lyme Blog, is found this commentary, describing the actual nature of the fight between the immune system and this highly destructive agent:
Spirochetes are a bacteria that evade the immune system.  A strong immune system will help slow down the spread of Borrelia, but just like it’s cousin syphilis, Borrelia must be killed with organic or pharmaceutical treatments.
Researchers have found in lab animals and in patients with extremely strong immune system that Borrelia will successfully invade and wear down the immune system.
Furthermore, as the investigators have determined borrelia even has the capacity to survive any challenges against it by antibiotics and is, in fact, rarely if ever fully destroyed by such drugs. It is a truth to state that, somehow, organic substances must be used in order to be cured of Lyme. It has to be destroyed from outside to within. Only rarely will the native human immune system have the capacity to clear this pathogen from the body.
So, then, even with immune surveillance plus antibiotic treatment, still the success are few. For instance, as demonstrated by Barthold and his group neither standard or ultra-aggressive antibiotic regimens are capable of clearing the Lyme pathogen from infected mice, and mice are surely among the hardiest creatures known. Nor can as a result of 90 days treatment are they capable of clearing infestation in monkeys, where some 75% of the animals treated has major persistence of borrelia counts.
It is fully established that it is a challenging, if not overwhelming, disease-producing agent. Yet, through a biological approach it is possible to successfully attack and destroy this germ and potentially be cured of the disease. With the now proven failure of antibiotic therapy what other option is there?

Caption: the germs that make a person’s life like hell (Note: this author can attest for that, as during the darkest point of full-fledge Lyme infestation, it was impossible to have even the slightest sense of peace and wellness)
Once again, the body will not except in rare circumstances clear these agents on its own. The must be attacked and destroyed with powerful natural cures which will assist the immune system’s efforts. Left untreated, the invasive bacillus burrows its way into the deepest recesses of the body. There, it corrupts the tissues, using the cell systems, such as the cell linings of the cartilage and bone and also the cells of the internal organs themselves, as fuel.
No doubt, the germ must be attacked, and this must be done through all means conceivable. Essentially, it must be bombarded, in this case with a wide range of natural cures. Such natural cures will surely offer a better potential for eradication than drug therapy plus offering the powers for the induction of the healing of any damaged tissue. Moreover, there is no way to achieve this tissue regeneration until the pathogens are completely eradicated.
One such key attacking agent is the oil of wild oregano. Wild oregano oil, edible type, high-mountain grown, has a kind of corrosive action against Lyme, destroying its surface and internal components. Furthermore, crude wild oregano herb in the raw form contains a compound known as beta carophyllene, shown to be effective at halting deep-seated pain in the bones and cartilage regions.
Protocol for destroying the Lyme bacillus and various co-infections outright:

  • edible-type oil of wild oregano: 20 drops three to five times daily (take with food if you have a sensitive stomach)
  • Wild crude whole food oregano with Rhus coriaria, as 600 mg capsules: three capsules three times daily
  • High-potency desiccated multiple spice oil complex consisting of desiccated oils of wild oregano, sage, along with cumin and cinnamon: two or more capsules two or three times a day with food or juice
  • A 12:1 high-potency cat’s claw (super cat’s claw) concentrate from raw, wild Peruvian Amazon material: tsp daily (an ideal adjunct for Lyme arthritis)

NOTE: only edible, high-mountain wild oregano oil is recommended at such doses; in this regard some 1/3 of all brands are tainted with GMOs; there are also a number of brands which have falsified their status, claiming to be wild Mediterranean when they are not and are, rather, farm-raised (Hedd-Wynns being an example of a supplement making misleading claims).
Protocol for assisting the immune system, that is for feeding it, in the eradication of Lyme:

  • High-potency wild-source vitamin C complex consisting of wild camu camu, acerola, and rose hips: two or more capsules twice daily
  • wild Alaskan sockeye salmon oil, crude extract, naturally rich in vitamins A and D: 12 capsules daily or one T. daily
  • whole food B complex powder consisting of heat-killed torula yeast, rice bran, rice germ, and royal jelly: 3 T. daily
  • novel whole food raw/vegan protein powder consisting of organic raw sprouted brown rice protein, organic raw hemp protein, wild chaga, and organic yacon powder. Note: Protein is highly important for the immune system in its needs for fighting active infection; the white blood cells are made mostly from protein


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