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Cass Ingram

The Lyme Disease is Infinitely Better – Powers of Wild Sage, Rosemary, and Raw Liver Oil

The Lyme Disease is Infinitely Better – Powers of Wild Sage, Rosemary, and Raw Liver Oil

This is one of a number of reports on this site documenting the significant progress against Lyme (that is the case contracted by this author, C. Ingram).
In addition to the wild oregano, which was instrumental in the eradication, no doubt, wild sage and rosemary are potent therapeutic agents in the battle against Lyme disease. After a near 2 1/2 year war against this wretched condition certain discoveries were made. This is the fact that it would appear that wild oregano alone is not the full answer. There are other therapeutic agents which are invaluable for the reversal and elimination of this disease.
The suffering was great. The Lyme had attacked a number of major joints, not all at once but, rather, often in waves or shall it be said in a kind of migrating fashion. Wild oregano oil was good maintenance. Aggressive intake of the edible type, taking 10 to 20 drops under the tongue frequently, aided in progressive improvement. Yet, the joint swelling, inflammation, and irritation, as well as deep joint pain, only responded to a degree to the oregano oil therapy.
Something more was needed. That additional aid was found through the powers of wild rosemary and sage as well as wild, raw fish liver complex, in this case, one made from the livers of wild burbot (freshwater cod). Regarding these spices both the whole, crude, raw herb and the emulsified distilled oils are invaluable as supportive agents in the alternative, non-toxic treatment of this disease.
Regarding oils of wild rosemary and sage these are fat soluble. That may be a key issue in the destruction of the Lyme bacillus. The essential oil components readily enter the membranes of cells. Borrelia’s cell membrane is porous. Thus, exposure to wild oils of sage and rosemary may well prove toxic to this organism:
The Lyme biofilm is the issue. Oils of wild sage, rosemary, and oregano are all capable of dissolving this sticky barrier created as the germ’s protective mechanism. The more that can be done to eat away at this layer, the quicker will be the Lyme disease cure.
Sage is a significant antiinflammatory agent, also aiding in the reduction of swelling. It has long been used to treat traumatic injuries to joints and muscular tissues. This includes fractures. In fact, taken internally wild sage aids in the healing of fractures. This is particularly true when combined with raw, wild oregano, along with raw, wild rosemary.
As a crude herb sage is rich in a wide range of compounds, including β-sitosterol, β-sitosterol glucoside, ursolic acid, oleanolic acid, 2α-hydroxyursolic acid, tormentic acid, caffeic acid, and maslinic acid. The essential oil can contain α-thujone, camphor, and up to 2.5% ketone and borneol.
This is a broad range of biological compounds, many of which, such as ursolic acid, exhibit potent antiinflammatory and anti-pain actions.
Rosemary is also a significant antiinflammatory and anti-pain agent, containing among other compounds natural salicylates as well as rosmarinic and carnosic acids, which are potent antioxidants. Oil of wild rosemary has a deep penetrating power, acting on swellings, lymphatic congestion, and deep-seated pain. Fat soluble, it readily penetrates the skin and is then absorbed by both the blood and lymphatic systems.
The use, topically, of a complex of wild oregano oil, wild rosemary oil, and wild sage oil proved invaluable in the final stages of the Lyme eradication. This complex was used topically and also internally, five drops under the tongue once or twice daily. In addition, a complex of wild, raw sage, rosemary, and oregano was consumed, which also contains wild, raw New Zealand bone, that is wild, raw microcrystalline hydroxyapatite (MCHC). These two supplements proved invaluable in the eradication of the Lyme joint syndromes involving the ankle, knee, and elbows.
Yet another natural remedial complex was discovered as a result of the Lyme-related trials and tribulations. This was the truly raw, wild freshwater cod liver formula. How tremendously powerful it is to have available a wild, raw cold-extracted, fermented freshwater fish liver complex. Known as Omega-ADK, it is the whole liver element, nothing removed/extracted. An extra virgin olive oil emulsion this raw liver supplement is fully stable. A dense source of vitamins A, D, and K, along with goodly amounts of omega 3s, this is invaluable for supporting the health of Lyme-damaged joints. Plus, this raw supplement greatly bolsters the powers of the immune defenses against this disease.
It was these additional supplements which made a major difference in the final and full recovery from a most monstrous case of Lyme disease. On other adjunct was the use of not only the only of oregano but also the whole crude and raw herb, along with Rhus coriaria. The crude herb contains a substance known as beta carophyllene, which is a potent agent to support the health of the bones and the joints. Adding this led to significant night sweats and added in the reversal of the disease. Add these whole food, natural, and raw (in many cases) supplements to your anti-Lyme protocol. There will be a major impact, usually seen within a relatively short period of time. A basic protocol is as follows:

  • whole food wild, raw rosemary with wild, raw sage and oregano, combined with MCHC: four capsules twice daily (an invaluable way to build up bone mass)
  • wild, raw whole food oregano plus Rhus coriaria with organic garlic and onion: three or more capsules twice daily (or more often, if necessary; can be taken in unlimited amounts)
  • bone-activating rubbing oil consisting of oils of wild sage, rosemary, and oregano in an extra virgin olive oil base: use topically, as needed, and take five drops under the tongue once daily or every other day
  • rare wild hand-harvested burbot/freshwater cod liver cold-extracted, 100% raw: two tsp. daily


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