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Cass Ingram

How to Have a Sweet Roll Heart Attack

How to Have a Sweet Roll Heart Attack

For years I have been saying that it is virtually impossible to have a heart attack from eating a natural steak, even eating it with all its fat. The same is true with chicken or turkey, that a person could eat these meats with the skin and all the drippings and not get a heart attack, not get angina or hypertension. Nor could a person have a coronary from eating full-fat cheese or a three-egg omelet. Nor could such a one develop a stroke from eating any such foods.
Nor will a person’s cholesterol levels rise from the consumption of natural types of beef, lamb, chicken, turkey, duck, or similar meats.
It’s all a lie to sell people on sugary and high-starch foods and also to sell them a line of nonsense regarding cholesterol-lowering drugs.
No heart attacks from steak and eggs or leg of lamb or a three or four egg omelet; that’s a guarantee (that is if such foods are naturally raised as in grass fed and/or free range).
What about butter? Can it cause a coronary. Moreover, the answer for this is a categorical “no,” once again, if it is natural in source.
However, heart attacks, as well as strokes, can and do occur as a result of the consumption of foods dense in refined sugar, and that includes sweet rolls, doughnuts, and more.
Particularly toxic to the heart are those sweet ‘foods’ that are made with a combination of refined sugar and/or corn syrup plus refined vegetable oils, once again, sweet rolls and doughnuts as well as pies, especially the deep-fried kind. They are gut bombs, but they are also great bombers of the cardiovascular tree, including the heart muscle itself.
It was Professor John Yudkin, former head of nutrition, London’s KIng College, who first systematically alerted the world to this. That was through his landmark book, Sweet and Dangerous. In that book he made a most prophetic, if not monumental, statement. Said Yudkin if the same standards for the banning of cyclamates and saccharin were applied to refined sugar it would virtually be banned from the universe. He showed through careful investigations that it wasn’t fat that was the cause in the rise of coronary artery disease but, rather, the increasing consumption of refined sugar in the diet.
Regardless, it doesn’t take a technical assessment to determine this. Refined sugar is a routine cause of coronaries. Someone is under a great deal of stress: and is one the run. Such a one has a quick breakfast of a sweet roll and a cup of coffee, perhaps with a pat of margarine or butter spread on the roll. Coffee creamer and sugar were added to the coffee. All this greatly increased the sugar load on the digestive tract, leading to great irritation and also a great outpouring of hormones, including highly toxic levels of insulin.
The insulin drives the sugar into cells, where it is rapidly converted to triglycerides and also cholesterol. Excess fat floods the bloodstream, man-made fat, the kind which is the consequence of wrong diet. That diet/sugar-made fat is stick and plus up the arteries. Yet, the person doesn’t notice anything other than a bit of fatigue an hour or so later.
Work is stressful enough, but now there is the stress of dealing with other personalities. In the conference room doughnuts are offered. There is more coffee to consume. The doughnuts and coffee seemed to give a bit of a lift, but that lift was short-lived.
Suddenly, an hour later the high-stress person suffers left-sided chest pain radiating into the neck and down the arm. He is cold and clammy; he feels like he’s got also trapped gas he can’t get rid of.
He just had a heart attack, and the processed foods were the cause.
This is avoidable merely by banning the consumption of such foods. Regardless, they are not foods but are, rather, poisons. No one should consume them.
It is clear and categorical that the major cause of heart attacks in Western civilization is the consumption of sugar-infested foods. Avoid all such foods like the plague. Prohibit them from the home. Clean out the cupboards, now, before it is too late.

*Note* To avoid sticky blood, high triglycerides, and  cholesterol follow the diet in How to Eat Right and Live Longer.

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