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Cass Ingram

Some Additional Progress in Lyme with High Dose Wild Oregano

Some Additional Progress in Lyme with High Dose Wild Oregano

With a relapse in the Lyme secondary to stress and also excessive work in the computer/electronics field, that is excessive Y-fi exposure, there was the suffering of significant swelling and pain of the knee. This led to the use of wheelchair and, then, a cane.
The stubborn swelling failed to respond to a fairly aggressive therapeutic effort. Thus, a more aggressive approach was taken through the intake of large doses of edible wild oregano oil in the form of a formula.
The oil was taken every hour or two in a dose of a dropperful held under the tongue. This was combined with the aggressive use of the raw, wild oregano complex with Rhus coriaria. The dosage was as high as 30 capsules daily. The addition of the whole crude herb complex had a strong effect on the immune system, resulting in massive night sweats. This is a kind of Herxheimer response, which is a positive consequence.
A fresh extract of wild teasel root (extracted with spice oils, olive oil, and vinegar) was added. This increased the Herxheimer response, also causing massive night sweating.
The ability to walk without assistance was virtually nil. Sleeping was difficult because of the aching. Rubbing those areas with the rubbing oils eased the aching, allowing restful sleep.
As a consequence of this protocol the swelling decreased and there was an overall improvement in strength and energy.
Still, there was need for use of a cane. The knee, its cartilage and ligaments, were obviously severely impacted by the disease process. What could be done for therm? What could heal them and cause improved function?
It was not possible at this point to fully or even partially extend or flex the knee-joint. The though occurred; what about the intake of substances needed for bone and joint regeneration, namely the fat soluble vitamins – vitamins A, D, and K? At this point a new remedy was added. It is a most incredible natural medicine, never before used. This is the raw, wild whole liver complex, a kind of oily paste, from freshwater cod. Known also as burbot and by the native name mariah, this type of fish is non-scaly, meaning it is cartilaginous. One of its chief features is its massive liver, which is a dense source of all the key bone-healing fat soluble vitamins as well as dozens of antiinflammatory omega 3 fish oils.
This was taken from a 4-ounce bottle, a teaspoonful or more at a time. It tastes like salted liver, but is tolerable.
Virtually immediately, an increase in the flexibility of the knee was noted. Within a day or two the cane was shucked, never to be used again. It seemed that, finally, the knee tissue was healing.
There was an intensive, deep ache in the area of the medial meniscus. Pressure there was unbearable. Through the freshwater cod (burbot) oil, this had improved considerably.  Known as Omega-ADK this whole, raw burbot liver oil complex should be available shortly, though in limited supply, largely through this Website.
Clearly, the lesson, here, is that there is a major difference between raw, unheated fat soluble vitamins and their heated and/or synthetic counterparts. By no means would synthetic fat soluble vitamins have induced such a rapid, progressive result, and it is doubtful that heat-treated ones, that is actual natural fat soluble vitamins corrupted by heat or cooking, could have produced such a result. This observation has never before been made. Raw, unprocessed fat soluble vitamins are healing agents for joint tissue, even having a cortisone/antiinflammatory effect, although in this case they likely acted to induce healing to a joint tissue severely traumatized by Lyme infestation and Lyme-related toxins.
Another supplement was added to accelerate the healing and strengthening of bony tissue. This is the Bone-Activating multiple spice capsules with MCHC (microcrystalline hydroxyapatite). Thus far it does appear that the intake of these capsules is increasing skeletal strength as manifested by an improvement in gait.
Perhaps one day it will be shown that Lyme disease is, in fact, in part a deficiency of fat soluble vitamins, which makes the joints more vulnerable to spirochete-related attack.


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