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Cass Ingram

Seven Ways to Powerfully Super-Charge Your Immune System

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Seven Ways to Powerfully Super-Charge Your Immune System

Cass Ingram

March 11, 2020

You need ultra-powerful ways to support your immune function in ways that are dependable. This is more true now than ever before. Now is not the time to consume something thinking it is going to help, but it really doesn’t or does so minimally. This demonstrates the importance of knowing what are the most powerful ways of all to strengthen overall immune function.

Avoid worry

Worry greatly damages immune function. Human beings should never worry about issues or fret. Instead, a person should trust, especially trusting in God. This will calm anyone, essentially, immediately. Worry, grief, over-thinking, fretting, and agitation are all highly damaging to both immunity and the hormone system. Avoid these at all costs.

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Get plenty of vitamin C

For strong immune maintenance vitamin C is critical. Yet, here is the caveat. It is natural-source vitamin C which is so healthful and health-giving. The synthetic does the individual little-to-no good. In fact, the man-made is produced from corn, this largely being done in China. The corn is GMO, which is damaging to the immune system. So, an individual believes he or she is doing good, but this is a false premise. Instead, increase the intake of the natural vitamin as found in citrus and certain vegetables. Top sources of this nutrient include red sweet peppers, oranges, lemons, limes, grapefruit, broccoli, kale, spinach, and strawberries. Avoid killers of the nutrient which include tobacco, second-hand smoke, marijuana smoking, nitrated meat, smoked food, and alcohol. Make a vitamin C-rich smoothie. Add whole food vitamin C powder from wild camu camu or open up a capsule of the same and add.

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Add aromatic spices to the diet

Aromatic spices are immune stimulants. They also act as natural germicides. Many of these, such as turmeric, are potent anti-inflammatory agents. Certain of these are exceptional for immune health, the most notable being wild oregano oil. One study in Herba Polinca found that of 33 herbs wild oregano was the only one that enhanced the production of interferon, needed to aid the immune system in killing germs. In other evaluation by Georgetown University it was found to cleanse candida out of the tissues in an animal model better than drugs. It has also been found to be antiviral, antiparasitic, and antibacterial.

No other spice was found to be this powerful. The list of other aromatic spices with germ-killing and immune-boosting powers include cinnamon, clove buds, garlic, onion, bay leaf, cumin, lemongrass, allspice, ginger, and sage. Who would have thought that cooking spices could be so powerful? Use them vigorously by adding them to as many foods as possible. Moreover, consider a concentrate, like oil of wild oregano, 100% mountain-grown, for daily consumption and immune support.

The Bible says, essentially, wild oregano is the ‘king.’ Ideal forms of the latter include the oil itself, the juice-essence, the whole, crude herb, and the sinus-oregano-based aromatic nasal mist.

Great back-ups are concentrates of wild cinnamon, that is the Ceylon species, and also wild ginger. While using more of these two spices in food and beverages is advised, these can also be taken in capsule form or as a tea concentrate. These are delicious and health-giving. For ideal results they should be taken daily. Consume as much cinnamon- and ginger-based recipes as possible for your better health. For immune supports spices and their extracts stand strong. They hold up to the science. Look them up on PubMed. This is why they can be relied up.


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Get more vitamin A in the diet

Vitamin A is perhaps the most neglected nutrient known. This nutrient, along with vitamin C, can be known as the “immune vitamin.” It is indispensable for the health of all mucous membranes. It is especially required for protecting that lining, whether in the gut, respiratory tract, sinuses, nasal membranes, or bronchial tissues, from attacks by germs. This is through its role in producing the immunoglobulin, secretory IgA. This substance acts as a marker against invaders and toxins. It actually binds to them, marking them, so the immune system can cleanse them. Without vitamin A it is impossible to make this critical, protective substance.

An ideal supplemental source of this nutrient is fatty, wild sockeye salmon oil. This oil is available both in capsules and liquid. food sources of the nutrient include fish liver, fish liver oil, fatty fish, butter, eggs, cheese, and organic liver.


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Eat raw, ideally, wild honey

God seems to be attempting to help people get well and stay well. The Bible has one recommendation, while the Qur’an has another: raw honey. It says it is a “medicine unto humankind.” Some 50,000 bees are in a healthy hive, and none of them get sick. Honey has substances, many of which are unknown, that promote health. Some of the known factors are hydrogen peroxide, formic acid, and certain antibiotic-like compounds unique to it. Others remain elusive. This complex also has a suffocation power, where it basically sucks the fluid out of germs, causing their immediate death.

The top honeys for human health are those from hives never fed sugar. These truly wild, raw honeys or simply ‘organic,’ raw honeys include wild oregano, wild thistle, wild goldenrod, wild Canadian prairie honey. There are plenty of other raw honeys available, but even with manuka honey sugars are fed. Other than no sugar or corn syrup the key is that it has to be raw and non-GMO. However, the non-sugar-fed are most potent. These natural medicines soothe all mucous membranes and are ideal for respiratory, as well as digestive, support. For more information see Ingram’s Foods that Cure.

Restrict or eliminate refined sugar; reduce the intake of alcohol

While it is little realized refined sugar is high destructive to the immune system. Yet, so is alcohol. For optimal immune health it is necessary to avoid these. Sugar is found in thousands of processed foods. People also consume it directly. For those who are unaware or heavily addicted the refined sugar intake test can be taken on For now, it is important to realize typical high sugar sources. These sources include sweet rolls, doughnuts, pies, cakes, cookies, and ice cream. Obviously, all forms of candy and chocolate are major sources.

People are consuming way too much alcohol. It is necessary to cut back to have optimal health and to avoid immune system disorders. For optimal health restrict alcohol intake as much as possible or avoid it altogether.

Cut out greasy, hard-to-digest food

To be in top health means to have healthy digestion. Greasy foods often disturb the entire digestive process. Examples of such foods include pork, bacon, deep-fried food, pastries cooked with lard, and smoked fatty fish. Be particular about not consuming deep-fried foods, which have great amounts of processed oils. Simply make it a rule not to eat French fries, pre-made deep fried potatoes, fried fish, or any other fried breaded products. For cooking at home use organic butter, coconut oil, and red palm oil; use olive only only towards the end of cooking to avoid oxidation.

By following these seven special ways, no doubt, your immune system will greatly benefit. As a result, the resistance to all illness will rise. Most important, increase the intake of the spices and take those unique spice concentrates. Through this, you can build the most powerful immune system possible.


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