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Cass Ingram

Self Test to Find Out if You Have Parasitic Infestation

Self Test to Find Out if You Have Parasitic Infestation

June 6, 2015, Courtesy of
UPDATED, June 9, 2015
Parasitic infections are often difficult to diagnose through routine medical tests. A careful analysis of signs and symptoms is far more productive in eliciting the diagnoses versus blood tests, even stool testing. At least through such signs and symptoms the presumptive diagnosis of parasitic infestation can be made. A high score on the common symptoms and signs of parasitic infestation is virtual confirmation of the overgrowth of these pathogens in the body.
There truly are dependable signs and symptoms that give act as strong proof of parasite overload. In fact, if a number of these exist, a firm diagnosis can be made, even without blood or other lab tests.

In this regard it is not so important to determine what kind of parasite it is but, rather, to first determine that parasitic infection of some form either exists or doesn’t exit. They are all wretched. Moreover, the signs and symptoms they create are relatively similar.
Such a diagnosis/assessment is crucial in view of the equivocal nature of many medical testing procedures for detection. World-wide, parasites are a major cause of disease, and they certainly play a major role in disease causation in the Northern Hemisphere, far more than is typically realized. It is a reasonable estimate to state that some one of three Americans, for instance, is infested. When evaluating patients in the field, that is when reviewing the findings of hundreds of people at lectures and large public seminars, the signs and symptoms of parasitic infection are clear. This is observed almost exclusively in unsuspecting people.
So, let’s see what these evidences are to determine if there is actual proof of infection of the body by such pathogens.
Which of these apply to you (add up the points)?

  • constipation – 2
  • may go up to three days or more without bowel movement – add an additional 3
  • may go up to one week or more without bowel movement – add an additional 4
  • diarrhea – 1
  • alternating constipation and diarrhea – 1
  • dark circles under the eyes – 1
  • purplish-red angular or triangular coloration areas under the inner corners of the eyes – 5
  • aching around the liver area
  • history of liver cysts, cause unknown
  • bloating after eating – 1
  • abdominal cramps – 2
  • history of ulcerative colitis or spastic bowel – 2
  • get sick when eating meat – 1
  • intestinal gas – 2
  • weight loss – 1
  • ravenous appetite – 2
  • poor appetite – 2
  • wake up at 2 to 4 in the morning regularly – 1
  • itching about the anus – 2
  • grinding of the teeth at night – 2
  • psoriasis – 3
  • eczema – 1
  • swollen joints – 2
  • deformed or arthritic joints in the hands – 3
  • biting of the fingernails – 3
  • hemorrhoids – 1
  • varicose veins – 1
  • anemia – 2
  • weak, frail appearance – 1
  • itching of the nose – 1
  • picking of the nose – 2
  • chronic headaches – 1
  • fatigue/exhaustion – 2
  • rectal fissure – 1
  • see dead worms in the stool – 5
  • see live worms in the stool – 10
  • have pets in the house (especially dogs) and have close contact – 2
  • kiss dogs on the mouth or let the dog(s) kiss you – 3

Your score   ________
1 to 5 points: It is possible that you have parasitic overload, but if so, it is likely a mild case. Even so, an effort should be made to purge any parasites out of the body and/or to destroy them.
6 to 10 points: This represents a significant case of parasitic overload, which will likely have a negative impact on overall health.
11 to 17 points: This represents a severe infestation, which will lead to a corruption of general health. For the return of optimal health it is crucial to purge all parasites from the body and also to destroy them.
18 to 25: At this point the parasitic infestation has overwhelmed the body’s physiological capacities. No doubt, great corruption of the internal systems is occurring. For the return of optimal health it is crucial to purge all parasites from the body and also to destroy them.
25 to 33 points: At this level there can be no doubt about the fact that parasites are a major play in the disruption of overall health. The parasites have overwhelmed the body’s defenses and are causing tissue and organ damage. For normalization of health to return all parasites must be purged and/or destroyed.
34 and 45: This represents massive, potentially catastrophic parasitic overload. It is certain that parasites are the cause of many if not all of the assessed symptoms. An aggressive effort must be made to obliterate all parasitic invaders. Untreated, the risks for potentially deadly diseases will continue to rise, including stroke, heart attack, arthritis, high blood pressure, and cancer. There is a direct tie to cancer of the intestinal tract and chronic parasitic infection.
45 and above: This represents monumentally massive, catastrophic parasitic overload. It is certain that parasites are the cause of many if not all of the assessed symptoms. An aggressive effort must be made to obliterate all parasitic invaders. Untreated, the risks for potentially deadly diseases will continue to rise, including stroke, heart attack, arthritis, high blood pressure, and cancer. There is a direct tie to cancer of the intestinal tract and chronic parasitic infection. The risks for cancerous degeneration are particularly high at this level of overload. Thus, action must be taken immediately to rectify this and to fully purge the germs from the system.
Therapeutic approach
There are countless supplements and/or systems to use in attempt to achieve a parasite cleanse. Here, it is advised to use the total body purging agent, along with the wild, raw dandelion root/leaf complex. The juice of wild oregano is also an essential component, as is the crude wild oregano/Rhus coriaria capsules. Enzymes can prove invaluable, acting to eat away at and destroy the worms. Black walnut extracts and properly formulated artemesia are additional adjunctive therapies. Intestinal cleansing drops made from oils of wild oregano, cumin, fennel, among others, is yet another effective therapy, taken as drops under the tongue. Oil of fennel itself, emulsified in extra virgin olive oil, is a parasite purging agent and is particularly active against hookworm. By itself oil of oregano is not sufficient as a parasite killer and is most active against amebas, cryptosporidium, and giardia (for long-term therapy of more than a few days be sure to use only the truly edible type of wild oregano oil, Mediterranean high-mountain source). Even so, oil of wild oregano, along with the whole, crude herbal complex, is ideal support for spastic colon, irritable bowel, and ulcerative colitis. For support against hemorrhoids and/or rectal fissure, wild raspberry root/leaf syrup is ideal.
Yet another approach is to fast, which reduces parasite levels. One such fast is the Islamic type, which is a controlled fast. In this type of fast there is only food taken very early in the pre-morning, that is before sun-up and also after sunset. Supplements can be taken at those times, while the parasites are starved out throughout the day.
There may be need for a special kind of fast based on a method used in Palestine and Lebanon. This is the raw pumpkinseed/honey fast. For three days nothing is consumed other than raw pumpkinseeds in raw honey (see pre-made versions). Alternatively, the raw nut butter as a whole food paste can be consumed, as can the raw butter of wild black walnuts. A person could eat nothing except these nut butters with raw honey for a period of three days, perhaps adding in the purging agent and the wild, raw dandelion root plus leaf extract in order to activate massively the gallbladder and liver. This is a time-tested, effective parasite purge. It would be more effective if the aforementioned supplements are also taken as part of the protocol. Three tablespoonsful of black seed oil taken twice daily would also enhance the effectiveness of this fast.

52 thoughts on “Self Test to Find Out if You Have Parasitic Infestation”

    1. I’m desperate, conventional tests are negative and I’m miserable and in pain and your point test is high. Where do I buy? I’ve had diagnosed of Gastroparesis, Diverticulitis and am sensitive to much. Thanks

      1. Hey did you ever get any answers cuz I’m doing exactly what you’re doing!
        I too have the Diverticulitis and food sensitivities and I’m actually going this coming Monday morning for a barium enema because of the colonoscopy I tried to get through they had to stop because of scarring I keep telling them this is parasitic but nobody seems to be believing me!

        1. you mention “you need the purge” what is the purge, where is this purge ?? how do you buy the purge? this is really confusing is there a product called the purge ???ui dont get it or do you just buy and drink everything mentioned in this article ?? do you fast like a muslim for 3 days i dont get it

  1. Hello i was just curious how i could find out exactly what kind of parasite i have? We are dealing with what we think is a possible contaminated water well at our home due to an improper septic tank installation done by our neighbors. We cant prove that yet but our water has been tested by a lab and came back positive for choloform bacteria back in nov.2016. We sterilized our water well and now its back worse than before. You can actually see movement in our water with your own eye. I need to know what this is in my water asap but cant seem to get the direction i need to do so out of anyone. This is effecting my health and my 7 yr old daughters health too. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated…thank you

  2. I wish I could see you as my infectious disease Dr! My doc says parasites in US are rare, tho all research is contrary. She ordered a test for esnophilia and ova and parasite stool sample but no Elisa test or tape test! I feel as ifI’mm fighting to get help! I’m in school to work in the medical field and I am knowledgeable about the human system. Why is it so hard to get a parasite diagnosis in the US? Seems like Doctors are in denial or just doubt the possibility of nematode I fection in our country. The CDC describes 5neglected parasite infections in our country! How does this happen when we have access to good medical treatment? I have actually considered making infectious disease my major in college now because I feel like there are few doctors that recognize this possibility. How can I get my doctor to do proper testing with out throwing studies in her face and being argumentative? I only got the referral after such an encounter with a small town, small minded local physician! I’m feeling hopeless that I won’t get cured. And considering treating myself with ivermectin and pyrantel pamoate as described by Merck manual and other parasitology based books and studies. Though this is my last resort. I know you encourage herbal cleanses but in all honesty the medication is cheaper for me and easily accessible as I live in a small town and herbal cleanses are unheard of here. I don’t do much ordering online and being both a student and mother limits me financially!

    1. Sorry for grammatical errors. Silly phone is always messing up. I hope you’ll take he time to reply. Have a beautiful day!

    2. Amanda Love what did you end up doing? Taking the medicine or herbal cleanse. I’ve been treating myself because doctor visits and hospital visits have been useless. I keep taking medicine but I still have worms.

  3. Leann
    Hi Dr Ingram I have been dealing with what I feel is a parasitic infection. Back and forth to different doctors and specialist to find out what is going on with me. I have all the signs of a parasite from constipation to movement all over my body to weight gain and a host of other signs and symptoms. The information you provided is very helpful. However, I need to find the a place to go or a system that I could do step by step including the best diet and someone I can let no how I’m doing while I’m taking what is needed to purge these invaders. Please advise what steps should be taken first and going from there. Thanks for all your help.

  4. Hi! My husband has bad stomach problems & I assume he has a case of stomach parasites. Checking the list it’s extremely high. Any idea of what to consume to rid his body of the parasites? Also I feel u gave them too, I can go an entire week without a “movement”. My husband goes almost 3 times a day or after each meal & has stomach issues with that. Thank you for the article

  5. Please! I have been infested for 8 months, I left th area I lived, lost my job I have been so sick. It affects my mental status I layer in bed for 3 months with wicked things coming out of my nose, swelling everywhere and clear evidence of parasites, multiple kinds. Did test, negative twice. My vision is affected now and I’ve had colonoscopy yet never cleared. I’ve taken multiple herbs mentioned. Not exact because I just found your website. I lived with my sister for 3 months because she was trying to help me get better. She said she had caught something also from me, with evidence. I went to CDC They refused to look at my samples sent me away. My old GI I TOLD HIM AND HE SAID I DONT AND DIDNT EVEN CHECK ME. so when I moved I had a new one do it. The colonoscopy and is trying to help with bowels problems bleeding constipation the diarrhea etc. I was sent to psychologist but if you have this your not crazy, you just get angry cause you can’t get help because you are considered crazy. My daughter is 15 and we are together all the time and by chance I went to clean the bathroom and saw she has them also. Now I’m scared . Even my saliva looks like coarse salt, it’s definitely hook, tape fluke and something else two hooks. I left my sister in sept t move to another state. Still trying to get help……. She just passed away in her sleep with a heart attack in Jan 29. They don’t know why. I’m. 55 she just turned 57.. how can I make the doctors perform the correct test and what kind of test should I make them give me. I’m really worried.

  6. You are not alone in this. Likewise NO doctor takes it seriously. Also, they look for elevated eosinophils. If you have tissue involvement circulating eosinophils (in the blood) can be normal or low. Guess they missed that paragraph.) I can tell you what I have done. It is alot but until gone I don’t leave out anything. Orally I take: Wormwood. 700 mg 2x day for 2 weeks. (Then every other week.) Black walnut 1000 mg (1 gram) 2x day. Garlic 3000 mg 2x day. Super Cleanse by Nayures sectet 1 tab 2x day Oil of oregano 150 mg 2x day. Multi mineral 2 caps 2 x day. (Vitamin Cottage) you need a supplement that conntains copper. (3 mg). Externally you need to do a nasal/sinus rinse daily (Neti pot) Neilmed has a decent product. Follow directions using distilled water. After mixing rinse premixed packets add 1 tablespoon of aloe juice and 7 drops of sage tincture to cup.. Brush teeth with Neem tooth powder alternating each brushing with baking soda. Occassionally use a couple drops tea tree oil only on tooth brush. USE A SOFT TOOTH BRUSH. Brush gums, inside of cheeks, palate, tongue gently. (Soak tooth brush in either 1/2 streength vinegar or 1/2 strength peroxide after each use.) Gargle with aloe to which you have added sage tincture 15 drops to cup. Swish all around mouth and gargle seriously. Use the aloe gargle 2x. day Every other day garlgle and rinse mouth with. 1/4 strength hydrogen peroxide ( 1/4 c hydrogen peroxide to 3/4 c water. Use after brushing teeth. I believe you will see 2-3 kinds of things which may all be related, so do not panic. If you see a bit of blood streaks or red dots this seems to be part of the problem. Just be sure you are using soft tooth brush and brushing gently. You meed to get it all spit out. As it resolves this will lessen. You also need to shower daily. Shower ( not a bath..) Use. Dr. Bronners. 18 in 1 liquid castille soap with peppermint. If unable to locate get liquid castille soap and add 10 drops peppermint oil to a cup of soap. ( it takes only a small amount of this soap.for a good lather) After lathering (.allow to stay on skin for a couple minutes before rinsing). Use on hair also. Do a salt scrub once a week. X 2 weeks then monthly.
    Laundry and cleaning home are a whole other issue. Heat DOES NOT KILL THIS. I’ll post again and tell you what seems to be working.

  7. I have realized that I have a worm infestation. I have tried the black walnut extract with worm wood and cloves also have been eating punkin seeds garlic pineapples coconut oil. I then took the Walgreens over the counter pinworm medication. Nothing has worked. I am not sure of which kind of worms I have but I believe I have two different knds at the same time . is it possible to have more than one type of worm at same time also have a parasite too? Please write back asap. My liver area hurts now also my vision is beginning to weaken and burry. Thanks FRANKIE

  8. I have had similar experiences! I finally bought a GB4000 Rife machine which has been a big help, but it is not over as i have had this infection for nearly three years and have sores all over my body especially on my feet where it all started.

  9. My holistic doc advises Wormwood extract and says it’s highly effective. Must be from a pure source though.

  10. I have had all the same problems, including being sent away with no help from several physicians. My family thinks I’m nuts, I avoid social situations, dental health is ruined, general health is declining. In a few weeks when I have time, I am going to consult a lawyer about medical malpractice (neglect). Doctors who think you are delusional are supposed to offer you lab tests regardless, before they go down the psych road for a diagnosis. Perhaps they will take better care of patients if the threat of a lawsuit exists.

    1. Lawyers won’t take your case, maybe after you die and the coroner finds parasites as the cause, then your family may have a chance at seeing justice.

  11. I don’t know what to do anymore. I feel so sick and weak. I’m 27, female, and recently traveled to Thailand (March 2017). I drank water once there at a temple because we ran out and it was so so hot. I also swam in fresh water river with an elephant…I had a pretty bad open cut on my foot too.
    Fast forward to June and my health has taken a dramatic downward spiral! I’ve lost my appetite completely and I’m dreadfully nauseous. I throw up if I eat anything. I’m already a very healthy eater (no meat at all not even fish) but now I just eat pumpkin seeds and pineapple. 9 days ago I noticed the worms in my stool, it was startling and one looked to be fully intact so I dug it out and put it in a ziploc bag and took to urgent care. The Dr took one quick look at it and threw it away and disregarded me completely. She asked if I had depression ( I said no) she asked if I had anxiety (I said yes, PTSD of childhood trauma, I see a therapist) she then said all my symptoms are stemmed from my depression and anxiety…I’M NOT DEPRESSED. Well, she sent me home with a “prescription” to the over the counter pinworm medicine from Walgreens *slap in the face* because when my husband and I both asked her if he needed to take the medicine too she laughed and said no…pinworms are highly contagious.
    Well, the stool test came back negative! Go figure!
    Still very much seeing worms in my stool. Dr office said it could be just mucus…um NO! I have taken pictures of my stool and they look like roundworms from CDC site.
    I feel so weak as I type this, I feel I’m actually losing my mind. I fear I’ll lose my career that I love.

  12. Thank you so much for this information, I had to self diagnose this weekend as I was feeling sick. Now that I read your article I have no doubt what caused my intermittent digestive sickness. I fast for 3 days, and took a combination of raw pumpkin seeds, raw honey, florastor, pumping seed oil capsules, lots of water one small meal a day. Today is my 4th day, I feel so much better. No sugar intake whatsoever, probably the most important advice, parasites feed of of sugar among other things

    1. I’m sure everyone appreciated your input, but the large majority of the symptoms you said confirmed a parasitic infestation would indicate that all people with hypothyroidism had worms. The symptoms are identical.

  13. So two years ago my back went while I was sweeping the floor, come back from mri that I had 2 herniated discs, a bulged disk and spinal stenosis, not even 3 months from that diagnoses, I got severely fatigued, swollen lymph nodes, sore joints and occasionally low grade fever with 40+ pds lost in the midst of all this, so I asked my doc about RA, blood test came back for positive ana, high bad cholesterol, and low good cholesterol, not to mention I’m struggling with ibs and endometriosis, I will get bv, yeast and gardnella infections all at once or simultaneously, same sex partner and not a whole lot of sex drive, but as time passes I literally feel like I’m rotting from inside out, I have 5 loose teeth with no periodontal disease, I struggle with energy, dizzy spells, appetite, constipation and dark bruises under my eyes and top cease of eyelid and brow, I do have issues with tmjs, jaw pops out of socket every time I open, I also have been getting severe migraines from very tender spots on skull, over both ears to behind then, to central forehead and the crown, it’s almost like very tight swollen muscles or tendons, but after all that said, I’m 30 years old with all this issues along with, fibromyalgia, bursitis of the hips, arthritis and carpal tunnel in both hands and I have two kids 7&4, I don’t understand why the doctors are looking at me like I’m a hypochondriac when I have lab test to prove something’s wrong but out of all three Dr no one wants to make a diagnosis or treat me seriously I’m getting severely depressed just struggling to push through my days my life consists of bad days and worse.

    1. I’m 29 and am experiencing the almost exactly what you are experiencing! My BP is consistently low ((0/60 is the highest it has been in months) and my body temp can’t regulate! Hope this reaches you feeling better, but was wondering if you have found out what’s wrong? Lots of love and positive vibes!

    2. Hi, Ashley! My gf (32 years old, mother of three) has all the same symptoms and problems you described. If you dont mind me asking…Have you found a way to improve your health conditions and purge the parasites?

  14. if you purge… will the parasite come out dead or partially moving?( I know its gross, sorry) what is the most effective
    product to take to make sure the parasites and their eggs are completely eradicated and how to take it?

  15. I have been dealing with itching, crawling, pricking sensation all over my body, face and scalp for over a year. I have been tested for lice and scabies. The doctors have sent in Psychiatrist when I tell them my symptoms and they are adamant that what I am feeling could be from nerve damage. I have taken Ivermectrin/Pymethrin and Benzoate Benzoyl to no avail. My sister has it and the kids and we just don’t know what to do. I have stopped consuming sugar and I feel much better but I still have breakouts and crawling sensation on my inner thighs and scalp. I NEED HELP!!!!!

    1. Hey TB
      I wanted to to tell you, you are not alone, I actually have those same symptoms for 17 years. Desperately trying to figure it out, no doctors will listen. I went to a Doctor and was asked have you been out of the country I said no, the Doc says then you don’t have parasites. My symptoms pretty much mirror yours and now my skin burns as well. Not only that I’m sensitive to everything especially food, I’m hungry all the time and I have to limit how many meals to eat a day. I can’t sleep, I’m so uncomfortable. I just wanted to let you know I’m here for you.

  16. When you emulsify Fennel in extra virgin (cold pressed) Olive oil does this mean to stir or shake vigorously? And I would only make enough at a time to take for 5 days and then repeat for freshness. And what would be your recommended drops of Fennel to Olive oil in say a 1 oz dropper bottle. I am speaking of essential Fennel oil… thanks for your reply in advance..

  17. Hey I scored very high and Im positive I’m seeing parasites in stool but the doctors only diagnosed me with gastroparesis, it’s made me homeboud for 1. 1/2 I’m 17 and missing out on my best years , do u have any advice I’ve been doing home treatments with vegetables and spices but there not doing anything

  18. I was feeling nauseous and slightly dizzy and just generally weird. I developed a pain in my left arm and my chest hurt and I started thinking that I was having a heart attack! I had a prescription for Flagyl and noticed that the pain and the nausea and everything started to go away when I took that. I usually take it for diverticulitis But I also know that Flagyl is a very old antibiotic and an anti parasitic medication. And I am thinking that the reason why it’s working is because of the parasites and it’s killing them. I would suggest to the people who are having problems to get a prescription for Flagyl or its generic equivalent and take 250 mg three times day. Make sure you’re not drinking or taking anything alcoholic with it. It would be good to also take yogurt with it good luck!

  19. I’ve noticed for the past 3 days on my right knee it’s been a little itchy and kind of bumpy. I wanna say it’s a parasite but I hope not I took that self test and the score was only around 5 points if even that. I’m not in pain or anything just sometimes sleepy and I have gained weight but I’m sure by not eating healthy. What should I do or take?

  20. I just realized i hav it. Lose of enery mood swings. Lose of sex drive. Feel them crawling all over me at night. Man do i crave sweets. I feel six n if im goong crazy. Wat do i do

  21. The information is great but it is not that simplistic. The parasites have a percentage that form in =to cyst …these are like time-release ready to go armies …when signals reach them that the host can handle more parasites out they come ….you have to stay on these protocols for multiple months and do that multiple times

  22. Everytime I try to cleanse I am having horrible debilitating headaches. How and what do you recommend? I can’t decide what is worse. The headaches or the other plethora of symptoms.

  23. I have majority of these symptoms and have attempted to treat all the associated symptoms but I’m worried all of these conditions will be fatal. Is there a way to treat all of the symptoms permanently

  24. I now realize after finding this site I am not crazy and not the only one who has no help while my life is being ruined help me with quickest cure and is there certain test to ask doc for to prove I have parasites

  25. I have to take antibiotics every day because of a cancer operation that left me with an reconstructed bladder. I have to catheterize, which leaves me with multiple kidney infections. Even though I have this going on I have felt pretty good between infections until recently. I have head aches shoulder and muscle pain, brain fog, joint pain. Through Internet research I have found I likely have an overgrowth of candida. Started probiotics and antifungels. Felt a difference within hours. Because of my weakened system I suspect parasites also. Has anyone heard of DE.- or diatomaceous earth for parasites. A friend says it works very well. There is food grade DE, and websites that tell you how to use it.

    1. Yes ! I’ve tried it . It worked , but too well . I only made it to day 3 until I gave up . I just couldn’t handle it anymore . The “die off” was to much . (Die off – When parasites die they release toxins into 0ur bodies that make us very I’ll) . I was so sick I couldn’t get out of bed . And the worse headache of my life ! It feels like the parasite infection symptoms you already have ×47273820 . Not kidding

      I know the die off eventually gets better thought . So if you can get through it , then that’s awesome .

      I took it with a full glass of water on empty stomach ×2 day . Morning & night . No sugar what so ever . & Don’t breath the diatomaceous earth in . Dangerous .

      From my experience I’d say it works .. if you finish it . LOL

  26. I was a radical spring water drinker for a good 5 years and believe that I have a parasite infection due to the spring water at a particular spring that is known as a “shallow water spring” as opposed to a deep well spring. I recently had oral surgery by a biological dentist who diagnosed me with the infection. I underwent the surgery and he found macroscopic eggs and one line that was about 2 centimeters in length and showed me. I am so frustrated that he did not encourage me to get them tested as I he said that the lab would only identify “an amoeba”. Anyway, I am currently on my third day or taking medicine for roundworm. I can feel all kinds of “sensations” around the infected wisdom tooth as well as behind my ear and that region of my neck and jaw. I am also on a 3 day water fast as I take these medications but am eating a tiny bit of soaked brazil nuts and miso soup once a day when I take my medicine. From what I saw with my own eyes it appeared to be a roundworm. But who knows, it could have been a differnet kind as well. Can you please give me a protocol to follow. I feel as though my situation is different than the more normal cases of intestinal worms and am having trouble taking the best action. Although I am hoping that this medication works, while also wondering if I should be taking antibiotics for co-infections associated with the parasite.

  27. Please help. I scored 68. I already have known that I have this infestation for a while now but negative stool tests and doctors refusing to do any tests because they don’t see the other symptoms has left me tortured and suffering. Along with my two dogs because the vets can’t find anything wrong with them and they absolutely refuse to just give me the treatment even if I sign a waiver. Plus the government informed the medical community to ignore and pretend that any cutaneous parasite was fake and that the patient was delusional. Which we all know is not true I have matching pictures of every single picture you have posted plus thousands more and video of some crazy things happening. I am on disability I have a low immune system, I am home all day every day and I am being tortured by 1 to 3 different parasites and one of them at least is fungal. I need resources to have my water tested which is a well and I think it’s contaminated. They’re coming out of the walls, ceiling , carpet, floor, furniture, clothing, and of course me. They can penetrate absolutely any surface or material except for steel and certain glass like mason jar glass seems to be strong enough for them to not escape. And people wonder why their lab tests always come back negative, it’s because they can penetrate the rubber stopper or the tubing or the plastic cup that the urine is in, and they are long gone before it even gets tested. I started out back in 2001 with a viral or bacterial hepatitis. And I proceeded to have many many health issues with all obstructions and colitis and cancer Krohns breathing problems you name it. When I first got sick I lost 50 pounds without trying. And things actually weren’t going too bad at the time at first. I was actually enjoying the weight loss even though I knew probably came from something bad. We thought maybe cancer. Once I started seeing fish in my stool I immediately started doing research and figured out pretty quickly that I had all symptoms of a Flukeworm and that I had it dormant in my body since 2001. Unfortunately I proceeded to have some more health issues along with cancer and the Flukeworm turned into a Fluke/Hookworm hybrid of some sort. And that’s when I started getting bitten by the filament hairs that bounce around the house and get into every single object we own. I am on a study scheduled lifecycle that they go through every 60 to 80 days like clockwork symptoms are always the same they vary just slightly but it’s always the same parameters. The hookworm has adapted to using my carpet as their soil and they fight our entire bodies not just the bottom of the feet. And they also figured out to just use whatever vector they can get their hands on so I’ve had a different insect almost every time popping up as the current vector of the month. Which is another thing they never used to be able to do. Scientist has also said that they cannot engage entire process of procreation and development in one body that they have to have two bodies usually a cat and then a human, and that two of the four stages of the lifecycle is spent outside of the body lying around the house a in plain sight but cannot see them most the time. It doesn’t help that a lot of the shells and chrysalis is in cocoons that they will sometimes birth from look basically like some sort of food crumb or a piece of chip wood or a little rock or pebble. But then you start looking at them closer and they start sparkling and most of them will move at some point especially if you have your light on in your phone and they definitely are stimulated by light and electricity and battery power. I’ve actually had some attack me because I got too close with my camera trying to watch them I’ve had others that are just so excited and attracted to the light that they just want me to stay. They came out of my body eventually they’re gonna go right back in my body so I figured who cares at least this way I’m getting my research done and hopefully someone will believe me someday . Now just to add to this nightmare, I live in an extremely old house that has mold and asbestos under the carpet. And when they had insulation blown into the attic a couple years ago I have no doubt that is when they woke up some decades old spores and now I have a fungal parasite. Which I guess is pretty common to develop that if you already have the other type they like to hang out together. Which they also then will hang out with a Candida parasite, because you will get yeast overgrowth in your body from all this other stuff going on. But you don’t necessarily get a yeast infection , but if you get chronic candida overgrowth in your body, there is a list of symptoms that when you look them up they will make sense to you and when I take a Diflucan I’m shocked how much better I feel.
    The problem is, when I took the Diflucan then the parasites went in bit my dogs more for this last lifecycle because they didn’t want to bite me with that medicine and me and my dogs are quite small and now they are sicker than they’ve ever been. I think that I’m only alive because I have been on antibiotics for over a year, been given the Diflucan multiple times and have been on a couple rounds of steroids and so that is disrupting them enough so that they would otherwise probably be dead by now. Because once they get into your lungs and brain you don’t typically have a lot of time left. And they have been in my brain for a while affecting my personality my memory anxiety paranoia OCD sleep problems. I have been an absolute mess and I feel myself fading away and I am so out of breath all the time that I never leave the house but the house is probably why I can’t breathe. But I can’t afford to move I don’t even have a car . I did recently get sepsis for the second time and even though I was treated very poorly in the hospital again, they did a CT of my chest and abdomen because I was mentioning the other symptoms besides just the initial sepsis infection. And they found nodules on my thyroid lungs kidneys ovaries bladder . I have lost all hearing in my left ear partial hearing my right. I have lost some of my vision including depth perception I believe they are eating away at my sinuses and septum because when I blow my nose snot comes out of my tear ducts. When I put eyedrops in and tilt my head back, I feel the eyedrops run down my throat. We’ve already established that I have a perforated septum. I have video and pics of them running and crawling and squirming under my skin, making my skin turn black red yellow and swell up and look very deformed I have larvae grow out of my skin black white or yellow usually and blue. I’ve seen red around the house but I don’t think I’ve had red come out of my body yet. I have solids coming out of my bladder which is making it hard to push to P. I am passing mucus and cysts and larvae and worms and fish and blood and shells and cells and eggs, you name it I poop it. The worst part visually has been the larva migrans ulcerated rash that is absolutely disgusting and keeps coming back every lifecycle. It used to be everywhere my entire body. Now it stays mostly upper arms but in face. This rash is relentless and non-healing. My skin doctor told me that it was neurodermatitis which just means that it’s in my head and that I’m just picking up my skin for no reason. No I admit to picking at this but I’m picking out an existing rash that itches burns and has larvae coming out of it so most people are going to pick at it. But of course the biopsy came back negative to any organisms and why is that? Because they were long gone before they even got to the lab. I did have a referral to Infectious Disease at one time because I had a doctor that subway believe me, but they said that they were only seeing Covid patients because they take precedence right now and I would have to redo the referral when the pandemic is completely over. Now I don’t understand why my life-threatening disease is less important than anybody else’s and believe me I pray for the people that have gotten Covid but I could die from this too so I don’t understand why they won’t see me. I’m feeling confident that the recent pics and videos that I have from this last heavy duty lifecycle and hatching in the house should give me proof for hopefully my new family doctor to believe me. And then we can get the ball rolling with treatment for me and my husband and my pets. And yes that’s the other thing how my spouse can not be sick just because I have a low immune system and they all just wanna be inside me and they pretty much just leave him alone it’s crazy. Matter fact if I snuggle with my husband in bed, they stop biting me. They stop biting my dogs when they snuggle with my husband. So somehow they find him a threat or competition. And the parasites in the house due stock their host. And they love it when you cry or laugh or run or get tired or anything where you are expelling carbon dioxide so they can smell you and find you and they will just seek you right out and chase you down just to bite you. They do not fly, but they do bounce from like their tail like like a spring, and I will watch them jump to the same spot every time to get to me in bed there are marks on the walls from where they bounce off of every time they have a set schedule of a set pass that they like to take just to get to my bed and then they have obviously another past to get to me if I’m in the bathroom or whatever. And I can see them coming because they have this reflective this to them and because they’ve gotten so big. It’s like seeing like some kind of a blur in the air in the corner of your eye and you think you saw something but nothings there, or you see this light flicker of light and that’s just some sort of light hitting the filament of them. They can go straight in headfirst and wiggle all the way into your skin, or they sometimes will just lay down on your skin and melt into your skin which then leaves a little scratch and you’re constantly feel all these weird little scratch scabs on your body too and I finally figured out that’s what those were. You don’t always feel the bites but sometimes you feel them and they’re quite painful or they give a little electric shock feeling or you feel it running through your body so if you know you have been bitten that you had a hatching in your house, take a shower because you all will probably start feeling sick afterwards and you won’t quite know why you’ll be hurting also and that is because of all the toxins that they release when they dive into your skin and go swimming around in there they’re constantly giving off toxic chemicals which makes you very sick and that is what causes the additional diseases that so many people get including cancer. There are times I can even smell them just before they bite me and it smells like a big rotten onion body odor chemical smell that takes your breath away . But you’ll recognize the smell because your stool smells like it sometimes your urinal smell like it and you will even swear that you smell like it at times and you do. Your head will it’s really bad when the fungal mites decide to start hanging up your hair your hair can fall out they love to hang out in your eyelashes and eyebrows. Try plucking an eyebrow hair and keep a camera on it at all times and you will watch that eyebrow hair grow immediately back. The initial vector insect was a type of mosquito that is prone to parasites and malaria. It’s very tiny it looks like a gnat or a fly or a mosquito kind of all in one but it’s really tiny. It has come back a few times since and when it does, are usually have the larvae of that bug coming out of my tear ducts, nose, urine and stool, skin. I’ve also had other types of insects that must be some vectors from the past that will develop in my scabs from the rash and they use that as like a womb. And once they have developed enough they crack open the scab and pop out and then I start bleeding again and I never knew why until now.
    When I am dabbing the sore to stop the blood, my blood will start growing its own little zoo of creatures and it’s just using my blood and the tissue was on and taking shape and they can sometimes move. And my blood will also come out red but then start turning white. I obviously could go on and on because I have done nonstop 24 seven research for almost 3 years now. Because I can’t help but believe that someday someone’s gonna believe me hopefully before I die and I will have all this research to share because from what I’m reading online professionals seem to know things about parasites but they don’t know a lot about hybrid ones or the kind that will morph into other things and new things and they also don’t know about there just regular daily life habits and the weird things they can do in your house or in your body or are you know there’s so much stuff that they can’t witness or learn about because he can’t just sit and watch their house and infest it and watch everything for 24/7. I can debunk a lot of things I’ve read I can prove things about their more fillogy and their hybrids. I was exposed to absolutely every possible scenario that would give you a parasite so I have that knowledge to share. And the things it does to me and my dogs and my house. If anyone else there can tell me how I can get my well water tested properly because over-the-counter Water Test‘s do not test parasites specific. I also would like to know if anyone has any information on what exactly will happen when I finally get someone to believe me because I want to know will I be immediately removed from the house and have to live somewhere else? Will my house have to be burned down? Or can it honestly be rid of them? Because they are in every square inch of my house from what I can tell and I don’t understand how in the hell we could possibly ever get rid of them unless they choose to leave. And the only way they will choose to leave is if you do something that they don’t like which would be the host becoming a healthy person or constantly bleaching every inch of the house in hopes that they will just get annoyed and leave. But I live in the middle of the woods and there’s no one else for them to go to and I don’t want them to move I want them to die. I just kind of want to prepare mentally for the rush of what may be when this finally all gets diagnosed. I’d have to assume the CDC will get involved, possibly the health dept And then of course where do I go and what will happen to the house. And I would have to think that I would have to throw away or abandon pretty much all of my belongings especially furniture and clothing because I can’t get them out of those things now and all I would just do is re-contaminate wherever I live so I don’t know how you break the cycle and stop the madness

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