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Cass Ingram

Safe Daily Use of Oregano Oil

Cass Ingram explains how daily use of oregano oil is perfectly safe and supportive in staying healthy and preventing viruses.

Cass Ingram discusses the misconceptions many people including manufacturers have regarding the safety of everyday use of oregano oil.

11 thoughts on “Safe Daily Use of Oregano Oil”

  1. Does Oil of Oregano when used to obliterate Lyme Disease, need to be used in conjunction with selenium? If so, what is the dosing for selenium? Thank you.

  2. I was listening to you on KPFK last week, and you mentioned a person with pancreatic cancer toke oregano oil and helped her with symptoms and going on 5 years. My mom is an a similar situation and would like to begin using oil of oregano, but, how much should she use? She is on treatment now but looking to use this in conjunction..Thank you.

  3. Help.

    Question 1: when opening the Vit E capsules received last time, the capsules were in a clump and gummy. Are they still okay to use) or is the quality disintegrated?

    Question 2: Is there any value to Black Seed past expiration date? Found a bottle dated 6/20?

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