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Cass Ingram

I am now Lyme Free – Wild Oregano and More to the Rescue

I am now Lyme Free – Wild Oregano and More to the Rescue (plus wild tumeric, CO2-extracted hemp, wild chaga, and the wild sage-rosemary-oregano combination)

This is great news, everyone. I am now free of Lyme disease thanks to the powers of natural cures. Wild oregano is the king-pin, make no mistake about it. If a person was on a budget and could only do one thing, it would be the wild oregano oil, edible type,  high-mountain-grown.
No doubt, Lyme is tough. In fact, it may well be the most difficult of all bacteria to eradicate from the body. It takes persistence to do so, that is to fully purge it from the tissues. Yet, purged it will be, as long as a person uses the immense powers of wild nature.
It was a good thing to get the Lyme. Much has been learned, in fact, revealed from the process. It resulted in the novel publication, the Lyme Disease Cure, which is rich with protocols on precisely what to do to resolve this debacle.
Here is what was discovered. People are suffering way too much. It is unnecessary. If it would just be possible to get the sufferers on the Lyme Disease Cure protocol, then, all would be well. All the suffering would be culminated. All the pain and agony would be eliminated.
Many times, it seems impossible, that is to conquer. Does it ever get better? Can it ever be resolved? Will the agonizing symptoms ever be purged? Whether Lyme, babesia, ehrlichia, mycoplasma, or any other – will any of these infestations be totally conquered?
Why don’t the antibiotics work? Why can’t the individual get well and do so rapidly? Even after oral and/or IV antibiotic therapy for months on end, why is there no resolution? Is there, then, no cure?
Enter the powers of wild oregano; it is a deliberate cure for this condition. Who can deny it? People are finally getting well through this miraculous substance, finally, all will be good.
Anyone else can do it. There is no harm in it, rather, only good. There is nothing better than overcoming it, being free from Lyme, finally, ultimately, and absolutely.
The Lyme spirochete is merely a bacteria, though a hardy one, in fact, one that is somewhat elusive. Yet, it must be destroyed, completely, as it is highly toxic and can cause immense damage to the body.
Suffering so much from Lyme, it is a phenomenal experience to be free of it. What were those sufferings, that is the chronic ones? These sufferings included the following:

  • pain and aching in the right ankle
  • swelling and deep pain in the right and left elbow
  • pain in the shoulder joints; inability to have full movement of those joints
  • sudden onset of jaw pain and immobility, virtually like lock-jaw
  • burning sensations in the body
  • bizarre burning sensations in the joints
  • stiffness of the spine
  • sudden onset damage and swelling to the left knee
  • immobility of the left knee
  • insomnia
  • fatigue and exhaustion

Other than residual damage to the left TMJ joint, manifested by clicking and a tendency for dislocation, largely due to cartilage loss, and some minor irritation of the outer elbow joint, all other symptoms and corruptions are gone. The Lyme bacillus consumes human cartilage. It will take time for this to heal, along with proper osteopathic therapy.
What an immensely positive result it is to be free of all these symptoms. Never having joint disorders before it was the Lyme attack alone that led to them.
So, what was taken to eradicate it? The anti-Lyme therapy is as follows:

  • whole, crude wild oregano herb complex with Rhus coriaria
  • multiple spice dessicated spice oil complex
  • juice or essence of wild oregano (wild oregano hydrosol)
  • wild chaga as a tea or water-soluble sublingual drops
  • bone-activating spice complex capsules containing wild rosemary, wild sage, wild oregano, plus MCHC
  • bone-activating rubbing oil complex consisting of wild oils of rosemary, sage, and oregano
  • whole food vitamin pack containing wild camu camu, sunflowerseed oil vitamin E, fatty salmon oil, dessicated New Zealand liver powder, yeast extract, and rice bran concentrate for feeding whole food vitamins into the system
  • Factor X-rich freshwater cod liver complex, 100% raw, rich in crude, whole food vitamins A, D, and K, the latter being a key Factor-X element

For many people a basic anti-Lyme purge is sufficient, that is the use of the oil of wild oregano plus the whole, crude herbal complex. For others it is necessary to follow a more comprehensive approach, using as many of the listed natural therapies as possible.
This is an honest, experienced-based proposal. Not meant as a medical claim it is merely a personal testimony. It is hoped that this will prove helpful for all others who suffer from this condition and who are seeking help. That help has now arrived, and it is exclusively through the powers of wild nature.
Thank God for the herbal medicines. There are countless thousands of plants with medicinal properties, and they have been put on this earth for human, as well as animal, use. In this regard even antibiotics are largely the result of nature, though manipulated. This simply offers a different approach, which is the use of natural-source antibacterial and antiinflammatory agents, which are far more effective in achieving the eradication of Lyme disease than drug therapy.

12 thoughts on “I am now Lyme Free – Wild Oregano and More to the Rescue”

  1. Hi Mr. Ingram,
    Any thing you put on you website is nothing short of FANTASTIC!!! Ever since I’ve seen you on Dr. Bond’s television program, I thought you knew exactly what you are talking about. Maybe one day I can meet you in person. Keep your e-mail coming, I love to read them.

  2. Dr. Ingram, I have your book lifesaving Cures and I would like to know the Latin name for the black seed (nigella seed) you discuss on pages 19-20. Is this different from the Cumin as discussed on pages 24-25? I thought black seed was Nigella sativa but nigella can be nigella damascene or the Spanish nigella Hispanics yes? I have been battling Lyme Disease for years and I’m going to get your Lyme book next. Thanks

  3. Having somewhat of great success using oregano essential oil, ledum, and lyme nosode. I got bit by a tick, got the bullseye rash within a few days, and only had some wildcrafted oregano leaf, garlic powder, and my 20+ ziplocks of various ayurvedic herbs and supplements. Read up on more homeopathy and lyme disease one the rash appeared. I wanted to avoid doxycycline. I haven’t been to a doctor to check if I have the spiros in my blood, but it’s been 3 or so weeks and I don’t feel sick, the rash is subsiding slowly, and using what I got.
    Here is a list of what I have consumed daily or close to it:
    Garlic powder, Oregano essential oil (Plant Life brand w/o details of what compound percentages are for carvacrol and thymol. This I received and started using a 6-10 days after I noticed the bullseye rash forming. Wild Oregano Essential Oil (from Zane Hellas based in Greece. Company specializes in an 86% carvacrol and <2% thymol content in their oil. This one I think can defeat lyme), Lyme nosode (people say take this during the onset of tick season or after you get bit. I started taking this 2 weeks in from having the bullseye rash. Few drops under the tongue once or twice a day. Not sure if it has done anything), ledum pellets (200C and I think this has helped with the random arthritis symptoms in my body. Never had arthritis before or even feelings of it due to just being an active person since I was a kid.) eleuthero root powder, ashwagandha root powder, vitamin c, kratom(I went cold turkey off it, no withdrawals, and it pretty much built my immune system up for over 2 years now. Kratom is a very interesting plant and has many uses. Could mess with thyroid and I have noticed my hair thinning and small things. That's from consuming a lot of it daily so I cut back). shilajit powder and resin, NAC(N-Acetyl-Cysteine), taurine, 5000 iu of vitamin d before bed, I don't smoke and haven't in years. Been through worse having fought pneumonia twice in my life. Dude, oregano is really good. Every time I get sick, I would make pasta and threw garlic powder, olive oil, and oregano leaf powder in. Really feel it working through your body on a cellular level.
    I did take the oil of oregano in olive oil in capsules. I also mixed the two together with garlic powder and used it as a lotion on my arm where I developed rashes which I thought was scabies. Quite a few parasitic diseases you can get from ticks, so you never know what you got unless you talk to a lyme doctor with the right tools. But oregano oil if it's a good one can really defeat lyme alongside a good diet and more oils like you mentioned here Dr. Cass. Some good info that needs to be passed on. Don't have fear if you get bit, just be active in compromising lyme before, during, and after you have it. Cheers and be well!

  4. Dear Dr Cass, I was diagnosed with Lyme/babesia a year ago, I did antibiotics and antimalarial s for 4 months and now I do 1 drop of wild oregano oil a day and hemp oil in addition to the supplements my nutrition response testing doctor tells me to take(this is how I do all protocol s now)…I still have achey joints alot of the time…I have improved greatly, but how much longer do you think it will take for full recovery, I am much better but not quite 100 percent…if I take more than 1 drop I have some Bab symptoms flair up, perhaps 2 drops would help me improve faster?

    1. Hi there I have had Lyme for 6 years now I didn’t do antibiotics I want to know if you can take these with success without antibiotics. I did bee venom therapy and I got better but stopped after a year the treatment is 3 years. Will this work without antibiotics?

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