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Cass Ingram

Why No One Should Consume Coal Tar Vitamins

Why No One Should Consume Coal Tar Vitamins

I don’t consume coal-tar vitamins. Nor do I consume those made from petrol, that is hexane. While doing so previously, many years ago, there was always a sense of an upset stomach. The stench alone was a put off, as was the belching. They smell chemical-like. I’m changing the recommendations in some of my older books. The new books – none of them recommended vitamins produced chemically, whether from coal-tar, petrol, or any other.
Few people realize the nature of coal-tar- and hexane-based vitamins. It must be remembered that such compounds are produced synthetically. They can’t be made out of thin air. There has to be a basis for their production, a platform. That platform is carbon molecules. The great Creator makes them in a mysterious way through plant biosynthesis and also through the metabolic activities of germs. Yet another vitamin, that is vitamin D, is produced through the action of sunlight on human skin. It is the only vitamin produced directly through the metabolic powers of the human body. Actually, vitamin D is more of a hormone than a vitamin. So, technically, the human body produces no vitamins.
In contrast, various animals are capable of producing these life-building substances, notably dogs and cats. They both make their own stores of vitamin C.
Turns out, that belching, those symptoms of upset stomach and even nausea – and the stench; all of it represented warnings by the body that such chemically based vitamin are by no means good for the body.
In the evaluation of hundreds of cases of people who take such vitamins it has been determined that they are worse than ‘not good.’ They are harmful. One way they cause harm is to actually block the absorption of the real vitamins, the ones derived from food. Yet another is direct intoxication itself as a result of the harsh, noxious nature of coal tar and petrol. Both these substances are known carcinogens. Why would anyone consume them to any degree?
A real vitamin is mysterious. It carries an energy complex of its own. In fact, such a vitamin molecule beams light so much so that it rotates a device known as a spectrogaph or spectrometer. The elaboration of light means that, put simply, the vitamin molecule has its own life or, rather, life-energy.

Grating spectrometer schematic
It is “an instrument used to measure properties of light over a specific portion of the electromagnetic spectrum, typically used in spectroscopic analysis to identify materials.”
In this regard each vitamin occurring in nature has its own spectrographic pattern. Too, when the vitamin molecules interact with the light in the spectrometer they cause a reaction; they rotate the light in a predictable way. What happens when the light is shined on man-made vitamins? There is no rotation, no activity. Once again, unlike food-source vitamins they do not induce a rotation of polarized light. In other words, the vitamins, if they can even be called that, are dead.
They are, in fact, worse than dead, as they can cause a person to get closer to death, that is closer than if such a one didn’t take them at all. I once saw a man at a health lecture who was thin and seemingly to a degree emaciated except for one area; his liver area was swollen. Moreover, he complained bitterly about the wretchedness of his digestion and, mostly, about the nature of his skin. It was full of black-and-blue blotches, especially on the right side, particularly over the liver area. Said the distressed 70 year-old male, “I don’t understand it. For years I’ve taken handfuls (holding out his hand) of vitamin pills, plenty of B-50s and my multiple vitamins, and yet my health is like this?”
After carefully inspecting those lesions and their sites on the body, the conclusion was obvious. “You have poisoned yourself with your own two hands,” I told him, essentially. He appeared shocked. “Didn’t you know, those vitamin and multiple vitamin pills/capsules you are taking are toxic. They are made from coal-tar and gasoline-like carbon sources. Stop taking them. Take whole food vitamins only, and get the balance of other vitamins you need from food.”Real whole food supplements and real food, not this:

Just being anywhere near coal-tar and its derivatives is a cause for great concern. Can anyone imagine what is the consequence from consuming it on a daily basis?
Baylor University and U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) scientists discovered that people living near playgrounds, driveways and parking lots coated with sealants containing coal tar—a potent carcinogen—could be more likely to develop cancer over the course of a lifetime. That’s because the toxic compounds in the sealant readily break down and wind up in the soil and air, finding their way into houses. In the scientific risk assessment model, children faced the greatest risk.***Coal tar dyes have been found to cause cancer in lab animals but also humans. Thus, a number of them have been banned. These include the ones formerly used as food colorings. Saccharin was also banned because of its cancer-inducing actions on humans and laboratory animals. It, too, is a coal-tar derivative. The former was a major cause of bladder cancer in humans, the coal-tar being excreted and, thus, deposited in the bladder tissue, ultimately causing tumors.
Then, if this is the case why are coal tar-based vitamins still on the market? Why have they never been assessed for their toxicity and, therefore, either banned or warnings given?
No warnings or bans despite research demonstrating provable toxicity?
Avoid synthetic coal tar- and petrol-based vitamins like you would avoid the plague. Get vitamins from whole foods, whole food supplements, and super-foods. Excellent super-food sources of vitamins include the whole food B complex powder made from rice bran, heat-killed torula yeast, and royal jelly, along with the purely whole food-based vitamin C from camu camu, acerola, and rose hips. Also, there is available a “pak” of whole food vitamins made exclusively from real food. The doses are certainly ‘lower’ than the chemical forms, but all the vitamins in this packet are highly bioavailable and completely non-toxic, rather, health-enhancing. A packet can be taken daily or split over two days. It is a kind of ‘high-grade’ way to get a strong density of naturally occurring vitamins plus cofactors, the latter being decidedly lacking in synthetic options.
In addition, rely more on dense food source. Among the most dense sources of vitamins in the food supply are organic liver, organic or free range eggs, organic cheese, spinach, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, fresh oranges, yeast extracts, rice bran, oat bran, and wild chaga. An effort should be made to consume such foods as often as possible. The vitamins in such foods are electrically charged. Therefore, they create vitality within the body rather than corrupting the vital elements, as do chemical-based ‘alternatives.’

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  1. No one would even think about licking a bit of gasoline or chewing on coal tar yet it is the basis of countless ‘multiple vitamin’ and ‘B vitamin’ supplements. Incredible, isn’t it. Yet, too, it is the basis for virtually all drugs.

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