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Cass Ingram

No Need to Get Sick – Edible Wild Oregano is Huge Protection

No Need to Get Sick – Edible Wild Oregano is Huge Protection

Why get sick if you don’t have to? Why get, for instance, congestion, rhinitis, hayfever, colds, allergic skin reactions, sensitivities and reactions to toxic chemicals, and flu when it can all be prevented?
There is an answer for protecting the body from sickness, and it arises exclusively from wild nature. Says the Old Testament people should know the truth about the divinely created natural medicines. Specifically, they should know that there is a powerful natural remedy from the Mediterranean which people should use to “purge.” What is the purging agent? It is none other than essop (Greek) or esov (Hebrew). Both essop and esov mean not hyssop, a Northern Hemispheric plant but rather wild oregano of the Mediterranean.
Wild oregano is the purging herb. Moreover, the command has been given. Yet, will people take advantage of it?
It would appear that the almighty creator, taking the time to mention this as an ordained act, has a special goal. This goal is that His creation stay sickness-free or at least gain the benefit of prevention of sickness.
To “purge;” what is meant by this? Of all the plants that could be named it was only wild oregano, that rare plant-based natural germicide, that was given this distinction. Furthermore, it truly is a purge: of a wide range of harmful agents, whether microbial or toxic. For instance, whether as the extracted, emulsified oil, the aromatic essence/juice, or the crude, crushed whole, raw herb it is a decided purge against common infectious agents, including staph, strep, clostridium, salmonella, shigella, enterococcus, intestinal viruses, cold/flu viruses, amebas, giardia, and cryptosporidium. Regarding molds and fungi, as well as yeasts, it is the most potent purging agent known. This includes a powerful action of wild oregano against the notorious corrupter of human health, Candida albicans.
Wild oregano also attacks and neutralizes histamine, along with various inflammatory substances. Furthermore, it is a powerful agent for neutralizing potentially deadly toxins, including aflatoxin, bacterial endotoxins, mycotoxins, and neurotoxins.
It goes beyond this. Wild oregano is a potent antidote against venom. This is true of all types of venom, including that of snake and spider bites.
What could be more powerful than this? Wild oregano is a virtual universal antidote against disease, as well as dangerous crises, itself. Clearly, it is the most broad-spectrum, diverse, and utilitarian natural medicine known. It is the go-to for daily protection as well as the most versatile agent to use in the event of dire, deadly crises: like a potentially deadly spider or snake bite or a sting by a venomous insect.
There are dozens of other sudden-onset, potentially devastating – or deadly – diseases/condition for which wild oregano comes to the rescue. These conditions include:

  • diarrhea, including that due to food poisoning
  • flu
  • strep throat
  • kidney infection
  • bladder infection
  • prostate infection
  • vaginal or intrauterine infection
  • chest infection and/or pneumonia
  • toxic allergic reactions, including anaphylactic shock
  • animal bites
  • West Nile virus
  • Lyme disease
  • tick bites (if the tick is saturated for sufficient time with oil of wild oregano, it will die)
  • mycotoxin and/or mold exposure
  • jelly fish sting
  • blood poisoning
  • systemic yeast infection
  • as a neutralizing agent to reactions against toxic chemicals

Clearly, then, wild oregano is the first choice as an herbal or natural first aid agent for crisis illnesses, injuries, and more yet also this represents prevention. That’s because, untreated, these conditions, injuries, and toxicities can lead to further complications.
Is it not anything but astounding? What drug could possibly have even remotely this degree of efficacy? One natural substance/complex can achieve all this? It is miraculous to say the least.
It truly represent nothing other than prevention, that is prevention of a catastrophe from occurring. It is also prevention against rather common conditions which are aggravating such as colds and flu. Then, too, why not prevent digestive and intestinal syndromes such as diarrhea, upset stomach, heartburn, GERD, H. pylori, and irritable bowel syndrome. It can be all done with selected wild oregano supplements.
Regarding colds and flu the point is simple. Wild oregano must be taken on a regular basis, ideally in the form of the oil of wild oregano and the whole, crude, raw herbal complex with Rhus coriaria. Contrary to claims on the Internet, including those by some naturopathic physicians, wild oregano, that is the edible wild type from the high Mediterranean mountains, is completely safe for daily use. In fact, in this age of crisis health issues it is unsafe not to take it. For prevention here is an ideal protocol, one that, if followed, will keep the person largely free of common, aggravating conditions, particularly those due to sudden infection by viruses and bacteria:

  • oil of wild oregano (high-mountain, hand-picked, edible type): three to five drops once or twice daily
  • whole, raw crude herbal complex of wild oregano with Rhus coriaria plus organic garlic and onion: two capsules daily
  • juice of wild highly oxygenated oregano as a 12 ounce bottle (if possible): T. daily
  • wild oregano, lavender, and bay leaf oil-based spray (as a means to neutralize toxins in the air, including mold, pollen, and chemical agents)

By taking or making use of such a protocol or at least a component of it there will be a major protection against sudden-onset conditions. Additionally, there will be a major improvement in overall health. In this regard it should be considered that wild oregano is a potent antioxidant, some 100 times more powerful than blueberry. Furthermore, it is a vigorous immune supporting agent, and this is particularly true of the whole, crude, raw herb combined with Rhus coriaria, the latter being a well-published antiviral complex and also immune-boosting agent. Continuously, it is reported by users that through the daily or even every-other-day consumption of these natural, wild herbal medicine complexes they no longer get common illnesses.
Therefore, take the wild oregano as a daily purging, that is toxin and microbe cleansing agent. In this regard for daily use be sure to get the edible, wild type, as signified by their wholesomeness and by the fact that, unlike certain others, the labels do not say “take only for a week” or “do not take daily” or some similar nonsense, although this may bear some substance, if such brands are naturally high in thymol. Of note, the true, edible wild oregano oil is low in thymol, less than 2% of the total essential oil content.
Wild spice extracts or concentrates based upon mountain-grown, Mediterranean source oregano are a godsend. Keep them available at all times in order to make use of it in case of a health crisis. In this way there will be major prevention against the onset of disease. That’s the way it’s supposed to be. Human beings are not supposed to get sick. Moreover, precisely what the human race needs to keep themselves healthy has already been provided.

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  1. what is the scientific name of wild oregano? i am getting confused with the regular oregano that I grow in my garden and the claim that it is also called the bee balm which are different altogether.

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