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Cass Ingram

Natural Medicines from the Woods Are Powerful

Natural Medicines from the Woods Are Powerful

The woods—the forests—and their surrounds, that is the brush and vegetation adjacent to them is the source of among the most powerful natural medicines known. This makes sense, since this is an entirely natural environment largely free of human meddling. In particular, in such an arena there is no meddling, no corruption, of the soil. The soil may well be fully intact in such an environment. This is the key to the therapeutic powers of the plant medicine, whether derived from a tree, bush, shrub, herb, or other.
The environment itself appears powerful, while filled with the energy from raw nature: the wind, oxygen-rich air, sun, dew, rain, and more. In fact, this issue of oxygen richness is a major element. Without this key gas there is no life, not even for a few minutes. Air, food, and water, along with sunlight; these are the staff of life. Moreover, they are all operational in the forests, continuously so. That’s why it is absolutely essential to make use of this naturalistic environment as much as possible as a medicine source. It is a divinely balanced environment. There is a peace within the forests and their surrounds like no others. In some areas it is so quiet that a person can virtually hear a leaf fall. What a power it is, that is the power of balance, peace, and tranquility.
Yet, perhaps of greatest important is the nature of the base material for the forests, which is the soil. That soil is live with all manner of energy, from its teeming microbes to its earthworms and grubs—to its trapped oxygen, carbon, minerals, organic acids, moisture, and more. One of these ‘mores’ is the trapping of the incredible, which is an energy to be reckoned with: solar energy. That’s right, the rays from the sun, ultraviolet and infrared, are actually fixed into the earth, within the rocks and soil. This is more so the case in a relatively undisturbed environment, like the forests and bush/scrub areas, that it is in the disturbed areas, like cultivated land.
All this power and energy is trapped within the plants, which are ultimately manifestations of solar energy. Moreover, such energy is the basis of life itself. It is fully established that without sunlight there is nothing—without sunlight and water it is all absolutely barren, as proven by the nature of the other or dead planets.
Disease is essential a form of pre-death. The energy is flowing in the wrong direction; it is being consumed by the disease process rather than being utilized efficiently by the cells. For the body to be healed this must be reversed. The energy must be used for productive purposes, like protecting and rebuilding the cells and organs as well as for fighting any disease processes. The negative, destructive constellation of symptoms must be reversed. It is all a matter of energy dynamics.
For this to be done a great change has to be made. The body must be infused with high-energy matter. This is so the vice-grip of disease and disarray can be halted, ultimately reversed.
The high-energy matter comes from wild forest material. The more remote, that is further away from human corruption, the better. Human-created synthetic pollutants corrupt the flow of energy molecules through the environment, creating disease of the environment itself.
The high-energy compounds in the plant medicines are conserved through special processed. This includes handpicking the plants and herbs rather than their harvest with industrial machinery. Too, it is a matter of the preparation. The plants can be sun-dried or even cool-dried in the shade. In some cases sun-drying depletes the herb/plant of key substances such as flavonoids and vitamin C. Vinegar and extra virgin olive oil can be used as preserving and trapping agents, as can natural salt.
These compounds can also be extracted through cold-pressing and juicing, leading to the creation of a kind of raw, crude extract. In such an extract the solar energy is still largely intact. Heat can deplete this.
Too, there is the issue of dried medicinal leaves such as those from berry plants, yarrow, camomile, wild hyssop, and more. In particular, the leaves of wild berries, top sources of the highly potent and highly anti-cancer complex known as ellagic acid, are intriguing. These berry leaves can be dried and then gently pulverized into a powder. A triple berry leaf complex made from wild leaves of raspberry, blackberry, and strawberry is particularly invigorating and therapeutic, while also being delicious.
Another method is rendering, like the slow-boiling of roots and leaves. This will extract many crucial compounds such as large mass flavonoids, organic acids, and trace minerals. The resulting concentrate may then be further trapped in honey, converted into a syrup, which is then used for digestive disorders, including hemorrhoids, the use for which an entry is found as early as 1820. A similar syrup can also be made from wild strawberry roots and leaves and was a standard natural medicine throughout the mid-1800s through early 1900s. This was known as a healthy tonic for digestion and for heart health. During the early 1800s in the Americas this was a most famed way of making natural medicines from the wild.
Regarding barks, loaded with energy compounds, these can be stripped, then dried, then pulverized. The majority of their energy compounds are retained through such a process. The bark matter may also be rendered into a syrup, as in the roots and leaves of numerous plants. Too, many roots can be roasted, like dandelion and chicory roots, and the final product, too, is medicinal. Make no mistake about it there is no end to the possibilities of what can be produced from the divinely inspired wild.
Examples of wild forest natural medicine complexes are as follows:

  • wild chaga tea with wild dandelion roasted root
  • wild chaga tea with wild birch and larch barks
  • wild triple berry leaf tea, blackberry, red raspberry, and strawberry
  • wild raspberry leave and root rendered syrup
  • wild cat’s claw bark
  • wild camu camu berry (as a source of vitamin C)
  • wild-source steam-distilled sockeye salmon oil from the head of the salmon
  • wild-source fresh water cod liver oil, raw, whole liver concentrate as sublingual drops
  • wild edible mushroom syrup
  • wild, raw edible mushroom drops, top source of beta glucan
  • wild blackberry root and leaf rendered syrup
  • wild strawberry root and leaf rendered syrup
  • wild micropulverized chaga emulsified into a spice oil emulsion as drops under the tongue

These are just a modicum of examples of potent natural therapeutic complexes made from wild forest plants. Enjoy the power of the wild forest: for better and superior health – forever.

5 thoughts on “Natural Medicines from the Woods Are Powerful”

  1. I found a huge basketball sized Chaga on a downed yellow birch tree! Maybe 2 weeks on the ground. Is it still usable?

  2. Cass, is there any way you can help me? I first heard of chaga through a video featuring you. I have started making the tea, but would like to learn how to make the extract using olive oil or vodka. Would you be able to help me with this? I will be so greatful!
    Thanks for all you do to share your desperately needed nutritional information!

    1. After reading Dr Cass’ book, I would say Spruce or Pine resin, as close to raw as possible. Talking to a Herbalist friend she has been helping a brittle Diabetic” using daily foot baths of white pine needle, peppermint and epsom salt

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