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Cass Ingram

Mood-Altering Drugs—What You Need to Know

Mood-Altering Drugs—What You Need to Know

Recently, it has become evident that drugs for the brain or mental disorders may, in fact, cause these very  disorders. What’s more, these drugs actually violence, even in people who are not predisposed to  it.  Recent  evidence  indicates  that  mood-altering drugs, such as Prozac, Xanax, Zoloft, and Paxil, cause brain damage. One study demonstrated actual brain cell death as a result of taking these drugs. Experts at the Department   of   Biochemistry/Biology,   in   Hamburg Germany,  found  in  April  2002  that  if  brain  cells  are exposed to Prozac, they die. In Philadelphia researchers at Jefferson Medical College found similar effects: brain cells contaminated with  antidepressants Prozac and Zoloft, as well as the weight loss drugs Meridia and Redux, became shriveled  up,  assuming  a  corkscrew  appearance.  The researchers concluded the damage was permanent.
Other  investigators  found  toxicity  of  these  drugs against other critical organs, including the thyroid. What’s more, Prozac was found to impair the ability of the brain to  use  thyroid  hormone.  This  alone  could  result  in irreversible   depression.  Prozac  contains  a  fluoride derivative, which poisons the thyroid. One study reported by Konig showed  that Prozac and similar drugs, rather than  halting  depression  often  severely  aggravated  it, causing users to decline  into deep, perhaps irreversible, depression.
Prozac  and  other  similar  drugs  disrupt  the  body’s chemistry. They destroy or disturb brain cells. They cause irritation, even damage, of the liver. They interfere with the function of the thyroid, a gland known as the master of metabolism.  They  increase  the  risk  for  violent  acts, including suicide. When taken with alcohol, they increase the likelihood of violence and sudden death. These drugs are dangerous. The fact is they readily cause the very disease they are acclaimed to treat.
There is no evidence that mood-altering drugs cure the disease they are prescribed for. In contrast, there is significant evidence that they cause permanent organ and brain damage. The group most vulnerable to the toxic effects is children and teenagers, since in this group the brain is still developing. Since drugs such as Prozac and Zoloft, are enzyme inhibitors, they should never be prescribed for the  young.  Because  the  brain  is  still  in  a  stage  of development, and the inhibition of such brain enzymes will cause brain cell death.
Today some 6 million children and teenagers in the United  States  take  mood-altering  drugs.  Millions  more adults take them. Ultimately, thousands of these users will develop some degree of brain damage, and many, perhaps tens of thousands, will commit violent acts, particularly suicide or attempted suicide. A list of symptoms caused by these   drugs   includes   impotence,   hair   loss,   visual disturbance, migraine headaches, convulsions, spitting of blood, and vomiting blood. Diseases caused by these drugs include  heart  disease,  cataracts,  brain  tumors,  cancer, duodenal  ulcers,  gallstones,  kidney/bladder  infection, hepatitis, and cystic breast disease. Yet, the question is, why endure all of this pain and agony-why undergo such risks- when the drugs fail to even treat the disease and, in fact, aggravate  it?  Furthermore,  there  is  a  plethora  of  data indicating that these drugs fail to even work. As early as 1985 it was reported that, for instance, Prozac was no better than a sugar pill in reversing symptoms of depression. In contrast, according to research at Harvard University, 74% of children who use these drugs develop dangerous side effects. What’s more, as reported by the Washington Post there is no need to subject people to these drugs, because in clinical trials it has been found that herbal extracts, in this case St. John’s wort, work equally as well as the drugs without side effects.

Diet: the key factor
Food can help or harm. In the United States the food supply  is  horrendous.  Processed  foods  cause  mental disease.  This  food  is  contaminated  with  a  variety  of synthetic  chemicals,  which  readily  contaminate  the organs. Many of these chemicals are directly toxic to the brain. Among these are aspartame (NutraSweet), synthetic food   dyes,   artificial   flavorings,   and   MSG.   Foods containing such chemicals must be strictly avoided. In addition, refined sugar must be strictly avoided. Refined sugar  causes  blood  sugar  disorders,  and  the  result  is mental  dysfunction. These sugars, which include white sugar, malt syrup, corn sweetener, and corn syrup, also accelerate the  growth of human molds and yeasts. The latter produce chemicals known as mycotoxins, which poison the brain. This fungal poisoning is a major cause of depression, anxiety, and psychotic derangements. If the fungus  is  destroyed,   the  symptoms  disappear.  This demonstrates the value of a high-grade oil of oregano for reversing psychological symptoms and disorders. In addition, avoid corn and wheat.

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