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Cass Ingram

Major Health Benefits of Daily Use Wild Oregano Oil

Should wild oregano oil be consumed daily? Data from the latest research indicates this is the case. Yet, commonly, on the Internet it is found that the oil should not be taken daily, except for a short period of time. There are other statements than it can only be taken safely for a week or so, like a week on and off.

With truly wild oregano oil there is no basis for such statements. It is just said so, as if it is gospel.

Now, this caution may hold true, but only on one basis. This is in respect to oregano oil that isn’t truly natural and unprocessed. In this case the oil may be corrupted through being excessively high in thymol. It is thymol which has potential toxicity, especially for the liver and heart. True oregano oil is low in this compound, and so presents no danger. It’s naturally high in carvacrol, which is non-toxic. A high-quality wild oregano oil has a thymol content of less than 1.5%.

It may also be true of manipulated oregano oil, where it is tainted by the addition of synthetic carvacrol. The latter, in fact, does have a degree of toxicity.

There is another corruption that is commonly applied. This is to clone the oregano, selecting out so-called high carvacrol strains. In some cases these clones are manipulated through the injection of bacterial antigens, notably from pseudomonas. Cloning is an unnatural way to raise oregano. Regardless, wild oregano grows among rock in high elevations and never naturally grows on soil.

Ideally, oregano oil should be take daily for its multiplicity of effects. After all, the oil is highly protective for the immune system, while also blocking excessive histamine response.  It offers vast power, protecting a wide range of organs from microbial attack and oxidative damage. A number of investigators have stated categorically that oil of wild oregano is “cardioprotective, hepatoprotective, neuroprotective, gastroprotective, respiratory protective, and antidiabetic. It has also been demonstrated to be anticarcinogenic and anti-inflammatory, while offering significant analgesic properties.

All people would benefit from regular protection of the internal organs from infection and oxidative damage. This is one of the most beneficial actions anyone can achieve.

The protection within the gut is a major reason for daily use. In America alone there are some 80 million incidences of food poisoning yearly. There is also a risk for water-borne diseases, especially for those traveling overseas. Daily consumption of wild oregano oil is preventive in all such cases. Its beneficial, as well, for the prevention of all manner of respiratory diseases, including congestion, cold, and flu.

For age-related degeneration the intake of wild oregano oil is essential. A potent antioxidant on the ORAC scale it is some 100 times more powerful in blocking oxidation than blueberries, while 15 times more potent than goji berries. Furthermore, only oregano oil dramatically raises the internal production of the protective enzymes, glutathione peroxidase and superoxide dismutase, both of which are required for optimal function of the internal organs. Wild oregano oil is also an antitoxin. In this respect it protects the liver, kidneys, intestines, brain, and more from all forms of sudden, unexpected toxicity as well as the harsh aspects upon these organs from internal metabolism.

In summary, what are the benefits of daily use when consuming truly wild, uncorrupted oil of oregano or other wild oregano-based supplements:

  • Prevention of respiratory illnesses, including allergic issues, colds, congestion, sinus disorders, and flu
  • Prevention of disorders of the gut, including food poisoning, diarrhea, small intestinal bacterial overgrowth, and stomach upset
  • Reduced risk for cancerous degeneration
  • Reduced risk for liver or kidney toxicity
  • Reduced risk for the development of diabetes
  • Reduced risk for dementia and/or Alzheimer’s
  • Protection of the heart and arteries from oxidative damage and infection

Just the protection from infections striking the body alone is reason for daily use. The optimal supplements to consume are the oil, the juice or essence, and the whole, crude herb. All these can be take simultaneously. For optimal results take all three, which are food-like and entirely edible.

So, do as is done in village communities. Take wild oregano every day. Don’t think about it. Just do it, as long as it is 100% wild, Mediterranean, high-mountain source and never farm-raised. Do so as the natural oil in an extra virgin olive oil base, the type which is never cloned or farm-raised and which is 100% wild, free of all added synthetics. Do so also as the whole, crude herb with wild Mediterranean-source Rhus coriaria and also as the aromatic water or “juice” of wild oregano. By doing so the body will be highly protected, and the individual will enjoy robust health and freedom from illness, even from degenerative disease itself. The daily use wild oregano oil, either as the whole, crude herb with Rhus coriaria or the extracted oil in an extra virgin olive oil base, is also the type to take for long-term support against Lyme disease, liver disorders, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, and similar disorders.

NOTE: truly wild oregano oil or ‘juice’ is 100% natural and is never artificially manipulated. It is from handpicked wild oregano growing on the mountain slopes. After picking it is simply steam-distilled. Do no be fooled by unscrupulous purveyors who are selling farm-raised, cloned oregano as if wild. With the truly wild oregano supplements there is no issue with daily use, in fact, there are only immense benefits to be gained.



12 thoughts on “Major Health Benefits of Daily Use Wild Oregano Oil”

  1. Wild Oregano is awesome. It was commonly used in biblical times for purification and cleansing……called “hyssop”.

  2. I have used oregano oil successfully for a few diverticulitis flare ups. I love the stuff! Now, after having a tooth filling, I appear to have an infection in my jaw. Would oregano oil work for this as well?

    1. Hello,

      It sure will! You may find the best oregano formula for dental support in OregaDent. This product contains a perfect combination of oregano, clove, cinnamon, and pain root. I have heard multiple amazing reviews on this product for dental use.

      Be well!

  3. Hello Sophie did the Doctor or someone ever replied back to you? I just ordered this product. My nervous system is wrecked, and cannot stop clenching my teeth at night, now suffer from TMJ. I hope that someone can keep this forum open. If the Doctor or representatives do not respond back, I hope that they know how desperate we all are to not only purchase their products, but receive customer support, just basic reassurance out here. Thanks for your valuable input, and everyone’s! Barbie-California.

  4. I’m presently on dialysis. For 6 years now. Due to a resent catscan, I was told that kidneys has shrunk. I’m on herbal supplements. Will my kidneys stay shrunk ? what can I do to make them normal again?

  5. I have a bacterial infection and was prescribed antibiotics which I hate taking especially because I have severe tinnitus and antibiotics are known for starting or making it worse. So of course a couple days in and my tinnitus has gotten even louder. I don’t want to finish my 7 day course so I was thinking of using the Oil of Oregano which I always have in my cupboard. I just don’t know how much and often I should take it so I don’t get this infection back.
    Also, I use to take OOO everyday but stopped because I was reading all those reports about how not to take it more than ten days. I just read the article from the Dr. on this exact subject and will probably go back on it daily. I would imagine there is a different amount to use daily compared to trying to get rid of my infection.

  6. Dr., , Cass Ingram I Judy have your book COVID-19 Remedy 9The Real Truth Revealed) you mention ONLY Wild Oil of Oregano treatment for COVID! Doctor my question is Fresh Royal Jelly is another treatment to prevent or treat COVID-19? I refuse to get VACCINED! I believe in Natural Treatments (CHAGA, Black Seed Oil and etc.,) I’m thankful you write books to educate people like myself. GOD BE THE GLORY, GOD BLESS US ALL! I have taken Fresh Royal Jelly now for 5years this November.


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