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Cass Ingram

Lyme Cannot Survive Before Oregano Oil

Lyme Cannot Survive Before Oregano Oil

It is true, whether the actual Lyme bacillus, Borrelia burgdoferi, or any other tick- or mosquito-induced agent—it matters not, all will succumb to the powers of oil of wild oregano. This hot spice oil, along with other pungent, aromatic spice extracts, attacks and obliterates the Lyme pathogen. It is only a matter of time, as well as dosage, that the victim will be well.
Tick-induced pathogens, in particular, are not easy to eradicate. Whether through natural cures or drug therapy it is relatively rare that a single dose of treatment, for instance, a course of antibiotics or a week or two of oil of wild oregano therapy, will resolve it. The germ is simply too resilient to be manhandled so easily. It fights hard to survive, often at the cost of the individual’s health and or such a one’s premature death.
Yet, despite its hardiness and its propensity for survival it cannot overcome it call. It cannot defeat the most potent natural remedy known, the most powerful germicidal substance in existence: oil of wild oregano. Even so, it must be stated that this oil is not the only powerful remedy to concerned. The actual whole, crushed herb, that is raw wild oregano, along with its associated Mediterranean spice, Rhus coriaria, as dietary supplement capsules, is yet another essential spice-based therapy against Lyme. Key components in this formula, known as quercitin, gallic acid, mallic acid, and beta caryophyllene, are potent anti-inflammatory agents and greatly assist in the reversal of the joint and muscular consequences of this disease. For optimal results oil of wild oregano should be taken with this formula.
In some cases the borrelia is particularly resistant. The Lyme victim may also be compromised by co-infections, including bartonella, babesia, ehrlichia, and mycoplasma. It is all irrelevant to the wild oregano oil. When taken in the appropriate quantity, it obliterates them all.
Even so, in certain resistant cases the eradication of the germ—and doing so in a relatively quick fashion—proves tenuous. It may well simply not be enough to take the oil of wild oregano, along with the whole, crude herb/rhus complex. More needs to be done: enter the power of still other germicidal spice oils.
Too, germicidal is a curious word and one that is surely  for such oils. It means to destroy or obliterate germs. No antibiotic has such a distinction. Yet, oils of wild oregano, bay leaf, and sage, for instance, are fully published as germicidal agents. The same is true for certain non-wild essential oils, notably oil of lemongrass, allspice, cumin, cinnamon, and clove.
In some cases a combined therapy is required involving the use of the oil of wild oregano, the whole raw/crush herb complex, and various blends of multiple spice oils. Particularly effective formulas include the dessicated multiple spice oil complex, as capsules of the dried essential oils, and a combination of wild oregano and bay leaf, along with cinnamon and clove. It is much like the multi-phasic, multiple dose antibiotic therapy, which is given to resistant Lyme cases.
In other cases the use of the hydrosol of wild oregano, known as Juice of Oregano, may be necessary, especially in the event neurological sequelae. Additionally, the spice turmeric can prove invaluable, especially the wild type found in gel caps and/or as sublingual drops.
Untreated, Lyme can prove devastating. It gradually denudes the individual, ultimately causing the person to suffer a gruesome, agonizing premature death. Yet, it is all for nought. With truly wild oregano oil much premature death from Lyme would be prevented.
There are other supplements that would aid Lyme victims. These supplements include probiotics, whole food vitamin complexes, natural-source vitamin C, and wild chaga. Yet, the main supplements necessary for the reversal of this disease is the oil of wild oregano, the whole crude herb complex, and the juice of wild oregano. The multiple spice oil complex is a crucial addition for any circumstance involving the least degree of resistance, where the Lyme and co-factor infections become virtually established within the tissues.
Yet, they are no contest to the spice oil family. These oils corrode the Lyme spirochete, causing its rapid demise. Also, the various spice oils stimulate the production of key white good cell actuating factors.
The post by one of our posters rings true, who describes the desperate loss of life of a man, who died a most agonizing death and who had no opportunity for the oregano therapy. Unless a monumental effort is made to attack this issue, to purge the Lyme spirochete aggressively with natural cures, then, people will die premature, some losing their lives decades before their times.
Let it be said, and let it be said repeatedly; there is no need for people to die prematurely from Lyme disease. All such potential vitamins have to do is consume at a minimum the oil of wild oregano, along with the whole crude herb complex. Let the world know this, so that people can be saved: so that great agony, despair, and suffering will be prevented. The almighty God calls it a purging substance for a reason, as it truly does purge from the body through selective destruction virtually all known pathogens.

21 thoughts on “Lyme Cannot Survive Before Oregano Oil”

  1. I am very interested in your latest article. I have had chronic Lyme since 1989 (possibly earlier). I was finally “certified Lyme” in May 2015. Previously I had been diagnosed either Negative or Nonreactive, even with a Bullseye under my rt. arm. TTwenty-finve years ago I had 3 bands and was told that “You don’t qualify for Lyme. At that time I was critically ill for 5.5 years with fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue and lupus. In 2013 two different MDs saw the Bull’s eye but insisted that I needed to to have the Lyme test done first. At hat time I couldn’t raise my right arm and had a paralysis going down my right side. Again the 1st MD insisted that I have a Lyme test that proved Negative and the other MD did a biopsy and sent it to the lab for a Lyme test that proved Negative. In May of this year, I had no symptoms, just, “somethings not right” After a week of deteriation I had severe chills that morphed into 103 degree temperature. My normal temp is 5.6 degrees. Made it to my PCP and he put me on antibiotics for a week, but wanted to see me in 4 days. At that time I requested a Lyme test and additional Doxycycline. During an additional 4 days I was told that I have Lyme disease with 7 bands. After 12 weeks of Doxy, I had found a Lyme specialist that had me on 4 weeks of Amoxicillian (1000 mg 4x a day) and just recently increased it to 6 weeks of Amoxicillian (1000 mg 4x a day) with Flagyl 250 mg 3 x a day. Because i have chronic Lyme, and a lesion only brain, that was not there before the Lyme was there. [In 2011 I was a pedestrian that was struck by an SUV while I had the right-of-way in a cross-walk (severe concussion and other injuries). In 2012 I was parked at a red light with 10 cars ahead of me and was rear-ended by a Dodge Dakota. My car was catapulted 3-car lengths my head hitting the steering wheel, additional concussions, whip lash and low back injuries. Because of the concussions, I had brain scans and there were no lesions on the brain at that time. Hence, I am very concerned about the lesion on the brain and how Lyme is impacting it. I have also heard and read that once someone has chronic Lyme, that antibiotics are not effective. Is that true? Please forgive me for the length of this comment. I have been vey impressed with your work and read your posts regularly and am a subscriber. Please advise in any way you feel appropriate. I know you are busy. Thank you . Marcia

    1. Ms. Tarasovic:
      What a shame for the medical profession. A mere thorough history and physical tells the story; there is no need for testing other than as a kind of final confirmation.
      It is true that, long term, the antibiotics are destructive. Better to do the protocol in the Lyme Disease Cure that best suits your circumstances. More later.

      1. Dr Ingram,
        Do you think it is necessary to sometimes do the antibiotic and the oil of oregano protocol in your book. I have a teen who has had Lyme for the past 3 to 4 years and has tested negative a few times. He was misdiagnosed with spondylo arthropathy. He has been on an antibiotic for 3 months at a high dosage. He has also been doing your protocol for oil of oregano etc for 2 months .As well as naproxen for the arthritis pain for 2 years. Leaning towards stopping antibiotic and only doing the oil of oregano regimen. Please let me know your thoughts.

        1. Not a fan of the NSAIDS. That said, he could easily just do the basic protocol found on this site. It would do him much good. He could, for instance, take the oil and the wild oregano/rhus combo every few hours; he’d notice a big difference, along with the Bone Activating oil and the caps for the pain, and the wild turmeric drops. It’s all he needs vs. the meds.

        2. Dr Ingram, what’s your opinion on mothers passing lyme to there children, I have a wife with Lyme that has had for over 20 years and we just found out last year was wondering if it was wise to get all my kids tested

          1. Yes, it transmits about 50% of the time according to a prominent Lyme Doctor in CT. I have Lyme, and my son was diagnosed at age 5, my daughter tested “suspicious” at age 3. The good news is that it doesn’t affect all people the same. We treated my son because he had ADD (severely) with Dr. in CT for 2 years. There was no change. All in all I would say my children probably carry it but are not impacted by it.

    2. Marcia, I also have chronic Lyme. I was mis diagnosed for over 12 years. Holistic/natural treatment with Des Bio products has been very effective for myself, 2 of my brothers, my mother, an uncle and many friends of mine. Lyme mimics other diseases such as Fibro, Lupus, MS, Schogren’s Syndrome, Crohn’s, Colitis, and many others. Try to find a Lyme literate/natural physician in your area. You’ll start seeing much better results and improvement in your health. God bless!

    3. Kinda like my story. What works for someone may not work for you. I went to an herbalist and treated naturally, NO PHARMA. Been in remission over a year now!

      1. What did you take? Please let me know. I’m in a bad place right now and I really need help. I can’t afford a LLMD

  2. Hi Dr. Ingram,
    Thanks for all the great information you’re putting on your blog. I truly hope it helps many. I’m really glad that you got well too.
    Since Lyme is so difficult for most patients to completely overcome even when they’ve used all sorts of promising alternative therapies, I feel the need to ask you a few quick questons for the purposes of clarification. Also, I’ll state here and now so you and your readers know up front that I am definitely for you, not against you. I am a long-time fan of yours. That said, I’m really hoping that you can answer these well because I believe that having solid answers to these questions when dealing with this illness is vital towards bringing out the truth:
    1) Were you diagnosed with Lyme before starting your treatment protocol using reliable tests or was only a clinical diagnosis made? Was a positive test the result?
    2) Was the testing repeated following treatment? Was a negative the result?
    3) Could it be possible that you may have been suffering from another debilitating illness and never actually had Lyme?
    4) Can you demonstrate that wild oil of oregano deals as effectively with Lyme cysts, L-forms and other stages of Lyme as it seems to with spirochetes? This one is a biggie because unless ALL these other Lyme forms are conquered permanently, as you well know, the bacterial infection recurs eventually. These things can make their way into bone, cartilage and organs and are notoriously difficult to completely eradicate. Their biofilm is also a resistant safe-haven.
    5) Do you feel that you’ve experienced a long enough post-recovery period to be sure that you’re finished with this illness?
    6) Are you on any sort of maintenance program to keep any symptoms down or can you coast without wild oil of oregano and the other antimicrobial components you used before?
    Sorry for the Spanish Inquisition treatment. As a fan of Monty Python I understand that nobody likes the Spanish Inquisition!
    As someone who has battled Lyme though for some time and has brought it into apparent-submission a few times only to have it come back on me later on, I’m only trying to help myself get closer to the truth so I can make as informed a decision about using one of your protocols or not. In the process, I hope to help any other readers with Lyme do likewise, knowing how expensive this disease can be to recover from.
    Thanks again,

  3. Hi, Dr. Ingram – Have had Lyme and coinfections and disabled for almost 30 years. Am losing my sight (cornea dystrophy) and lots of stuff happening in the last year — think my mycoplasma infections are activated again. Could you please tell us what are the dosages to start with the 3 core “wild” supplements you are recommending, and should we build up over time, and to what doses? I’ve done the Wild Oregano oil before — it seems a little harsh on my insides — but maybe I can build up. thank you so much.

  4. Good Morning Dr. Ingram:
    I have just been diagnosed for Lyme and apparently have had it for a while and previously diagnosed with Hashimoto Thyroid. My doctor prescribed Doxycycline, ATP fuel, and a strong probiotic. I have always preferred the natural cures over synthetic drugs. I am also taking 4 ounces of Silver Shield at night before bed.
    Can you please give me the protocol for which oils/herbs to take and what dosages so that I can heal myself?
    Thank you,

  5. I have a daughter who was first diagnosed with ms two years ago. We recently went to an interative md and they sent blood to a lab called vibrant and it came back that she had Lyme, She is on a antibiotic protocol and was doing ok and now feel like her stomach is sick and she has flu like symptoms, I read what you are saying about oil of Oregano but where do you get these things? My test rom Vibrant has also come back with showings of lyme for me so we need a good education, Please direct me, My best, Sandra

  6. This is absolutely correct,. I can attest to the fact that Oregano Oil does indeed kill off live Borrelia-burgdorferi bacteria, However, to totally cure one also needs 200 mcg of Selenium daily to prevent any live bacteria that may be released from creating bio film, If one has been infected for weeks, month, or even years there are thousands of bio film cysts that have clustered into colonies and will open up to distribute unknown amounts of live bacteria, Oregano Oil and Selenium combined represent an effective means of being free of Lyme, but it will happen gradually, The combination also makes for an effective preventative if bitten once again.

  7. I’m reading this for 1st time and very interested in Dr. Ingram Protocol for Lyme. I have used Oregono oil for sinus infection and works well.Please keep posted for protocol info I have been battling with Lyme for 27 yrs.Thank you.

    1. We have very exciting news!
      Dr. Cass Ingram has written a book in detail about Lime disease that is a must have.
      It’s called The Lyme Disease Cure and it can be purchased on line at Knowledge House publishing or you can call 800.243.5242 and a customer service rep. would be happy to take your order the price is $24.99 + 8.99 for shipping.

  8. Irene, we can’t put a price on our health! I had to just bite the bullet and get the holistic treatment and supplements my body so desperately needed.
    Please send me a message on FB. Search for Amy Ouellette. I’ve been taking non-gmo, plant-based supplements that I learned about through a friend of mine who was also diagnosed with Lyme. She is doing much better and I am too! These supplements have helped build my system back up. They’ve helped with boosting my immune system, sustained energy, helped anxiety and depression, helped my mood, blood glucose levels, and more. Hope to hear from you soon. God bless!

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