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How to use wild oregano oil

Wild oregano oil is a potent, natural medicine with vast value for human health. It is made from the wild spice picked in the high mountains, then distilled into an essential spice oil, then emulsified in extra virgin olive oil. It was popularized as a natural medicine through the book The Cure is in the Cupboard, now in its 20th edition. Through radio appearances and TV shows, the whole idea of wild oregano oil became popularized. Now, it is trendy to take the oil as a supplement, as drops or gelcaps. However, to minimize the confusion, there is the original wild oregano oil that started the industry and is the basis of numerous scientific studies, deemed by investigators as wild oregano oil.

People know of oregano for its lovely flavor in pizza and spaghetti. However, many are unaware that in ancient times it was more renowned as a medicine than a food, being used for infections, wound healing, lung conditions, and skin diseases.

Yet, in any search of the Internet it would be easy to be confused for those wishing to purchase the supplement. There are dozens of brands now available, many of which claim to be wild and others which make no such claim. The original supplement which started the industry is still available. It has always been wild and has never deviated. Since this time, however, oregano oil has become commercialized, and many farm-raised types are available, some of which are manipulated and cloned.

For oregano oil fans it is now well-established that the wild type is by far the ideal. This is stated because there are numerous farm-raised versions now available. Wild oregano grows in the mountains on rock, while farm-raised grows at sea-level or nearly on mere dirt. Sometimes, it is grown organically, but more often than not it derives from commercial farming, which typically involves the use of agricultural chemicals. This includes the carcinogen Round-UP. Obviously, all that arises from the Mediterranean mountains is free of such corruption.

There are many ways to use a properly produced wild oregano oil. The best method is to take the drops under the tongue. When doing so, the drops can be held there a few seconds before swallowing. Another way is to follow oral intake with water or juice, if the under-the-tongue method isn’t tolerated. The oil can also simply be added to juice or water and drank. The ideal juices include tomato, apricot, pear, carrot, and citrus juice.

It can also be added to cooking. No harm is done here. Thus, it is an ideal addition to soup, stir-fry, salads, marinades, stews, casseroles, and sauces. A great use is in pizza sauce, spaghetti, and marinades, being careful not to use too much, as this might too greatly alter the flavor. Wild oregano oil may also be taken as gelcaps, the tiny BSE-free beef gelatin capsules containing about 6 drops each. One benefit is that a person would never get food poisoning. Nor would your guests.

When using true wild oregano oil, daily use in any of these forms is optimal. Remember, it is the world’s most versatile antioxidant, so it is desirable to consume it daily. In fact, a person should make a major effort to do so. Through this, there will be enormous benefits. These benefits include healthier internal organs, including those of the digestive tract, and protection against damage and degeneration of the organs of elimination. These include the kidneys, skin, and liver.

Regarding the skin, the benefits are enormous. Regular intake of wild oregano prevents age-related breakdown, including the formation of wrinkles. Age spots tend to dissolve, both from internal and topical use. There is a glow to this tissue. It should be recalled that the ancient Greeks routinely applied a combination of extra virgin olive oil and oregano oil to the skin. They did so because it caused them to glimmer in beauty and acted to prevent all skin diseases. They also did so as a protective system against the sun.

The individual can take advantage of the Greek way and apply the wild oil, in an extra virgin olive oil base, to the skin. In this higher strength the penetration into the skin is ideal. Such oregano oil is a powerful activator of lymphatic flow. In fact, it can be applied for lymphatic swelling and congestion. This is ideal also for the immune system, since any mobilization of the lymph is highly therapeutic.

Wild oregano oil can also be added to soaps, shampoos, and body lotions. Simply add five to 10 drops in, for instance, an 8 oz. or so bottle of shampoo or lotion. In pump or hand soaps add 20 drops.

There is also a water-soluble wild oregano spray. Also containing bay leaf and lavender oils, it is ideal for sterilizing the air and also surfaces. This spray is ideal for adding to diffusers and vaporizers.

Use wild oregano oil in a diversity of ways. Make it a mainstay in the home. Take advantage of it in its various forms: for your better health and the ultimate prevention.

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  1. Can I used this wild of oregano oil for active flare up in my lower colon along with the internal bleeding hemorrhoids?

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