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How To Naturally Support Health – Cold & Flu

How To Naturally Support Health – Cold & Flu

Natural treatment for cold and flu is ideal, since there are no key drugs for these conditions: especially their are no medical agents which kill and purge these viruses. TamiFlu is largely ineffective and does nothing to eradicate these conditions. Nor does it effectively bolster immune function. In contrast, research shows that wild oregano destroys a wide variety of cold and flu viruses. In studies done by Microbiotest a multiple spice complex, either in pill or oil form, is proven to be most powerful, although a strong form of oil of oregano is also effective. These oregano-based products are the only ones known to destroy all types of flu viruses.
Spices also bolster or stimulate immunity. In a study conducted by Polish investigators, published in Herba Polonica, some 33 herbs were assessed for the ability to stimulate the production of interferon from white blood cells. Only one did so, and that was oregano.
Vitamin C is also needed to combat the cold and/or flu. A crude natural vitamin C, containing completely natural ingredients, not synthetic, made from camu camu and acerola, is more powerful than typical pills. This lower dose form of vitamin C (some 240 mg of completely natural vitamin per 2 capsules) is infinitely more powerful in combating viruses than the chemical-based types.
Potent bioflavonoids are antiviral. Propolis is the most aggressive source of this bioflavonoid. Emulsified propolis is a mainstay of treatment. It has the highest ORAC profile of any known substance. This is the ideal substance for attacking herpes viruses, including cold sores.
Black seed oil contains powerful antiviral compounds, plus is great to bolster the immune system. Studies show that black seed extract enhances the production of lymphocyte and natural killer cells.
A wild oregano-based spray is highly protective. This spray can be used in any sick room. It can also be sprayed as a preventive measure. It is also ideal for traveling and can be added to vaporizers. This destroys any viruses in the air.
Proper bowel and liver cleansing is an important component. This must be done gently. This can be achieved with a wild greens extract. The black seed oil is also effective in this regard, as is a liver-cleansing formula. If the intestinal health is ideal, cold and flu will rarely develop.
What you can do

Initially, the cold and flu virus attacks the sinus and nasal membranes. This is why the use of the oil of oregano is so ideal. This is best taken under the tongue for an aggressive action. The oil form of a multiple spice complex is also aggressive in this region, since it is highly aromatic.
Treatment protocol

This is a complete protocol which will prevent the occurrence of any kind of cold, flu, and/or pneumonia:

oil of wild oregano (hand-picked, mountain-grown)–5 drops, twice daily, ideally under the tongue daily or every other day
crude wild oregano in an extra virgin olive oil base–1 capsule daily
crude vitamin C (camu camu, rose hips,acerola), ‘purely’ C–2 capsules, twice daily
black seed oil–1 teaspoon daily or 4 capsules
wild oregano and bay leaf-based spray–Spray routinely in living space
Optional: For those who prefer gelcaps, oil of oregano gelcaps are available
Active cold and/or flu

oil of wild oregano–1 dropperful 4 or more times daily, ideally under the tongue
For more power use a stronger form of oil of oregano (also available in easy-to-take gelcaps)–1 dropperful 3 times daily or 4 gelcaps 3 times daily
crude wild oregano–4 or more capsules daily
crude vitamin C–3 capsules, 3 times daily
black seed oil–1 ounce daily or 6 capsules
oregano spray–spray routinely in living space, air conditioning/furnace ducts, hands, and facial tissue
royal jelly–containing cold-pressed pumpkinseed oil,
carob molasses, and extracts of wild oregano, cinnamon, and rosemary–1 teaspoon daily to energize the adrenal glands

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