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Cass Ingram

How to Detoxify the Body

Cass Ingram appeared on the Canadian Television show On the Line with Christine Williams in 2015. The topic of their discussion was detoxifying the body.

3 thoughts on “How to Detoxify the Body”

    1. I would like to hear this video. Is it available any place else? I would also like to purchase the items that he discusses to detox all the metals and impurities from the body. Do you sell them in a bundle?
      I am also looking into products that I found in his book “The Body Shape Diet”. Do you sell all the products for each diet bundles? If not do you sell everything needed on the website Wildfoods? Or would I need to obtain some of the products elsewhere? If you don’t carry them all do you know where the ones you don’t carry can be purchased?

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