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Cass Ingram

How I Cheated Death – Cured by the Powers of Nature, Wild Oregano and More

How I Cheated Death – Cured by the Powers of Nature, Wild Oregano and More

Cass Ingram’s Personal Testimony on the Powers of Nature, Wild Oregano and More

Cass Ingram, author of The Cure is in the Cupboard and The Cure is in the Forest
UPDATED, June 09, 2015

Clearly, many years ago I was a dying man and at such a young age: only 33 at the time. The story needed to be told. The pictures, though, were a necessary component. On Feb. 10, 2015, they were uncovered. Now, the world will know precisely what happened and just what it was that was done to reverse this deadly disease.

For this extreme crisis there was seemingly no resolution in sight. None of the standard medical or alternative medical treatments were of any use. It was a result of extreme stress, much of it, admittedly, self-induced, along with a medical corruption. This was a catastrophe in the lab. There, I was the victim of an IV needle stick. The stick arose from an exceeding sick person. This was in 1988, about the time of the origin of the AIDS epidemic. As it turned out the patient from whom the needle arose was suffering one of the late-stage manifestations of AIDS, Kaposi’s sarcoma. He was also infested with fungus, suffering from a clinically established case of extreme candida overload. The fungus was actually growing on his membranes and skin. Not long afterwards, the patient had died.
The needle went in a full half-inch into my palm. It was cleaned as best as possible. There was a degree of worry, “It’ll be OK,” I thought. Even so, it crossed my mind multiple times, “I know there is a danger. Will I survive?”

The psychic stress, though, at the time was continuous. Suddenly, a bout three months after the needle stick my body broke down. It happened in a major way; the skin became sallow, as if the skin of a person with cancer or hepatitis. Great weakness struck. There was mental confusion. Focusing on work was impossible. The weakness became so great that simple tasks, such as cleaning up or putting on clothes, became a burden. The weight suddenly came stripping off, where I lost some 30 pounds. The digestion was corrupt; it was not possible to hold onto the food. It would simply go right through the digestive tract whole, that is undigested.

I was undergoing systems failure, and there was nothing, seemingly, that could be done to stop it. While having an active clinic there was no activity left in the body. It was a struggle to merely get to the office, let alone see or treat patients., It was now 1989. There was no way to function normally. As a result, there was no other option other than shuttering the clinic. It was a most difficult decision to make. Yet, there was no other choice.

There was nowhere to go. Without income, I decided to leave the area, Arlington Heights, Illinois, at the time. Going to live with my mother I attempted to forge forward, doing occasional radio shows to sell my books. There were no public appearances, though. I didn’t want anyone to see me in this condition.
After a year of little-to-no progress I sought further help, seeing a specialist in metabolic disorders. After analyzing all tests she said there was a good chance I would succumb to the disease, and there was no known treatment to reverse it.
It was hard to do anything, even have a conversation, even talking to someone on the phone. If there was the slightest stress, the body, the function, would collapse. It was even difficult to stay groomed. It did seem like death was at the door. Even so,. the thought of succumbing to this was beyond comprehension. It was wretched. Surely, any death would be a slow, agonizing one. There was nothing but misery. Seemingly, there was no hope.

Yet, there was a glimmer of positivity. I had taken the doctor’s advice and removed all low nutrient density foods from the diet, concentrating on organic meat, poultry, eggs, cheese, fish, and yogurt, along with some vegetables. The digestion improved. There was a 5% to 10% improvement in strength. There was an improvement. Apparently, any amount of carbohydrates at this point was a disaster, largely as a result of its feeding of candida. Plus, there was a need to strengthen the metabolism, and this meant the consumption of foods highly dense in nutrients, especially fat and protein.
Despite these tiny steps of improvement every moment was a struggle. Grimacing was common. It seemed like having any strength at all was a mere fight against the oppressive disease.
There was atrophy of the muscles of the upper body. It was hard to even hold the head up. Nothing was working. There was fear and much anguish.

I was a young man and yet felt horrible. By every degree it seemed that death was calling. No known medicine, even herb, would do anything to halt the progression. Yet, ultimately, I was cured. It was through a miracle from God Himself, of which I have no doubt.

Wild nature to the rescue
Now, back in Chicago I joined forces with a fine lady, who did everything she could to help me. In 1993 there was another breakthrough, a highly significant one. In a kitchen project some wild oregano crushed herb had been purchased, along with another mountain herb, wild sumac (Rhus coriaria).  The wild oregano was 100% pure food-grade handpicked material. Completely different from the store-based spice or shaker spice, this handpicked material was exceedingly aromatic, as was the Rhus itself. There was a sense of urge for it: the smell and visual representation, there was something about the smell and look of this that was enticing. Grabbing a goodly amount in my hand, I ate it. Immediately, it seemed, I felt better. “I feel better; I’ve not felt this good since this disease struck me,” I piped. “Great news, ” my friend responded, “Take more and more.”
I grabbed a tablespoon, along with a bag of each of these wild herbs, taking them to my bedside. By the tablespoonful these wild herbs were consumed. I would chew on them until they were thoroughly masticated, then swallowing the entire amount. “These herbs, actually, spices are antiseptics. They must aid in curing the condition,” I thought. In fact, the improvement was highly significant. One means of monitoring this condition was the body core temperature. Constantly, I would drop to a temperature as low as 94.6 degrees, with the normal being 98.6. This was the oral temperature that was so low. As a result, there was always a sense of being cold to such a degree that during the fall and winter I always wore a fur hat, even inside. With the wild oregano-rhus treatment the temperature suddenly came up, to about 96.8 degrees.
I kept eating it and eating it, spoonful after spoonful. “What other antiseptic spices can I add,” I considered. Ordering organic garlic and onion powder both of these were added to the mix. It seemed to increase the potency. Settling on this formula, I continued it. Now, there was a sense of wellness to such a degree that I was able to work to somewhat. I helped in packing and shipping orders, while also doing a few life radio appearances, even a bit of TV. Yet, it was inconvenient when traveling to take the spice formula. “What about capsules,” it was considered. As a result, the world’s first wild oregano-multiple spice formula was put into existence, a specialized formula containing mountain-grown wild oregano, wild Rhus coriaria,
It wasn’t enough, though. At best there was a 40% improvement. Then, thanks to my friend’s persistence a true miracle occurred. It was now possible to procure the oil of wild oregano, directly from the high-mountain sources. Quickly, it was realized after much experimentation that it needed to be handled in a special way, in this case as a well-titered extra virgin olive oil emulsion. I began taking this oil in large quantities as well as rubbing the emulsion all over the body. A dark soot came out of my pores. Immediately, after this there was a sense of dramatic improvement. The toxic killer disease was finally being defeated. No wonder the biblical texts calls wild oregano (as esov or essop) the ‘purging’ herb.
This was now 1994. There was a great sense of wellness that was occurring. “I will be well,” I thought, “It’s only matter of time.”
In these early phases these were the only tools that I had, the only ones that were effective. How incredibly powerful they were, so much so that others were instructed to use them. They, too, began getting astounding results. Soon, it was realized that they must go into manufacturing. Manufacturing the whole crude herb plus Rhus coriaria formula as capsules, also the oil of wild oregano in a regular strength  and ‘super’ strength form, these were now being introduced to the world. The world responded dramatically. People told me their stories. These stories, along with the scientific research regarding the powers of wild oregano, were including in the book, The Cure is in the Cupboard, the first publication ever about the powers of wild oregano.
It took a good year of wild oregano therapy. Yet, ultimately I got my health back, and the ‘world’ , at least the world of natural medicines and discoveries of the healing powers of wild herbs, has never been the same since. Life has been great.

Thanks to as one villager expressed to me this “God-blessed herb” a man has been taken from minimal productivity to vast capacities, performing one positive action after another: regarding the bringing to the world of new information about the powers of nature.

There are no positives of being sick, none what so ever. It’s a nightmare, if not a horror. The only solution is to be well. Moreover, anyone can achieve it.
Going back, it is hard to believe this really occurred. There was a great breakdown in the body. The legs, then, had gotten eaten away. It was like a combination of AIDS and ALS; God knows what it was.
I did not like life. It was all so full of agony and incapacitation; inside, it is difficult to reveal what was being experienced, other than a kind of dire sense of seemingly terminal despair. How else could it be described?
The story is real, one that here is so much more to this story. Hope to share more, later. Yet, suffice it to say that wild nature really did come to the rescue, truly, I was cured, and it is thanks exclusively to natural remedies. In particular, it was the wild oregano/rhus complex that achieve this, along with the edible food-grade oil of wild oregano. Food-grade is emphasized, because it is this type that can be consumed with impunity in vast doses. Beware of cheap imitations made from farm-raised oregano and/or GMO-injected oregano, which account for some 50% of all ‘wild’ oregano supplements. These kinds of exceptional results can only be achieved by consuming the real wild oregano spice, 100% wild, handpicked from the mountain-tops.
Let there be hope for all others. Let them get their lives back and become productive, once again. Let them enjoy their lives to the fullest through the attainment of good health. With aggressive use of such high-energy natural complexes, particularly the mountain grown raw, wild oregano/rhus and also the steam extract oil of wild oregano, what couldn’t be defeated?
Let the world know your story. Make it a forum, here. Let it be known how you were helped by the great, vast powers of wild nature, the divine, the absolute: the realm filled with healing and loving energy.

3 thoughts on “How I Cheated Death – Cured by the Powers of Nature, Wild Oregano and More”

  1. Thanks to doctor Ingram many people around me have been cured of many things with the help of wild oil of oregano .. I have crohn’s ,and i feel 80 % better all the time – no meds needed … Others with allergys of all sorts have been cured !!!! It simply is the greatest herb every THANKS DOC !!!!

  2. Where can I buy the raw cannibus tincture for chronic pain and inflammation post total knee replacement surgery? I have a prescription however the oils sold at cannibus dispensaries are too diluted for me. I do not want to smoke or ingest.

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