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Cass Ingram

Don’t Let Anything Nasty Attack Your Body

Don’t Let Anything Nasty Attack Your Body

Cass Ingram, June 9, 2015
People should take the high road, that is the road of prevention, when it comes to wretched germs and other noxious agents. These are precisely the agents which could attack and destabilize the body. There are actually ways to avoid most attacks by disease-causing, and, yes, vile (nasty) elements. Here is the point. Once certain diseases set in they are difficult to eradicate. Why go through this if it can be avoided? The pain and agony isn’t worth it. Moreover, it is so easy to prevent.
Let us look at some examples of what can happen to people without taking preventive action. For instance, a person goes out to eat. Such a one consumes contaminated food. Then, the result is diarrhea and vomiting, in some causes nausea. What a horrible thing to go through, yet it was entirely preventable. A person goes to work at a day-care or school where he/she is exposed to sick children. An infection is contracted, which makes the person miserable. Yet, it was totally preventable. Once again, why go through it when it was avoidable?
A person or child has close contact with another person or child carrying lice. The lice is transmitted to the uninfected. Perhaps this could not be entirely prevented, but it surely could be treated right away and quickly eradicated, if a person knew what to do.
There is also the issue of exposure to mold, as in a moldy house or mold-tainted building. The result could be the development of serious illness as well as, commonly, sinus and lung infections. Yet, this, too, could be prevented and also can be treated promptly with the result of eradication of the condition before it becomes chronic.
There is also the issue of food intolerance. In some cases food intolerance or allergy can result in dire consequences, even potentially fatal ones.
The key to the fight against vile entities and/or toxins is the wild spice oils and various farm-raised spice oils. These are the ones with potent antiseptic powers. They also have the powers of neutralization, that is the neutralization of poisonous chemicals: venom, mycotoxins, bacterial toxins, and the like. Of all spice oils which anti-toxic and anti-microbial powers wild oregano oil is premier.
So, let us review the list of attacks and assaults on the body that could do unnecessary harm:

  • food poisoning
  • parasitic infestation
  • bacterial infection such as strep throat or staph infection
  • viral infection such as colds, flu, or herpes
  • fungal infection such as ringworm, athlete’s foot, candida, sinus mold infection, or bronchitis (also a mold infection)
  • the contraction of mites, leading to scabies
  • the contraction of lice, leading to head lice infestation
  • the ingestion of food contaminated with bacterial toxins, leading to serious illness and possibly death
  • the ingestion of food contaminated with mycotoxins, such as aflatoxins, leading potentially to organ damage, while also increasing the risks for neurological disorders and cancer
  • the injection of venom from spiders, scorpions, and snakes, leading to tissue damage and in some rare cases loss of limbs and fatalities
  • the ingestion of foods or food toxins leading asthmatic attacks and/or anaphylactic shock, which could prove fatal
  • the injection of noxious germs by mosquitoes and/or ticks
  • the contamination of a wound by bacteria or other organisms, leading potentially to blood poisoning
  • the contamination of the lungs by mold spores, leading to fungal lung
  • the contamination of the body by GMO DNA and/or RNA or actual GMO mutated pathogens, which infest genetically engineered food

Is it not incredible? The protective substance against all such exposures and/or attacks is the same, which is oil of wild oregano. Simply having a bottle of this available is the solution to all the mentioned dangers and risks. Then, too, taking it as a means of prevention, along with the whole, crude herb with Rhus coriaria, has great protective effects. The risks of the development of serious consequences or even the initiation of many of this assaults is largely halted by regular intake such as taking two or three drops of the oil of wild oregano (edible type, mountain-grown source), along with two capsules of the crude herb is vast protection. Even greater protection is gained by taking a larger dose such as five drops twice daily plus two capsules twice daily. For fungal lung, also, the wild juice of oregano is a mainstay and often creates a massive improvement in mere days.
With contaminated or potentially contaminated wounds it’s easy. All a person has to do is keep applying the oil of wild oregano to the wound site as often as is necessary to halt all infection. It may also be mixed with wild oregano or manuka honey and then covered. No one needs to die from a wound which becomes infected and then leads to sepsis. It is all entirely preventable. Moreover, what a waste it is that nothing is done more progressive in the hospitals and that so many countless thousands suffer the contraction of wound infections would are entirely preventable and reversible. Only wild oregano oil needs to be used, both as sublingual drops and also topically on the wound site, possibly with the addition of raw, wild honey (so far, wild oregano honey and manuka honey have provided the most reliable results).
Wild oregano in its various forms will truly will give the body great protective powers for the prevention of serious or even deadly consequences. That’s an absolute guarantee.
Yet, what if a crisis does occur? Then, the edible wild oregano oil should be used aggressively, as in the case of the sudden development of a sore throat, diarrhea, cold/flu syndrome, or allergic reaction. Here, it can be taken in as high of doses as is necessary to halt the potentially harmful or deadly circumstance. For a sore throat or cold/flu it can be taken as a few drops under the tongue or in juice/water, or as a gelcap, every hour or even every half hour. For ingestion of food toxins it can be taken in the same way or even more often in serious reactions such as hives or anaphylaxis. In this regard it will always help, never causing harm (NOTE: This is true of the truly edible oil of wild oregano, extra virgin olive oil emulsion, guaranteed wild and mountain-grown source, Mediterranean in origin). To accelerate the beneficial action, ideally, the whole crude herb/Rhus coriaria complex must also be consumed.
Regarding venomous bites the more aggressive is the person in the use of the oil of wild oregano and the whole, crude herb complex the lesser will be the complications and consequences. The same is true of insect bites and also tick bites and their consequences.
It has all been made clear in the Cure is in the Cupboard, Natural Cures for Killer Germs, and also the Miracle of Wild Oregano regarding just how the key wild oregano supplements can be used to fight back and also for prevention.
So, do it. Prevent it. Protect yourself. Do not get sick when you travel and end up ruining your opportunity. Use the edible wild oregano supplements. Consider also using the wild oregano-based aromatic spray. Testing at Celsus labs demonstrates its power to kill 99.9% or more of the germs in the air and on surfaces, including viruses. It is also ideal for killing mites, head lice, and fungus. Use it all, and stay healthy throughout the year, free of all that could attack and/or descend upon you.

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