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Cass Ingram

Burn Baby Burn – The Germ Killing Powers of Oil of Wild Oregano

Burn Baby Burn – The Germ Killing Powers of Oil of Wild Oregano

One of the most powerful and versatile of all natural medicines, oil of wild oregano, mountain grown, high-elevation-source, finds great use in the prevention and treatment of human ailments. People know how picant and savory is the oregano used in the spice trade. What few people realize is that this is largely a diluted spice and may be some 9 parts leaves and other matter, with only one part oregano.
High-grade oil of wild oregano is derived from the spice, ideally arising from the true Mediterranean regions, where the spice grows naturally. This is the edible wild oregano oil, the kind that can be used daily.
There are oregano oil supplements on the market which are not made from the food spice and are, therefore not edible for daily use. Sources of such oregano oils include Mexican sage, Spanish thyme, and Moroccan thyme, among others. Oils derived from such plants should not be consumed on a daily basis.
Still other oregano oils are even more false in their basis. Incredibly, some 30% of all oregano oil supplements on the market are GMO-tainted. Such oils are derived from hot-house originated oregano plants, which are altered through the injection of bacterial matter, largely from the plant pathogen Pseudomonas aeurigonsa. The injection of the germ matter forces a rise in the levels of carvacrol in the plant, fully corrupting it. This type of oregano oil tends to cause sicknesses such as upset stomach, heart rhythm disturbances, and headaches. Of note, any oregano oil claiming a content of 80% or more carvacrol is suspect and is likely GMO.
Yet, with true, wild oregano oil there is never such issue of noxious effects. It can be used regularly, even daily. Such use is invaluable for the prevention of common illnesses. That’s because wild oregano oil is a powerful germicidal agent, and regular use does, in fact, prevent infectious conditions such as sore throat (strep throat), tonsillitis, laryngitis, colds, flu, bronchitis, and even pneumonia. People simply do not get sick as often, even with travel-related illnesses, when taking oil of wild oregano or wild oregano-based gelcaps on a standard basis.
Nor do they suffer from sudden intestinal or stomach disorders versus non-users such as stomach-ache, diarrhea, food poisoning, and intestinal flu. With daily use it might be advisable to take a probiotic, particularly when using large doses of wild oregano oil such as 10 or more drops twice daily. With a few drop daily the use of a probiotic may not be necessary, although daily consumption of high quality probiotic supplements is health-giving, regardless.
Studies have shown that oregano oil and its main active ingredient, carvacrol, are highly utilitarian in a wide range of infectious conditions, even rather treacherous ones such as noxious food poisoning bacteria and viruses. Consider the norovirus. This virus was responsible for disrupting a number of cruises. On one Caribbean cruise it intoxicated some 600 people. Clearly, it is highly contagious and in such an environment it is a common cause of food-induced sickness.
Yet, the virus is no match for the powers of wild oregano oil. As demonstrated by investigators at the University of Arizona the chief germicide in oregano oil, carvacrol, obliterated the virus in a test model. It was found that carvarol destroyed norovirus’ tough outer protein coat. This corrosive action of wild oregano components is known as an escharotic action. That power proves relatively harmless on human cells, while it is deadly for germs, whether viral, bacterial, fungal, or other.
Still other investigators have determined that wild oregano oil is destructive against oral pathogens, mold, mold spores, the invasive yeast, Candida albicans, among countless others. True wild oregano oil has also been shown to disrupt bacterial biofilms, even completely dissolve them. Regarding viruses, once again there is significant evidence of its invaluable powers. It was Siddiqui and his group, 1996, publishing in Medical Science Research, who discovered the dissolving property against herpes simplex virus 1 and the Newcastle virus. In this investigation it was found that oregano oil “disintegrated” the viruses. What a most impressive result it was, seen under high-powered electron microscopy, which the investigators deemed “remarkable.”
It is remarkable. To disintegrate the viral coating of herpetic viruses is very stupendous news, indeed.
It has also been determined that wild oregano oil kills tumor cells. A prominent study in this regard was conducted by S. Bavadekar at Long Island University, who determined that prostate cancer cells are no match to carvacrol. “We tested carvacrol in various concentrations,” said Bavadekar,…”and were excited to see the complete inhibition of cancer cells.” Once again, the powers of the “oregano burn” against noxious, disease-causing agents, proves not only impressive but also miraculous. Moreover, no drug known can match the powers of this wild oregano active ingredient. This demonstrates that through the powers of nature virtually any condition can be reversed, if the right remedy is prescribed.
It all merely demonstrates the immense power of wild nature, that divine element, where great medical remedies have been created. They are there for the taking. It’s merely a matter of matching the specific condition to the needed remedy. Regarding infectious conditions that specific remedy is edible, food-grade oil of wild oregano, Mediterranean-source. Once again, beware of cheap imitations made from GMOs, Mexican Sage, Spanish thyme, and Moroccan thyme. Moreover, the claims on labels for “wild” has now become irrelevant. Such claims are even being made for what is mere farm-raised material. Farm-raised soil-grown oregano is tainted with mycotoxins, which never occurs in wild-source, properly harvested oregano.
Furthermore, the crude wild oregano itself, the raw form, also has novel properties, including antiinflammatory powers. When taking wild oregano as a therapeutic system, ideally, both the wild oil and the whole, raw wild herb with its associated wild herbal complex, Rhus coriaria, should be ideally consumed.

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