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Cass Ingram

The Body Shape as a Window to Hormone Status

The Body Shape as a Window to Hormone Status

by C. Ingram
The human body shape does give true revelation about the nature of health, especially as it relates to the hormone system. It is a window to the components of the hormonal system, providing in this regard definitive evidence of the existence of any weakness or corruption. Moreover, that is the key to find the weaknesses, which could be represented both as deficiencies and excesses.
The hormonal organs as a group are known medically as the endocrine system. Here, hormonal glands and endocrine system are synonymous.
There are some four main shapes that give revelation of the status of the hormonal glands. These shapes are as follows:

  • apple
    apple shape, with the bulbous part of the apple representing the front of the abdomen


  • pear
    pear shape, as in an upside-down pear, with the fat part of the pear representing the buttocks and upper thigh areas


  • carrot
    carrot shape, that is as represented by an upside-down carrot


  • watermelon shape, as in a long watermelon

This is merely a generalized element, though it does serve a key purpose for realizing the trend. Apple-shaped people are thyroid types, while those with the watermelon-like shape are thyroid-adrenal combination types. Regarding pear-shaped individuals this is seen in pituitary types, while the carrot-shaped person is the typical adrenal type.
Yet, what does having a type mean? It means ‘weakness’ or ‘vulnerability.’ Thus, a thyroid type is a person who has as their weakest link their thyroid gland. That’s the window. It tells that this is the gland that most needs support for optimal health. Similarly, a thyroid-adrenal type is one who has a need for supporting the health of both the thyroid and adrenal glands.
There are other shape issues that give evidence of glandular deficiency. One is the abdominal beach ball type. In males in particular this is telling, that of weak gonads and, ultimately, testosterone deficiency. Women with such a beach ball abdomen usually have a severe weakness in the pituitary and adrenal glands. For evidence of female gonad deficit there is the modified carrot, which has a kind of fat pad on the lateral upper thigh. This fat pad is a sign of weak ovarian function. These finding are described in more detail in the Body Shape Diet (same author).
Hormones are powerful, far more so than any other chemical substance in the body, including vitamins, flavonoids, minerals, proteins, or others. In tiny amounts they create dramatic effects upon human function, even affecting the shape and structure of the body. Crucially, they also have a dramatic effect on the function of the body, including that of key internal organs such as the heart, kidneys, stomach, intestines, and liver. Even optimal health of the skeleton is dependent on an adequate supply of key hormones, vitamin (actually, ‘hormone’) D being a prominent example.
Even so, only relatively tiny amounts of hormones and their precursors are needed for good health. That is telling as to what is the best approach to correcting hormonal imbalances. Then, it surely isn’t potent drugs or even so-called bio-identifical hormones that are the ultimate answer for gaining the needed balance and support. Instead, it is the whole food supplement approach that is most effective and thorough, as well as safe, means to correct the deficiencies. Hormones and hormone-like substances can actually be found in certain whole food or whole herbal sources. These sources include royal jelly, the germs and bran of grains (and rice), bee pollen, kelp, glandulars from grass-fed animals, oil of black seed, wild Mexican yam, wild rosemary, wild sage, fennel seed, fennel seed oil, wild rosemary oil, wild sage oil, wild salmon oil (from the heads of salmon), among others.
Clearly, the intake of such whole food sources will aid greatly in balancing hormonal health. Supplements consisting of a number of these sources are available as the Body Shape Diet targeted supplements. Additionally, a number of these substances/complexes can be found at superior health food stores, also seen on various Websites. For a program of crucial supplements for each type see the Body Shape Diet.
See the diagrams. Take the written tests in the book. Find out your type for ideal health. A deficiency in key endocrine glands is a crucial issue. In some instances it is a matter of life and death.

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8 thoughts on “The Body Shape as a Window to Hormone Status”

  1. I am on thyroid medication for about 10 years now I would like to get of them can you please help me get off them tell me what to do I hate taking them, im also on a very low income what can I do everything is so expensive.

  2. Hello Dr Ingram,
    I’m very happy and grateful to have come across your superb information, I wonder would you have anything that could help with diagnosed Adhesive Capsulitis or frozen shoulder. The orthodox steroid treatment offered is not something I want to carry on with. I have had one injection already which gave temporary relief for a couple of months but hasn’t addressed the root cause at all. I was hoping you’d know of something natural.
    Many thanks in advance,

    1. I am a huge fan of the use of those bone-activating oils and also the capsules, as mentioned, here. Also, you would do well with wild oregano, as the oil and the whole herbal capsules. Don’t forget WILD (not farm-raised) turmeric.

  3. I’m 61. Female. Been havin problems
    most of my life.
    Been usin a cane to walk easier fer 2 years now. Seems to be my pineal gland but I don’t know thet fer sure.
    At times I can’t walk. Sometimes I can’t move but I am better then I was years ago. Food sensitive. Have to make all my own foods and grow my garden.
    Problems sleepin so have to use reflexology on pineal gland to sleep at night.
    Git undergrade temperature lots of time.
    At times unusually weak and at times unusually strong. Weight goes from 89 pounds to 96 but lots of the time stress causes me to loose that.
    Hormones play a big roll in this as well.
    Can’t figure out what I’m missin here.
    There is so much more to say. I’m leavin out most of what happens with my body.
    Hope you can help. E. W.R.

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