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Basic Lyme Disease Cure Anti-Lyme Protocol

Basic Lyme Disease Cure Anti-Lyme Protocol

To make it as simple as possible for Lyme victims this post has been created. It is important to know what are the most potent, reliable supplements for this condition. In this regard it should be kept in mind that antibiotics are an actual option for some, but there are many instances where such drugs alone are not the answer. This is true of those who react to the primary antibiotics used against Lyme as well as individuals who are allergic to the primary anti-Lyme drugs, the tetracycline class of antibiotics.
Furthermore, in countless cases of chronic Lyme the antibiotics are proving ineffective while actually worsening the condition. Plus, such drugs induce a highly destructive syndrome, that of mucous membrane candidiasis. That’s right, candida yeast overload, which is virtually a universal consequence of prolonged use of antibiotic drugs.
No doubt, drugs inhibit and/or kill germs. Yet, so do wild spice oils, particularly oil of wild oregano, oil of wild sage, oil of wild bay leaf, plus cinnamon, clove, and cumin oils. Of note, these are actual foods, so the toxicity profile is exceedingly low to nil.
In my case the oil of wild oregano proved invaluable, as did the wild oregano crude herb plus Rhus coriaria. This is the minimal protocol, as follows:

  • oil of edible wild oregano in a: 10 drops in repeated doses daily, ideally under the tongue
  • crude wild oregano capsules with Rhus coriaria, organic garlic, and organic onion: three capsules multiple times daily

This is a basic, affordable protocol that most anyone can apply. The oil of oregano is a decided germicide, killing not only the Lyme spirochete but also other noxious tick-associated pathogens such as mycoplasma, babesia, bartonella, and ehrlichia. It’s poers are significant and when using the edible form, it can be taken with impunity. It can also be applied topically as often as necessary. The oil makes an ideal rub to be rubbed up and down the spine and also on the soles of the feet, the shins, and on any involved joint.
The whole crude herb/spice complex is also a key element of the protocol. The whole wild oregano herb, undiluted, has components not found in the oil, notably the highly potent antiinflammatory substance, beta carophyllin. It is this substance which has been extensively researched for its immune-bolstering capacities as well as its capacities in modulating inflammation. Beta carophyllin works on the cannaboid receptors, positively altering immune and inflammation modulators. This makes such a whole, wild oregano complex essential in supporting the immune response against this disease.
Going for more than basic
Next in line in essential natural spice complexes is the dessicated wild oregano oil, wild sage oil, cinnamon oil, and cumin oil complex. An aggressive formula this proved to be an essential component of the Lyme disease battle plan. It proved highly invaluable in my case for the joint consequences of Lyme, especially the attack against the elbow and shoulder joints.  There is also the bone-activating spice oil complex consisting of oils of wild rosemary, sage, and oregano, also available as capsules, sage, oregano, rosemary, and MCHC. These two supplements will accelerate the rate of resolution of the disease process:

  • dessicated multiple spice formula as dried spice oil capsules: three capsules three or more times daily with juice or food
  • bone-activating oil: rub on involved areas and also up and down the spine, also on the arches and shins; also, take 5 or more drops twice daily internally
  • bone-activating whole spice capsules with MCHC: three or more capsules twice daily
  • juice of wild oregano: a half ounce twice daily
  • wild turmeric drops (Turmerol): 40 drops twice daily

This is a highly effective basic protocol for the reversal of Lyme disease. The key for the most vigorous results is consistency, that is consistent dosing to maintain antiseptic blood levels. Lyme can be eradicated. It merely takes persistence, along with the knowledge of knowing what is most effective for achieving the ultimate result. That is a life free of this dreaded condition.
There are other key supplements which may be added, including probiotics, fatty fish oil of a whole food nature, like fatty salmon oil, wild, raw freshwater cod liver oil (OmegaADK, which is ideal for combating the joint components of Lyme), wild high-potency Peruvian Cat’s Claw (12:1 concentration), and whole food vitamin complex as a single pack.
UPDATE: by taking the upgraded protocol I have eradicated virtually all the symptoms of this condition.

4 thoughts on “Basic Lyme Disease Cure Anti-Lyme Protocol”

  1. Amazing! Good news for people struggling with Lyme Disease. I had a severe case of Lyme eight years ago and doing much better. I agree about the terrible side effects from using large doses of antibiotics. Yeast is terrible! Many doctors don’t worn the patients of the need to use other supplements to help control yeast. Thank you for this great information! I believe in using these great oils mentioned to fight Lyme.

  2. I know it’s probably different for each person, but for about how long should this protocol be followed? Are we talking months or years? Is it something that should be continued even after symptoms resolve? And last question, is this suitable to follow while on antibiotics? Thanks

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