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Wild Spice Oil Complex Capable of Reversing Lyme Arthritis

Wild Spice Oil Complex Capable of Reversing Lyme Arthritis

There is great power in wild, aromatic spice oils in the battle against Lyme disease. Among these are oils of wild oregano, sage, and rosemary. Other potent anti-Lyme oils include oil of wild bay leaf, along with cinnamon and cumin oils. Spice oils have the novel capacity of causing dissolution of the cell walls of pathogens, and this includes the Lyme bacillus.
Such oils are, in fact, a deliberate cure for this disease. Regarding the condition other than antibiotics there few if any other options. Antibiotics are largely effective against the Lyme spirochete, while performing poorly against the simultaneous infestations, the so-called co-infections, such as mycoplasma, babesia, ehrlichia, and bartonella.
Furthermore, a major issue regarding drug therapy involves side-effects, the most noxious of which is the overgrowth of pathogenic organisms such as noxious colonic bacteria and the yeast, Candida albicans.
This is a dire consequence of the aggressive and long-term use of antibiotic therapy, a consequence of the destruction of the probiotic flora. Now, the organism has the full capacity to attack. The yeast aggressively invades the mucous membranes of the body, causing a condition known as mucocutaneous candiasis.
In virtually all cases of chronic Lyme this mucous membrane disorder is an inevitable consequence, that is in those cases where antibiotics are given over a prolonged period. The most aggressive attack occurs in cases where these drugs have been given for over a 6 month period.
With spice oils no such destructive consequence occurs. Even so, like antibiotics, natural, wild spice oils can have an adverse effect on the healthy bacteria. Yet, fortunately, their intake never causes such a systemic disease. In all cases, both antibiotic therapy and spice oil therapy, probiotics should be vigorously consumed.
A number of investigators have proven the mechanism of action of spice oils against noxious bacteria as well as yeasts. They do so by causing damage to the organism’s cell walls, and, essentially, these germs die of fluid loss.
The protocol for wild spice oil therapy for Lyme diseases is as follows:

  • edible oil of wild oregano from true wild oregano plants
  • multiple spice complex of raw wild oregano with raw wild Rhus coriaria
  • multiple dessicated spice oil complex consisting of dessicated oils of wild oregano and sage, along with dessicated cinnamon and cumin oils

This is the minimum protocol that should be applied for Lyme. For other details on more intensive therapy, including the intake of fatty fish oil supplements and whole food vitamin sources, see the Lyme Disease Cure (same author, Knowledge House Publishers).
It is possible to eradicate Lyme. Yet, this takes effort and consistency. The therapy should be applied in divided doses over the day and night period, at least two doses, three or four being better. This is in order to keep the blood levels of the spice oils and other components as high as possible. The Lyme spirochete is a persistent, slow-growing pathogen. Thus, it must be attacked systematically in order that it would be eradicated.
The therapy is enhanced through the intake of key whole food vitamins, notably vitamins A, K, and C. For vitamins A and K this can be achieved through the consumption of whole food fatty salmon oil, raw fresh-water cod liver concentrate, known as OmegaADK.  For vitamin C it can be achieved through the intake of wild camu camu-based supplements
Be well with the power of the divinely-created herbs and true whole food supplements. These concentrates/supplements have the energy needed to induce healing, so that, once and for all, horrific conditions, such as Lyme, can be healed.

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  1. Hi i’m 54 year old male I have lymes for over 10 years I had 1 and half yrs of iv antibiotics blood work for lymes came back positive I live in Canada and the blood work was done here the dr I saw for treatment sent bloodwork to the states and came back with co infections of rocky mountain spooted fever marine thypus rechiesia spelt wrong I think all anti biotics were stopped in 2011 dr had to stop seeing me or his license would be pulled . I need help and cant get any I am so fatigued slurred speech vocabulary and memory bad focus is bad dizziness , off balance my eyes will droop and then the off balance comes my abdomen and stomach is rock hard bloated if you can help and suggest something I would greatly appreciate.

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