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Cass Ingram

Videos (OLD)

Join Dr. Cass Ingram videos of the Health Hunter on his many journeys into the wild. Observe him on theses wild excursions discovering, wild cures, herbal medicines, wild life, and exploring the many gifts that Mother Nature has to offer. New videos will be uploaded from time to time so check back here often to see the latest offerings from the Health Hunter in the wild!
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14 thoughts on “Videos (OLD)”

    1. Thank you very much. You just joined this new effort and are the first person to post comment. Will attempt to upload more and more in the video realm. Be well.

  1. Thank you for sharing your TRUTH pearls of wisdom as it is very encouraging and inspiring while we search for a true cure for type 1 diabetes as we know our God give immune system can cure itself when given the correct nutrition!

    1. For supporting that system I would surely be using the raw chaga drops, the chaga-birch bark tea, and the wild oregano juice. At least these.

  2. I have had lyme disease, babesia, and bartonella since 2008. I am currently being treated by a LLMD. I took two years of antibiotics (from 2009 to 2011) then stopped for one year, and had a relapse in 2012. Back on antibiotics since November 2012. I am about 60% better but I seem to have reached a plateau and can’t get better than 60%. I want to start the Chaga but am wondering if it will bind with the antibiotics? I am also taking Boluoke and I think that is kind of a blood thinner, which is not good with Chaga I believe?

  3. Dear Dr Ingram, my lung surgeon is ready to put me on 3200mg of antibiotics for 1yr &ahalf. I have mac bug in my lung. Forgot the whole name.will get it if you wish. He said its a sister to tb only I’m not contagious. Want Am herb products. Help!

  4. Hi Dr. Cass, I have a several health issues that started developing this year. The first doctor I when in early in 2016 diagnosed me with GERD. He put in an instrument down my throat, he saw some redness and diagnosed me with GERD. He told me to take PPI’S for six weeks and to come back to his office at that time. I didn’t like the approach the doctor took with that type of medication and I also read how bad those medications can be, so I didn’t take them. Instead I tried a very low acid diet, even though I’m physically fit and my diet has never been bad. I am a male 42 years of age 5’7” 155 pounds. My eating habits have never been bad but unfortunately I’m suffering from something I don’t understand. I decided to go to another doctor for a second opinion and after doing a blood work for allergies and blood test he told me I have allergies. I have been with this doctor for 7 months now and my last blood work came up with high allergies, a little high then normal white blood cells, and underactive thryoid. My wife believes this whole health issue I have started back three years ago when I lost my father at the age of 72 from a stroke. Any help/info you can provide would be a blessing to me an my family. Thank you.

  5. Dr. Cass,
    Thanks so much for your Lyme book and sharing your knowledge with others. Your treatment protocol has given me my life back and I am on my way to eliminating this Lyme. It took me 8 years to figure out what was wrong with me, after the ER said the Lyme test was negative and various specialist just wanted to throw drugs at me.

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