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Cass Ingram

Root, Bark, and Wild Chaga Tea – Delicious and Life Changing

Root, Bark, and Wild Chaga Tea – Delicious and Life Changing
There is nothing more delicious, and more capable of changing a person’s life, than the powers of wild far northern or boreal forest cures. There is something very special about the powers of such cures, challenged by the immense authority of such severe, cold climate.
There are only a few plants in the far north which act as actual foods, and three of these are the roots and leaves of wild dandelion, the various components of the birch tree, particularly the inner and outer bark, and wild chaga. The chaga itself is a growth on the birch trees. All are foods with a high nutritional content but also double as natural medicines. What’s more, all have a delicious taste when made into a tea. For dandelion the tea form is derived from the roasted root. There is plenty of roasted dandelion available on the market, but this is made from farm-raised dandelion. The wild remote-source roots, when roasted, have an infinitely more delicious taste, while being far more potent than the commercial types.
Wild chaga lends itself for tea, as does wild birch bark. Both were used as foods by the primitive peoples.
The combination of the three produces novel therapeutic results. Wild dandelion is a potent natural diuretic and also has highly protective actions for the liver. In a number of investigations it was determined that roasted dandelion root causes programed cell death of tumor cells. It also acts as a stimulant for the flow of bile. Regarding the chaga this, too, has strong powers for the liver, protecting the organ from toxic damage. Wild chaga also acts as an agent for motivating the immune system as well as acting directly on tumor cells, once again causing their programmed cell death.
This is what the data states. The disclaimer is that no such claim is being made for a specific product.
Regarding wild birch bark this is a rich source of betulin and betulinic acid, which are potent naturally occurring antioxidants. The antioxidant power of such bark is some 1400 units per gram, making it 7 to 8 times more potent than chaga itself. This is why it is ideal in teas or supplements to combine the birch bark with the chaga.
Wild birch bark has a sweet taste and therefore adds to the taste of any wild forest tea.
Regarding such wild tea it should be stated that this is remote-source material. This means that it is free of various toxins and pollutants. Being wild, these tea components have far greater medicinal powers than the farm-raised or organically-grown mimics.
Wild dandelion has a special capacity for the intestines. It is a rich source of inulin, which is a prebiotic that aids in the growth of the probiotic bacteria. Inulin is also an anti-diabetic agent.
The combination of wild dandelion root, wild chaga, and wild birch bark is a most invigorating drink, delicious to the taste, unmatched. So, too, is the therapeutic powers and benefits unmatched. The benefits of the consumption of such a tea is as follows:

  • replacement of stimulant drinks filled with the irritant caffeine; such a chaga-birch bark-wild dandelion root-brew is tastier than any form of coffee or tea
  • increased physical strength and stamina
  • increased athletic prowess
  • improved natural detoxification mechanisms
  • improved overall function of the liver and kidneys
  • improved flow of bile
  • improved intestinal function and elimination
  • increased volume of the urine
  • improved texture and appearance of the skin
  • reduction in the risks for diabetes and high blood pressure
  • reduction in cancer and heart disease risks

This is a most fine tea complex. It may also be consumed raw, added to smoothies or juice. Take your wild chaga-birch bark-dandelion root tea and experience a profound improvement in health. That is the wild northern forest guarantee.

4 thoughts on “Root, Bark, and Wild Chaga Tea – Delicious and Life Changing”

  1. I’ve been drinking chaga for about 3 weeks. I have been sleeping very well, waking up and having energy all day into the night, and don’t miss coffee one bit. Much more sustained energy and power, my digestion and skin feel better as well. The pure powder form with the chaga, birch bark, tamarack, and rose hips is a bit woody and dark tasting, which is perfect for coffee lovers. It can be a bit bitter similar to coffee but is much smoother. Chaga is the best!

    1. Hello Bradley,
      It’s wonderful to hear the Chaga products are working so well for you.
      Chaga is an excellent coffee substitute and is completely caffeine free! which means no mid day crash.
      Thank you so much for commenting, we love to hear your feedback.
      Best of health to you.

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