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Cass Ingram

Research Points to Many Medical Benefits of Hemp Plants

Research Points to Many
Medical Benefits
of Hemp Plants

Modern day medical researchers have only recently begun to recognize the full medicinal value of many age-old natural remedies and treatments for such common ailments as heart disease, glaucoma and migraines.
One such ancient natural remedy that has recently been garnering increased attention is the cannabis plant. Its use as medicine has a history dating back thousands of years. And while cannabis was removed from the U.S. Pharmacopoeia by 1942, some experts are pointing to clinical evidence to suggest it should be reinstated in its non-psychoactive form, commonly known as hemp.
“It’s important to understand that we’re not talking about getting high. Cannabis was first recorded as an herbal remedy in the writings of the Chinese emperor Shen Neng around 2,000 B.C,” says Cass Ingram, nutritional physician and author of the new book, “The Cannabis Cure.” “Today, researchers have been able to optimize its healing effects.”
Ingram points out that a number of medical conditions have been shown to favorably respond to hemp therapy, according to many experts and researchers, including seizures triggered by infectious agents, insomnia, sleep apnea, heart disease, glaucoma, chronic pain, migraines, chronic lung and bronchial disorders, fibromyalgia, neurological conditions such as ALS, Parkinson’s and autism, chronic depression, anxiety, nervousness and addictions.
However, Ingram has observed that the optimum healing effect for these conditions is derived by application of a raw extract made from the entire hemp plant. In addition to “cannabidiol” CBD, which has been of interest of late, the whole plant also contains more than 60 other health-building cannabinoids, plus a host of other valuable chemical compounds, as well as sterols and waxes needed to rebuild cell membranes — including, in particular, the membranes of brain cells.
“It has long been established that hemp is one of the most nutritionally dense of all foods, being exceedingly rich in vitamins, minerals and protein,” says Ingram. “What we are now discovering is that it’s also comprised of countless other substances and phytochemicals, which find vast use in the treatment of human disease.”
While modern medicine regularly delivers brand new treatments to patients, its discovery of new benefits of age-old medicines can seem just as cutting-edge.

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1 thought on “Research Points to Many Medical Benefits of Hemp Plants”

  1. I heard you on a local radio station talking about the benefits of cannabidoil in the treatment of pain. My husband suffers severe pain from 2 neck surgeries he had almost 7 years ago. Chronic pain is nothing to play with. he takes pain meds and hates having to depend on them to get through his day. I would really like to have more info on some of the natural ways he can deal with his chronic pain that isn’t addictive! Muscle spasms are a huge issue with him as well. .Thank you for being someone who can help with alternatives to these issues!

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