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Health Benefits of Raw Honey


Protocols to better your health using raw natural honey

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There is a medicine in nature that has been specified by God as a “medicine unto humankind.” This is raw honey, and it was the Qur’an that made this distinction. It is a medicine of the Bible as well, with the holy books mentioning that it is a prominent feature of that lofty and purified realm of paradise. In the Qur’an this is through the frequent mention of “rivers of milk and honey.”
What is it that this ultimate Being is referencing? It surely is that special honey produced naturally without human corruption. What effect does this divine production have on the human body? How could something so seemingly simple be such an effective natural cure? A medicine for the entire human race would imply major therapeutic powers, many of which are unfathomable. Then, there must be something magical about honey that only the highest and most knowledgeable One could know. It will be found to be a treatment and cure for diseases and syndromes never before published. Impossible conditions will succumb to its powers, even those held as incurable.
Yet, this is only about truly raw honey versus the heavily heated or pasteurized type. There are certain other distinctions that make it medicinal, one that causes it to be more like a drug than a food. These distinctions include the following:
• that it is free of GMOs, that is the bees never or rarely visit GMO-infested plants
• that it is not heated to any degree
• that it is never filtered
• that it is free of all chemicals or additives
• that, critically, it is from bees never fed sugar or corn syrup
• that it is, ideally, from remote sources where there are plenty of flowering wild plants or wild plant-crop sources
• that it is from bees located a considerable distance from pesticide and herbicide drift
• that no chemicals are used about the hive or for the bees for the treatment of insect diseases
A most crucial list, this is a completely new approach. It is one that causes the honey to be more of a medicine than a food. No doubt, this is a profound standard to reach. Yet, it is possible by those who truly care about their fellows, themselves, and this planet as well as the bees themselves. In fact. a new standard could be set, where this type of honey is preferably sought and purchased. Through this, the bees would greatly benefit, as humans seek to treat them with gratitude for all that in the name of God they do, allowing them to eat their own food.


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