• Learn the full powers of wild tree resins plus the health benefits of raw, organic cannabis resin.
  • In this book, Dr. Cass Ingram explains the scientific health benefits of black seed. Find out how black seed and especially the cold-pressed oil can support your health and make you feel as good as you can be, plus determine which supplements offer the highest quality and the expected results.

    “Black seed oil cures all diseases, except death,” so said the Prophet Muhammad.

  • In the Wild Berry Cure Dr. Ingram explains how to get well quickly through the power of wild raw berries. These are the most powerful foods known. Learn about your health. This is real power, proven by modern science.
  • This book is about the health benefits of raw honey versus the heavily heated or pasteurized type. In this book, Dr. Ingram outlines the science behind the healing powers of honey. Pure wild raw honey has many distinctive properties that make it medicinal.
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