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The Power of Wild and Bitter Greens

The Power of Wild and Bitter Greens

There is a major difference in greens. There are commercial, organic, and wild greens. Their differences are based upon how these greens are grown and their chemical profiles. Wild greens are the most powerful type, followed by organic. Greens grown in soil are even more powerful than those grown in hothouses or greenhouses. There are three categories of greens. These are alkaline greens, bitter greens, and aromatic/hot greens. Each has its own unique function.
Examples of these greens are as follows:
Kale, lettuce, nettles, wheat grass, chard, spinach, collards, thistle, and barley
Dandelion outer leaves, radicchio lettuce, outer leaves of romaine lettuce, endives, thistle and burdock
Cilantro, arugula, watercress, mustard greens, chervil, and tarragon
Alkaline greens:
The primary function of these greens is to help provide a vast amount of nourishment. Also, they help maintain a slightly alkaline pH of the blood. In this regard these greens act as blood cleansers. Bitter greens, such as burdock and dandelion, also cleanse the blood. The great benefit of the alkaline greens is their easy digestibility and great power of nourishment. They are top sources of riboflavin, calcium, and potassium, while containing considerable quantities of vitamin C, vitamin E, beta carotene, and various other B vitamins. Also, they are a top source of highly digestible fiber, which greatly aids in intestinal function. These greens also assist in the digesting of protein, especially that from an animal source.
Bitter Greens:
The main function of bitter greens is related to the liver and gall-bladder. This is the most powerful food for activation of these organs. This is done by activating the synthesis of bile. Bile is the body’s internal soap. It is a soap directly needed for fat digestion. Specifically, bile renders cholesterol soluble. It also acts to emulsify dietary fats. Thus, it renders these fats absorbable, so they can be absorbed into the lymph and the bloodstream. A lack of bile leads to sluggish digestion but also gall stones. A lack of bile, plus a low fat diet, is the primary cause of the creation of such stones. Bitter greens greatly activate bile function in this regard. To dissolve such stones, much bile must be activated. Wild greens are up to 10 times more powerful than the commercial varieties. In particular, these greens are highly active in improving intestinal, gallbladder, pancreatic, and liver function. When added with dense vegetable/seed oils such as oil of black seed and extra virgin olive oil, they greatly purge the gallbladder.
An extract of wild greens in a raw state is the most powerful concentrate for activating bile synthesis. A triple greens extract containing wild and raw extract of dandelion and burdock plus nettles is ideal for cleansing and activating the liver and gallbladder. This works best with a great intake of healthy fats.
Hot/Aromatic greens:
The power of these greens lie in their ability to strengthen the immune system. These greens are rich in sulfur compounds, which help bolster white blood cell function. These sulfur compounds act to cleanse the lymph. In addition, these compounds are highly anti- tumor. The hotter the green is the more significant the anti-tumor action. Certain hot/spicy greens, such as cilantro, tarragon, and basil, also offer the capacity to bind and remove heavy metals.
The best purge:
An ideal purge is one which activates the liver and gallbladder. Through this activation, natural bile is processed which then cleanses the colon. Here, the greens must be combined with rich oils, notably oil of black seed and extra virgin olive oil, along with spice oils such as oil of fennel and sage. Also, while taking such a cleanse/purge, the consumption of alkaline and bitter greens should be increased.

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