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Cass Ingram

Lyme Can Be Killed. New Research Shows Oregano Oil Dissolves Biofilm

Breaking news: Carvacrol and other Naturally Occurring Phenolic Compounds Dissolve Lyme Biofilm Layers, Killing Deadly Pathogens

Updated, 3-13-18
As has been stated here, repeatedly, wild oregano oil is the lead therapeutic agent for the natural treatment of Lyme disease through the dissolution of the germ biofilm. For over five years through the book The Lyme Disease Cure and via personal, as well as clinical, experience, it has been determined that phenolic compound-rich essential oils are the most effective Lyme disease treatment therapies known.
It is now clear, because of the highly beneficial results seen, that such oils must be recommended as the primary treatment for Lyme disease and the various tick-borne co-infections.
This has now been confirmed by a recent scientific study by J. Feng and S. Zhang, along with fellow investigators, where the Lyme bacillus was specifically treated with various essential oils. Here, the investigators determined,  oregano oil was highly aggressive in destroying the Lyme biofilm layer, as were oils of cinnamon and clove bud, these being the most potent of all oils tested. Upon destroying that protective layer the oregano, cinnamon, and clove oils caused complete destruction of the germs. Of these, however, oregano oil was most potent, which was attributed to is rich content of the highly antiseptic phenolic compound, carvacrol.

Caption: wild oregano growing directly out of a rocky crevice
It was also on this blog, as well as in The Lyme Disease Cure, that it has been made clear, categorically, that the phenolic compounds in wild sage are also highly antagonist to the Lyme bacillus and also act to dissolve biofilms.
Noted the researchers, the oils “completely eradicated all viable cells,” a most monumental result. The exceptional potency of oregano oil was attributed to its rich content of the phenolic compound carvacrol, which directly dissolves the Lyme biofilm membrane. Once it dissolves this protective coating, which the bacteria produce to avoid immune surveillance, the germ can be killed, completely destroyed by the oregano oil phenolic compounds. The fact is what they and others have discovered is that carvacrol fully disrupts, or essentially shatters, the cell membranes of such pathogens after it dissolves the sticky, protective biofilm.
Here, often, antibiotics fail. In fact, in many cases the germs produce the anti-immune system biofilm in response to being stressed by such drugs.
Typically, for Lyme and its co-infections as a front-line therapy wild oregano oil has been recommended. However, efficacy is dependent upon a number of factors. The oil must ideally be fully wild-source. It should also be whole food, that is unrefined. Additionally, for optimal results it should contain a higher percentage of carvacrol than average, ideally over 75%. At levels of 80% or higher there is even greater efficacy, which rises exponentially with these richer levels.
There is now available an exceptionally potent form of this oil sporting a carvacrol level of up to 85.5%. Here, too, the technique of double distillation should be kept in mind, where levels of this active ingredient are artificially raised by driving off other components. This ‘ultra-rich’ carvacrol-based formula is extremely potent and provides benefits even in modest doses such as five to ten drops twice daily.
The wild-source, carvacrol-rich oregano oil is relatively rare, arising from certain high-mountain areas as high as 12,000 feet above sea level. This makes the ‘ultra’ form exceedingly powerful because it is such a high carvacrol formula, making it ideal for supporting a powerful cleansing and immune response against this condition.
Other studies have shown that carvacrol-rich essential oils induce the dissolution of biofilms produced by salmonella, staph, strep, and E. coli. Even the drug-resistant forms of these germs, including the potentially deadly MRSA and E. coli O17:H7 have been found to succumb. This proves that any such essential oil complexes will prove lifesaving in the event of infection by such pathogens.
Certain formulas contain complexes of these antibiofilm oils. These formulations include those containing edible spice oils from sage, cumin, clove bud, bay leaf, and cinnamon oils. Look for such formulas to support the powers of high-carvacrol oregano oil as a natural means to combat these horrific, potentially deadly biofilm-based infectious diseases. If only the hospitals would take advantage of this knowledge, yearly, countless thousands of lives would be saved.

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13 thoughts on “Lyme Can Be Killed. New Research Shows Oregano Oil Dissolves Biofilm”

  1. How can I give oregano oil to my child (8 years old) whom was diagnosed with Lyme disease two years ago.
    I can barely handle the taste of 1 drop.

  2. “This ‘ultra-rich’ carvacrol-based formula is extremely potent and provides benefits even in modest doses such as five to ten drops twice daily”
    I keep reading/hearing about the use of EO (and recently about these cavacrol-based formulae) and I see here that 5 to 10 drops are being suggested. How are the essential oils to be given, per os (diluted with other carrier oils?) ?, on the skin? inhaled? other methods of administration? Thanks

    1. With young children , as with anyone actually , when it comes to Essential oils, less is more . I once gave a 3 years old one drop in an inch of milk and the next day his pneumonia and thyphoid fever were cleared . You can dilute the oregano oil in a bit of milk ( any milk that you normally give to that child , almond, soy ) or mix with a base oil and massage the soles as suggested by Dr Cass but note that the oil is mucous irritant so don’t let it sit in your mouth for long .

  3. Would you have any sources for the specific oils, though ive got a bunch of oils I bought and not touched them, anything to get me back to work.
    And last 10 days been taking Borax, and noticed less pain, and brain fog.
    Could it be worth growing the most suitable oils to make ourselves? or you to sell ? distillers are fairly cheap these days.

  4. I am taking wild-crafted organic mediterranean oregano oil with vitamin E capsules (80 percent carvacrol) …I have had Lyme Disease for 6 years and am doing ok now but still do not have mind clarity and lack energy .. Recently I added L-ornithine and MCT (medium chain triglycerides, which seems to help with brain inflammation (I dont always feel like my head is in a vice). I was taking it at the same time as other supplements with oatmeal at breakfast, including magnesium ( which I plan to defer). I am wondering what dose is beneficial against lyme disease .. I also want to mention that it seems to slightly upset my stomach when I take it. Each capsule contains 180 mg of Oregano oil (origanum vulgare) (leaf) and 1.49 IU Vitamin E (d-alpha) .. Oregano oil is from hand-picked leaves using steam distillation, chemical-free.

  5. I have had Lyme since age of 6 & am now 59. My question is which brand of oregano is best? And is pure oil transdermal best or in capsule form. Also, best dosage? I’ve tried so many approach’s but never oregano. I’ve lost hope but I am still willing to try. Thank you so much.

  6. Is there a link to a good product for oregano oil please? One I can rub on feet. Are they likely to react with it applied to feet? My daughter has eczema and MCAS suspected as well as POTS has Babesia co infectionm. She is 9.

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