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Cass Ingram

Oil of Wild Oregano is a Must for Tick Induced Diseases

Wild Oregano Oil is a Must for Tick Induced Diseases

Lyme disease natural remedy and protection. During tick season the use wild oregano oil, ideally as a daily supplement, is a must, rather, life-protecting and life-saving. No one should go into the wilderness or woods without it. Moreover, it is not just obviously wild areas, but in many instances it is an essential for mere back-yard and park protection.
There are great dangers in the outdoors, largely because of Lyme-bearing ticks and West Nile-corrupted mosquitoes. West Nile can readily prove fatal, and so can Lyme. Now, there is a new player that has arisen largely in the past 20 years, which is tick-borne Powassan virus.
An aggressive agent the viruses is known for its ability to spread within a few hours of the bite and in some cases within a few minutes, reaching the brain and causing encephalitis.
The most terrorizing issue about Powassan is that there is no medical treatment. Antibiotics are useless. This is a virus, and there are no drugs which kill it. That’s why it is so crucial to make use of wild oregano oil. The oil is an antiseptic, meaning it kills the full range of germs. So, whether the Lyme bacillus or tick-injected encephalitis viruses, wild oregano oil has activity against them all. The same is true of mosquito-borne diseases, including West Nile, dengue, and malaria.
Having available the oil of wild oregano, especially the edible type ideal for daily use, could make the difference between life and death in insect- or tick-injected diseases. With edible oil of wild oregano it is possible to combat all such vector-induced diseases in order to prevent dire illness as well as fatality. There are in many cases no medical treatments for such infections. Then, why not make use of a natural germicide that will prevent the disease from overwhelming the individual? Will, then, no one speak out and let the world know? Oil of wild oregano will save lives in such dire circumstances. Even so, to truly make the most of its utility be sure to purchase only the truly edible type, that is the type for daily consumption: the type that can be consumed, if needed, in large quantities.
It can also be used topically, as desired, for instance, on an insect- or tick-bite area.
If a person contracts a sudden illness in the spring, summer, or early fall, wild oregano oil should be the go-to herbal complex. Another highly utilitarian herbal complex is the whole, crude wild oregano with Rhus coriaria and organic garlic/onion. In fact, if these two supplements are taken on a daily basis, this acts as a kind of immunity against a plethora of diseases, especially those of an infectious nature. It has become an exceedingly dangerous world. Wild oregano can come to the rescue, if it is used strategically.
The wild oregano, rich in beta caryophyllene, is an ideal natural antiinflammatory and immune modulating agent. This substance is found both in the extracted oil and the crude herb. Both formulas should be taken simultaneously for optimal results.
A new potentially fatal tick borne illness has been reported in Connecticut. The Powassan virus is a rare, but extremely serious tick borne illness that has made it’s way from Canada to our area. Currently, it doesn’t have a treatment or a cure.
Unlike Lyme Disease that takes weeks for symptoms to show, if bitten by a Powassan infected tick you can get the virus within a matter of minutes, and while the symptoms are similar to Lyme disease, they are more severe.
“The doctor just has to support you during the acute illness and hope that you survive,” Dr. Daniel Cameron explained. “You can get seizures, high fevers, stiff neck. It comes on so suddenly that it’s the kind of thing people go to the emergency room for.”
It is important to keep on top of tick prevention and detection.
Here is a bar graph of the reported known cases, demonstrating the relative rarity:

It is likely more common that this. The reported cases should be taken x 10, with most cases being misdiagnosed as encephalitis and/or meningitis.
It’ is typical of the medical profession to state that there is “no treatment or cure” if only drug therapy is relied upon. By no means does this indicate that there is no natural remedy or cure. For viral attack there are dozens of herbal and spice-based medicines that would prove effective, including oils of wild oregano, thyme, cumin, sage, cinnamon, and clove. Furthermore, raw garlic, as well as raw onion, is a potent virus killer. So is oil of lemongrass. The claim that there is no cure, thus, is erroneous. In this regard it must be kept in mind that wild oil of oregano, as well as the juice/essence, is antiviral. There can be no doubt about it, as this has been demonstrated in a number of scientific studies.
If a person develops such a condition regardless of the medical approach, the oil of wild oregano should be used. So should the juice of wild oregano and the whole crude herb mix  of oregano, garlic, onion, sumac). It should not be left to the attitude of “no hope or cure.” The oil should be scrubbed up and down the spine and also rubbed on the feet. It should be given orally, a few drops or more at a time, on the hour, actually, on the half hour or even every fifteen minutes. The juice should be consumed vigorously, an ounce every hour. Through such therapy the virus will be destroyed and fatalities prevented.
The same is true of Lyme. The oil and the juice, along with the crude herbal complex, should be used as a team.

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3 thoughts on “Oil of Wild Oregano is a Must for Tick Induced Diseases”

  1. Sadly you mix great, critical & valid info with highly dangerous dosage recommendations! Your last section recommending such frequent/large doses of oregano oil can be very toxic. Thujone in oregano is,for instance one of the microbials needed, esp to kill viruses, but it’s also liver toxic and can damage other organs – these can easily be permanent damage in some individuals. We must carefully gauge ourselves to take as much as we can, but not overdo it or dose ourselves too aggressively/gratuitously! No one knows yet how to figure out proper dosages for each person’s system. Caution is essential with essential oils! I’m taking approx 1/4 or less of what you so confidently yet dangerously recommend – mostly topically & some orally in food to be safe on my stomach lining.
    I love your recommendation to apply oregano & other e-oils on the spine, as well as all your other great info! Many thanks! Just don’t poison the wisdom you put out with confident “creative” assumptions regarding dangerous, scientifically unsupportable dosage info. BE CAUTIOUS, CLEAR & RESPONSIBLE.

  2. Recommended brands? I know essential oil(if iy has nutrition facts) should only be taken for 10 days at a time or it could be hard on the liver.

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