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Cass Ingram

Oil of wild oregano and other spice oils can save you from winter illnesses, sinusitis, and far more

There are dozens of natural medicines that people typically consider during seasonal illness crises: colds, flu, congestion, bronchial disorders, and sinusitis. These natural medicines include echinacea, elderberry and goldenseal. There are also plenty of pharmaceutical options, including antihistamines, decongestants, anti-inflammatories, and antibiotics. There are also silver preparations that are also often relied upon.

Certain foods are consumed for relief, like lemon and honey, garlic and onion, along with, of course, the old mainstay of chicken soup. Yet, none of these can compare to the powers of oil of wild oregano.

Importantly, oregano extract, in this case the distilled oil in an extra olive oil base, was shown to obliterate the cold-flu viruses. In this study, conducted by Microbiotest, as well, sage, cumin, and cinnamon oils were found to exert this power. However, when tested against a wide range of bacteria or viruses, routinely, wild oregano oil proved to be the most powerful.

In the study cold and flu viruses were caused to infect chicken embryonic cells in solution. When a combination of all spices was applied, for cold viruses, a 100% kill was achieved. With flu, whether multiple spice or oregano oil, the destruction achieved in low doses, about a tenth of a percent, was 99.7%. The formula of multiple spices was made by distilling the various oils and turning them into a powdered form. This is the first time in history that a 100% kill rate was achieved for the cold virus. Moreover, all this occurred in a mere 20 minutes.

There was another crucial finding. As long as a small amount of the oil of wild oregano or the multiple spice solution was left in the test medium, the virus remained incompetent. In other words, it refused to grow. This demonstrates the preventive powers of the spice oils. This would indicate that if a person were to keep tiny amounts of these oils in their tissue fluids and bloodstream, one simply would not develop these illnesses.

Nevertheless, oregano oil is a broad-spectrum antiseptic. This makes it ideal for the typical winter or seasonal illnesses, where the causative germ is rarely if ever diagnosed. Actually, the oil is also antifungal and anti-mold, and it has been determined that fungus and mold is a major factor behind congestion, rhinitis, sinusitis, post-nasal drip, and bronchitis. According to the landmark study by Mayo Clinic, 1999, up to 98% of all cases of sinusitis are caused by molds.

Researchers evaluated 210 patients with the condition. Collecting mucous from the nose they found fungus in nearly all patients, some 96%. On average, three different pathogenic molds were found in each patient. People contract these molds and other fungi through inhalation. The molds, then, benefit, because it is areas, like the sinuses and bronchial tract, warm, moist, and nutrient-rich, that are ideal for their growth. This is a crucial finding, and one already discussed in The Cure is in the Cupboard: How to Use Oregano for Better Health, several years prior. Importantly, there are nearly 40 million people with chronic sinus disturbances, making this far more of an issue than cold and flu. Mayo calls this “fungal allergy,” but, in fact, it is more of an infection than merely an allergic response. Other studies have shown that bronchitis is mostly fungal, once again, via mold spores.

Of great value, thus, for the sinus membranes is a combination of spice oils in low dose with saline. Injected into the sinus cavities, this formula directly attacks the cause. Ideally, it can be taken along with oil of wild oregano, which can be consumed as drops under the tongue. In extremely tough cases the multiple spice oil capsules can also be taken. All these directly deal with the cause, which is not the case with decongestants, anti-inflammatory drugs, and antibiotics. Plus, there are no major side effects with wild oregano and other spice oil extracts: other than the promotion of exceptional health.

Yeasts may also be an issue. These can infect the mouth and less commonly, the bronchial tract. Even so, in immunocompromised individuals candida and other yeasts are a major cause of pneumonia, especially in hospitalized patients. Even here, spice oils, especially oil of wild oregano, are a boon, with research proving the destructive effects of such oils against the candida routinely.

No matter what strike the upper respiratory tract or nasal region, oregano is the king. Use it both to support the immunity for what strikes during the changes of season and also as a prevention. Look for wild oregano oil, the oregano and multiple spice oil-based nasal spray, and the multiple spice oil supplements from truly edible, wild spices. Be sure that the oregano oil is wild-source and is, in fact, daily use or edible.

One key element relates to the chemical profile. It must be low in thymol, while rich in carvacrol. Truly wild oregano always has such a profile. Farm-raised-based oregano oil has entered the market, and some versions are too high in thymol, which has toxicity to the liver.This is never the case with truly wild oregano, with ideal thymol levels of: less than 2.5%. Just be sure for daily dosing, because for this, wild oregano can be consumed without issue. Plus, wild oregano is sustainable and ethically harvested with a low ecological profile versus farm-raised relying upon greenhouse development, cloning, fertilization and mechanical harvesting. Every bottle of wild oregano purchased, for instance, supports the village communities, all over the Mediterranean, as it must be hand-picked from the mountain tops. Here, the oregano grows among the rocks, never surviving on soil. This is an incredible feat for a wild plant and a sign of its power and strength. Therefore, do not accept cheap imitations made from farm-raised, dirt-grown, low-level oregano. For truly wild oregano oil and other health support supplements see this link, available in oil, capsules, sinus spray, and via multiple spice complexes. There is also a children’s form that tastes like ‘hot cinnamon.’ Be well with wild oregano. It’s your guarantee for optimal health during the change of seasons.

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