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Cass Ingram

The Lyme Disease Cure – Personal Experience

The Lyme Disease Cure – Personal Experience

In the effort to aid people in reversing Lyme disease, it was decided to share a personal story. This includes images of the horrible affliction, which will be published as soon as possible. It is all for the purpose of offering hope but also as a kind of scientific basis. Regarding that scientific basis it is always instructive to use an example of a person suffering with the disease, demonstrating the results of therapy. For now there is a write-up, as follows, explaining the history and the therapeutic approach for fighting this terminally corrupt disease.

Lyme is corrupt. So are all co-infections. It is in most cases not easy to eradicate any such diseases. Some people have a greater resistance to it than others. There are so many variables.
Regardless, what is a person to do? Just succumb to the medical therapies, antibiotics, cortisone, antiparasitics, and the like? The options in modern medicine for Lyme disease and the co-infections are few.
What about chronic Lyme? What can anyone do about that? More cortisone and antibiotics? The drugs are not without side effects. Long-term use of antibiotics invariably leads to immune system suppression and most importantly results in the overgrowth of noxious yeasts, notably Candida albicans. Cortisone – that is Prednisone and others – also induces yeast overgrowth, while adding to the insult of immune suppression. The cortisone-style drugs also cause significant damage to the gut lining, while causing body deformation and bone loss.

Which is worse, the disease or the drugs? The fact is they are both wretched. Even so, long-term use of drugs of the antibiotic class is not to be taken lightly. The same is true of cortisone drugs.
In this regard it is important to note a basic fact. Anyone with Lyme disease who has undergone extensive antibiotic therapy has a complicating factor. That factor is candida overgrowth.

Knowing this, when I contracted Lyme a certain course of action was decided. I decided not to pursue orthodox medical therapies and instead to put my fullest faith in the powers of nature. It was a personal decision, and I, along with everyone else, have a right to make that decision.
It was, perhaps, the best decision I have made in my life. No drug-based sequelae were suffered in this case: no candida, no cortisone side effects, no liver or kidney toxicity, no neurotoxicity. Instead, the focus was simply the battle against the Lyme bacillus and associated co-infections. A focus could be made. The germs were the enemy, no issues of side effects or toxicity.
There were also no issues regarding which therapy was efficacious, drugs versus herbal medicines. Only herbal medicines, along with dietary support, was utilized. There could be no question regarding what was efficacious in this prolonged and often tenuous battle. To use the cliché “all” the eggs were put in one basic, and that was and is the basket of cures/remedies provided by wild nature.
The journey was a times tumultuous. After all, Lyme is a potentially fatal disease. The co-infections can be fatal. Too, Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever has a high fatality rate. Medical intervention for Lyme does save lives. Yet, as has been proven by the data published in The Lyme Disease Cure natural remedies, too, are lifesaving.
The power of such remedies can be proven by a case history, that of my own. It truly was a case of Lyme disease. The visible part of the bullseye rash was clear and obvious, although since it was on my back it wasn’t seen until at least a week after the tick bite. Intensively red, this rash was agonizingly uncomfortable, at times painful, at other times burning. It was difficult to eradicate. It took ten days-plus to be purged. The agony associated with it made it difficult to rest and almost impossible to sleep comfortably. The rash was associated with a burning sensation throughout the body.
It’s hard to describe all the sensations. By the time the rash was discovered the infection has been fully disseminated. The head was throbbing, there was pressure in the skull, and there was also great pressure in the spine. The body in general felt like it was on fire.
Quickly, there developed joint issues. The ankle froze up, as did the elbow. Later, swelling developed on one of the elbows. That swelling was intractable and would not respond significantly to topical application of various remedies. While it did help to apply certain topical agents the major aid came from oral dosing, in this case the form of oil of wild oregano and also, importantly, the multiple spice complex, as 400 mg capsules. These capsules were taken aggressively and resulted in the eradication of the swelling. Superior results were achieved when this was combined with the use of the oil as drops under the tongue.

Regarding the knee this became involved as a consequence of a second tick attack, this time in England. Thus, the body was being attacked by the spirochete from two different ticks, the American version and the European one: two different types of borrelia all at once.
The knee issue was unmerciful. It caused me to be wheelchair-bound. The pain was agonizing, unrelenting. It was virtually impossible to sleep. There was no way to get comfortable in the day either. This led to a discovery. After trying a wide range of spice oils, topically, certain oils were found to be effective.
Through a combination of topical and internal treatment, finally, improvement was procured. After the most extreme degree of absolute agony, finally, the crutches and wheelchair were put to conclusion, although it took nearly three months to achieve this.
It was all a matter of discovery, with new ground, new territory, being traversed. It was a fight to the finish, and natural medicines prevailed in preventing and even reversing what was surely potentially dire, including the potential for fatal consequences.
At this time there is 95% improvement, a massive result considering the degree of the original infections. Currently, I am taking the following supplements in pursuit of a 100% result:

  • multiple spice dessicated wild oregano, cumin, sage, cinnamon oil complex: up to 25 capsules daily
  • oil of wild oregano sublingual drops, 20 drops three times daily
  • wild turmeric capsules, 25 capsules daily
  • wild oregano oil gelcaps, 20 capsules daily
  • antiinflammatory enzyme complex consisting of bromelain, papain, ginger, and turmeric (this complex is highly helpful in the event of joint consequences): three to five capsules two or more times daily on an empty stomach
  • wild 12:1 Peruvian cat’s claw powder: tsp. daily
  • Body Shape Diet Thyroid support formula: 4 capsules daily
  • royal jelly paste in pumpkinseed oil base: tsp daily
  • Ecologic 500 complex of probiotics, a teaspoonful of this powder at night in a glass of warm water
  • whole food, absolutely food-based, vitamin complex packet, one packet per day
  • crude wild oregano capsules with Rhus coriaria, along with organic garlic and onion: six caps daily

NOTE: It is evident that this protocol of supplements is resulting in a progressive, overall improvement of health
There is far more information in the book about protocols that this list provides. Yet, it was thought that such personal information would be helpful to others suffering with this disease.
No longer is there any neurological symptoms, as I so direly suffered. No longer is there any rashes or elbow swelling. I am functional and on tour, nationally, while working on yet another publication. There is some detoxification going on, with some swelling in the right leg in the lymphatics, a kind of Herxheimer-style result from the aggressive treatment plan. It’s a good thing. The last vestiges of Lyme are being purged.
The only obvious symptoms which remain are the left knee swelling and some immobility in that regard and a bit of pain in the right elbow. There were dozens of other symptoms. They are all now gone.
NOTE: a series of lectures are scheduled on this subject in Pittsburg, PA, beginning on Mar. 26 through the 28th. The information on this will be posted next week. DeWalts Health Food Stores will be one venue.

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19 thoughts on “The Lyme Disease Cure – Personal Experience”

  1. Hi Dr. Ingram,
    Thanks for posting your Lyme recovery journey online. Can you please give me an update on your condition at the present time (July 12/2015)? Have you beat this thing yet? BTW, I’ve watched some of your videos on Youtube and have found them to be very informative. I also read, “The Cure is in the Cupboard” a long time ago and it was also very helpful. I’ve been battling Lyme and co. myself for several years and have used a number of non-antibiotic approaches. Some have been very helpful but I’m still looking for a way to finish this job completely.
    blessings for your perfect recovery,

  2. I have found some relief using birch bark and leaves as a tea and as a topical. application.
    The properties that are released in an infusion (tea) of bark and leaves relieve edema
    in the lymph system. Pain relief and restorative properties are purported to be
    released in alcohol, oil or vinegar, I am experimenting with using it as a topical
    (making my own tinctures /infusions) and so far, the results are positive.
    The properties are said to interfere with processes that cause pain and inflammation..
    All of the supporting research is available on line simply by searching.
    In my experience, this is a welcome treatment component rather than a cure all..

    1. I am finding chaga-birch bark tea to be a significant element in the Lyme disease reversal system. Would highly recommend your findings to anyone who is a sufferer.

      1. Hi Dr. Ingram Thanks for all of your great info on Lyme disease. Could you possiblely help me with a question, that I can’t seem to find an answer to anywhere. Why do the herbs used for Lyme, like Samento and Cumanda always cause a headache? Thanks Dee

        1. Don’t know about that unless they are acting on the Lyme bacillus within the brain matter. So, use the oil of wild oregano and the juice of wild oregano, along with the whole crude herb complex: these should not lead to a headache and, rather, should obliterate them. Use also the wild, raw turmeric drops.

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  4. Hi Dr. Ingram – Thanks for posting your experience and treatment regime. Looking at the items you have listed I notice oregano oil is listed 4 times in separate remedies. Do you really need four versions of oregano oil. I have recently started on oregano oil. Its potent stuff. I started on it as part of an anti-parasite protocol rather than lyme. My health has picked up this year through doing IV ozone + strict diet (similar to paleo), cut back gym workouts, juicing, niacin, magnesium, boron, manganese, ox bile for better fat absorption, licorice extract, vitamin K, garlic, gylcine, iodine, LDN, etc.
    Neurological symptoms along with fatigue and poor appetite are the main symptoms that still plague me. How long did it take for you to to make solid progress on your neurological symptoms after you started on the natural cure program you have listed above?
    Also given you are taking 4 remedies with oregano oil was that your number one product for restoring your brain function? Well done on getting your life back.

  5. Hi Dr Ingram
    I came across your videos on wild oregano, and you were a Lyme suffer yourself . I have been fighting with Lyme for 4 years now. It’s taken my life in all aspects, the gigist is from being a mom to my kids. I have tryed very intense protocols with very little improvement. I am struck and my body is stuck to heal to the other side. My gut has so many issues from being on so many antibiotics. I feel that I am loosing strength on fighting this Lyme, with us not my personality. However after 4 years the fight gets exhausting. When I saw your video, their was something inside of me that light up and said their could be hope again. Desperate single mom in need of your knowledge and help please !!

    1. probiotic yogourt, red onion, garlic, green tea, curcumin, coconut water, coconut flakes, orange juice, parsley, grapefruit seed extract.

  6. Did you start slowly. It just seems like a crazy amount of oil of oregano. I was thinking of starting slow maybe 20 drops in 1 day and higher it from there. What made you do 4? Did you start with one and add more?

  7. it would be helpful to know where to obtain the exact same oils and supplements you used. So much in the market which is not as safe or portent? How is a non herbalist to know what to order and wher from?

  8. What a blessing Cass Ingram is to others, being so brave and courageous to share his journey and like a warrior come out the other side. I pray for all those afflicted with this disease. May you have the courage and strength from something greater to do the protocols and be blessed with the financial abundance to keep it up.

    1. Monster, the link says deleted/archived. not available on reddit. is there any other way you have to share this with us? many thanks and blessings,

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