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Cass Ingram

Human Damage from Genetically Engineered Food —Find Out Where You Stand

Human Damage from Genetically Engineered Food —Find Out Where You Stand

Genetically engineered foods are poisonous. This has been documented by a variety of scientific studies. The latest study performed in Russian is damning. It demonstrates that the intake of genetically engineered soy causes severe liver cell damage and dangerous increases in  estrogen  levels (especially in children).
What you can  do
A boycott is the most powerful tool available. This is relatively  easy,  since  there  are  only  a  few  food substances  which  are  genetically  engineered.  Be responsible for your health and the health of this planet, and  boycott  the  main  genetically  engineered  foods. Simply do not buy any foods made with the following:
Critical category
Corn Soy Canola
Hawaiian papayas
Avoid all foods containing these additives and/or their derivatives.
Secondary category
Commercial milk products (may contain genetically engineered growth hormone, a known carcinogen)
Commercial chicken, turkey, beef, and pork (fed with genetically engineered grains)
Note:  Be  aware  of  the  numerous  derivatives  of  the aforementioned foods, such as soy, corn, cottonseed oils,  cottonseed  meal,  corn  meal,  corn  starch,  corn syrup,  high  fructose  corn  syrup,  fructose,  malitol, xylitol,  sorbitol,  and  soy  protein  isolate.  It  is  your responsibility to read labels to find such derivatives in order to avoid such unsafe foods.
Warning signs and symptoms of GMO poisoning
The toxicity of genetically engineered foods is well documented. Specific symptoms develop in humans as well as animals.
Foods or food additives  which are likely poisoned — Must Avoid:
corn chips tortillas
candy (containing corn syrup)
cookies (containing corn products. soy, or corn syrup)
gum (containing corn syrup)
soda pop (containing corn syrup)
corn dogs
breaded food containing corn or soy deep fried foods
batter fried foods breadings
puddings containing corn starch
baked goods sweetened with corn syrup
foods fried in Canola oil or containing this oil soy protein powders
health food bars containing corn syrup or soy
TV dinners (all)
corn bread
nuts cooked in cottonseed oil nuts cooked in Canola or soy oil hydrolyzed vegetable protein
fish sticks or similar pre-breaded fish
deli food (cooked in soy, corn, or Canola oils) commercial  canned  soup  containing  corn,  soy,  corn syrup, and/or soy/Canola oils
 Note: This is merely a partial list. You may add to the list by carefully reading food labels.
Take the following test to determine your status.
Add up your score to see where you stand. Which of these apply to you?

Symptoms Points
Allergies 3
Bizarre rash that evades diagnosis 2
Tendency for severe allergic reactions, such as closing off of the throat and swelling 3
Reduced sperm count 5
Infertility 5
Stunted growth (in children) 3
Rash on the palms of the hands 3
Skin splits open easily 3
Recently had a child (or children) with birth defects 3
Eczema 1
Psoriasis 1
Reduced white blood cell count 1
Become bloated after eating, especially corn or soy 5
Highly allergic to soy or corn 4
Elevation of liver enzymes (non-drinker) 2
Fatty liver 2
Cirrhosis of the liver (non-drinker) 1
Testicular atrophy 3
Swollen liver 2
Testicles are swollen or inflamed 2
Burning sensations in the sinuses 2
Eyes itch after eating 3
Cysts on liver 2
Inflammation of the kidneys 2
Nephritis 2
Intestinal ulcers 2
Stomach ulcers 1
Sudden shock reactions (even sudden death) 4
Sudden development of breast cancer in young women 3
Feel bloated after eating corn/soy 5
Nausea 1
Inflammation and/or swelling in the nose 3
Runny nose 1
Inflammation in the intestines (feeling of rawness) 3
Itchy skin 2
Dermatitis 2
Swelling or redness of the eyes 2
Redness and/or swelling of the eyelids 3
1-7 POINTS       Mild genetically engineered food toxicity
8-14 POINTS     Moderate genetically engineered food toxicity
15-24 POINTS   Severe genetically engineered food toxicity
25 and ABOVE  Extreme genetically engineered food toxicity

 Total Points

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