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Cass Ingram

High Mountain, Wild Oregano Oil, the Most Potent Immune System Supplement Known

Cass Ingram, D,O.

Feb. 9, 2020

High mountain, wild oregano oil is potent to the extreme. Anyone can imagine the therapeutic actions of a wild spice oil, distilled from the original plant. When buying a high quality, original extract, the power is obvious, especially when taken under the tongue.

Research shows that wild oregano oil kills all germs against which it is tested. Nothing withstands its immense antiseptic powers. Moreover, this is what it is, an antiseptic, which means it decimates all categories of germs.

In Cavel’s landmark work in 1918  at the Pasteur Institute, it was found to sterilize sewage water. This means it is invaluable to the public needs as, for instance, antibiotics, which only kill bacteria. This means that, comparatively, drugs are limited in scope.

High quality, wild oregano oil has value used both topically and internally. Even in wounds or on cuts and abrasions, it proves invaluable. Despite its heat, it is less irritating than tap water.

There are several forms of this oil available, as follows:

  • as an oil emulsion in extra virgin olive oil as oral drops; these drops are ideally taken under the tongue or at the back of the tongue
  • as a gelcap with the same emulsion, consisting of six drops per capsule
  • as a saline-based sinus spray in reduced dosage, typically with wild sage and bay leaf oils
  • as a micellized spray, typically with oils of wild sage and lavender
  • as a multiple spice oil concentrate of oils of desiccated oregano, cumin, sage and cinnamon

These are the main wild oregano oil and spice oil supplements to consider. Through regular use, the individual gains immense protective properties. The benefit of the wild, high mountain oregano oil, which is low in thymol and high in carvacrol, is that it can be taken daily. This is necessary in certain circumstances where there is risk for infection, including the spread of nasty seasonal germs.

Because it is a decongestant it is ideal for all seasonal conditions, like allergies, sinus disorders, swollen eyes, congestion, and rhinitis. Even so, sinusitis, bronchitis, and rhinitis are largely caused by fungi. Wild oregano in its various forms is a powerhouse here. No doubt, it will act as a decongestant of the sinus and bronchial membrane, often immediately.

Wild oregano oil has immense value topically. In wounds it will sterilize the tissues, while also rendering cuts and burns sterile. With burns, it prevents scarring and blistering.

The antiviral properties of wild oregano oil are highly significant. In one study on the norovirus, oregano oil was found to destroy this germ so well that it was recommended as a means to prevent viruses from contaminating food. It was thus deemed so potent that it could even be used to fumigate food. It was also found under electron microscopy to literally shatter viruses, described as “disintegration.”

Other wild oregano oil studies have shown that it is capable of killing black mold, including aspergillus and stachybotrus. These molds commonly contaminate food but also the respiratory tract. In this area they readily gain residence but also in the sinus cavities. These organisms act like a glue and are extremely difficult to remove or eradicate. For any such tough case be sure to use the Super Strength oregano oil with the multiple spice oil extract.

Truly wild oregano, properly metered in an extra virgin olive oil base, can be taken on a daily basis. This would be the ideal food supplement for protection against seasonal illnesses. It would simultaneously act as an antiseptic, antihistamine, and antioxidant. For extra protection it can be also taken as the aromatic multiple spice oil complex, the combination of the four oils mentioned. There is great value for supreme protection in taking both supplements. At a minimum the oil of wild oregano, as drops or capsules, should be taken, even on a daily basis. This is especially true in the climate today, where the world is rocked by infectious spread.

However, for daily use beware of cheap imitations, which may contain synthetics. These include synthetic carvacrol and p-cymeme, which are noxious. Do not unknown types of oregano oil internally, that is unless they are proven derived from truly wild, mountain grown oregano.

A pale color, as in this China-advertised oil, is a sign of fraudulent production. Such oils are not true oregano oils and must be categorically avoided. Yet, these are currently on the market. Gas chromatography analysis has demonstrated a number of these fake oregano oils. Contact the manufacturer to be sure it is 100% wild and never farm-raised or tainted with synthetics. Note: with wild oregano this is never an issue, because it always wild with no attempt to artificially raise active ingredients. Plus, this is the original oil of oregano that started the industry, offering the same quality for over 25 years, while also conducting the original testing in vivo and in vitro.

The issue of the addition of synthetic carvacrol, whether from American firms or Chinese, is a significant one and is definitely one to beware of. In wild nature levels of this substance never arise above 85.5%. Any level of 86% is a sign of corruption from the wild, either through cloning in farm-raising or, more ominously, synthetic additions. Avoid all oregano oils, whether acclaimed as wild or not, with 86% carvacrol levels or above. This is an attempt at unfair trade by unscrupulous manufacturers to make the supplement appear more potent and, therefore, more sought after than the original, truly wild type.

For children it can be rubbed on the feet and shins, with a drop or two daily in water, juice, and applesauce. It can also be rubbed up and down the spine. The same can be done for adults, usually in higher doses.

For pets it can be added to food, a drop or two at a time. It can also be rubbed on the pads of their feet. As well, the wild oregano spray can be used on their fur; it will absorb directly internally. For difficult conditions open up the multiple spice oil supplement can be opened up, and add a portion of the capsule, a half of it or so, to the soft food.

Take advantage of the wild oregano oil and related supplements for optimal health. Use these aggressively if necessary. Take these supplements preventivley. By doing this, the individual will achieve the maximum excellence in health achievable.

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  1. Please give us some idea where to get the Oregano Oil you recommend. I don’t know who to trust online and want to make sure it is the type Mr Ingram is speaking about. I need help to find some and if you could send me in a general direction on who to trust when buying the product. Help.

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