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Cass Ingram

Great Results from Wholefood Raw Organic Cannabis Extract

6 thoughts on “Great Results from Wholefood Raw Organic Cannabis Extract”

  1. I am new to you dr. Ingram. I have ordered one of your books and I am ordering another one now the new one on the bone building miracle because I have a degenerative problem in my spine. But for now I would like to know the names of those two products you mentioned in your clip for the cannabis and the oregano. I am aware of your products but I am not sure which two you are presenting in this clip.

  2. My Mom has mild dementia and also needs a sleep aid.
    Can you please tell me what process I should have to get help?
    Is there a specific document which addresses this and is there an item list I should purchase?
    I am considering trying the products on myself as well.
    Thank you

  3. I do natural and go out in the woods and collect herbs plants to use for colds ,immune. I pick wild berries make jams with honey. Pick dandelion and make jelly. With the oils I massage with and use for medical and aromas I feel that canibas is great for everything I used it for migraine as a tea . also growing stavia the sugar plants

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