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Good Information From Connecticut Dept of Health on Lyme Prevention

Good Information From Connecticut Dept of Health on Lyme Prevention

There is no reason to take chances this year regarding Lyme disease and other tick-borne diseases. Contraction of the disease can lead to devastating consequences. It’s not worth it. Thus, all that is possible must be done to prevent any such contraction.
The eradication of Lyme is a most difficult achievement. This is in part the result of the nature of the pathogen, the fact that it is a cork-screw-like agent. That is why it is called borrelia, that is on the basis of the fact that it bores.

Above is a schematic representation of the organism. It is powerful, and it is built to drive its way into tissues. In many ways it appears ominous. As can be seen it is built to invade, deeply into the tissues, including into the brain and spinal cord as well as the joints and bones.
Here it is in real life full in the act of invading tissue:

Almost assuredly a biogerm, it is pure treachery. As a result of its mechanism of action it causes great devastation in human tissues. Seeing it in real life makes any victim wish to do all that is possible to obliterate it.
Truly, it must be attacked with reckless abandon, in fact, with all the power conceivable. This is in order to drive it out of the tissues and to kill it. At a minimum the oil of wild oregano must be used to attack it. See the Basic Protocol post on this blog for further information on how to achieve this (also, the Lyme Disease Cure, same author, Knowledge House Publishers).
It is essential to take in addition to any orthodox therapies natural medicines. This is too treacherous of a disease, too dangerous, to just rely on antibiotic therapy. It must be struck with all that can be utilized, all the powers that nature provides.
The body can’t deal with it. How will antibiotics alone cure it?

Caption: a macrophage interacting with infective borrelia spirochetes
The macrophages must be fed oil of wild oregano, along with multiple spice complexes such as spice oil capsules containing oils of wild oregano, sage, cinnamon, and cumin. Additionally, the aromatic hydrosol, the juice of wild oregano, must be consumed. The antiseptic powers of the blood must be increased in order to eradicate this disease.
In my case the nymph Ioxides scapularis bite was acquired towards the end of August. In warm weather late August and early September may be more of a risk than identified.
Here is a good diagram showing the proper preventive dress in the battle against tick bites. White shoes would even be better.
For tick removal see the following:
Even so, if the tick is not fully engorged, then, it can be killed with oil of wild oregano being held against it until it suffocates. Then, it can be removed even more safely.
The Connecticut Agricultural Extension Office recommends the use of repellents. For those who are concerned about the toxicity of DEET natural-source repellents are now available.
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