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Cass Ingram

Flu is no major threat if using oil of wild oregano

As stubborn as the flu virus can be and as much fear and pandemonium it causes, there is much that can be done to both prevent it and treat it. Moreover, such treatment and prevention is not cumbersome or complicated. This is done through the use of wild spice oils capable of destroying the virus. In fact, while this is little known, the flu virus is relatively feeble as a threat to a person’s life if the individual makes aggressive use of wild oregano oil.
There is significant data demonstrating this. Consider the work of this author, along with M. K. Ijaz, in Antiviral Research. Here it was demonstrated, wild oregano oil, in this case the formulation vigorously destroyed the influenza A virus in cell culture.
According to the study, exposure of the virus to wild oregano oil for 10 minutes reduced the number of viable infectious particles from 10 million per mL to an incredibly low number: only 100,000 per mL. A 20-minute exposure further reduced the number to a mere 15,000 per mL. This is a 99% reduction. Moreover, the dosage was relatively small: only one percent in the test solution.
A combination of antiviral spice oils was even more potent, notably oils of wild oregano, wild sage, cinnamon, and cumin. Desiccated to a dust, these oils are found encapsulated in a multiple spice formula. The contents emptied into the cell culture destroyed 100% of all cold viruses in less than 20 minutes, while also killing over 99% of all flu viruses in a second culture evaluation. A 20-minute exposure reduced the counts, once again, from 10 million to fewer than 5,000 per mL.
In this landmark study even the resistant, highly deadly avian flu succumbed, both to the oil of wild oregano complex and also the multiple spice formula, with, once again, some 99% of the viruses obliterated. In this case, though, it took much higher doses: 25-fold.
As demonstrated by investigators publishing in the Journal of Applied Microbiology, a number of other viruses are also vulnerable to oregano oil’s destructive powers. In this case its active ingredient, carvacrol, was found to inactivate the murine norovirus, similar to the one that infects humans, within an hour of exposure. This occurred through direct destruction of the viral coating.
It was Siddiqui and his group who in 1996 demonstrated, or confirmed, the mechanism of action. Here, in Medical Science Research, it was determined that oil of oregano caused a dissolution of the viral coating, essentially disintegrating it. The virus was fully incapacitated.  It could do nothing to either invade the cells or reproduce to infect them further without its coating, which has invasive capacities.
So, there is no cause for alarm. Wild oregano and its associated spice oil supplements, the multiple spice respiratory support complex and the aromatic water or juice, will come to the rescue. Moreover, by regular intake it will act to prevent the onset of potentially life-threatening flu syndromes.
Routinely, people report that the regular use of this wild spice oil complex results in highly positive results. Those who have a history of contracting cold/flu seasonally no longer do so. Moreover, those who contract it are able to ward it off without complications.
Even so, to support this a person should make certain lifestyle adjustments. No doubt, regular movement and exercise, through increasing oxygen intake and metabolism, is preventive, as is a healthy diet. Refined sugar must be strictly avoided, as this intoxicates the immune system and increases the risk for cold/flu onslaught. There should also be a regular intake of fresh citrus as a source of vitamin C. Natural-source vitamin A is also preventive, which can be consumed through the intake of high-grade, whole food, wild sockeye salmon oil, which is naturally rich in both vitamins A and D.
An excellent preventive protocol is as follows:

  • Daily intake of oil of wild oregano, which can also be scrubbed topically, for instance, on the bottoms of the feet and upper chest
  • Daily intake of multiple spice oil desiccated formula or liquid formulas of the same for additional respiratory and immune support
  • Daily intake of aromatic juice of oregano
  • Daily intake of fresh citrus
  • Consumption of additional whole food vitamin C as wild camu camu and acerola
  • Daily intake of whole food, wild sockeye salmon oil as a source of naturally occurring vitamins A and D

Black seed oil can also be consumed. It has a general action of bolstering the immune response. As well, if there is a severe outbreak or tough cases the individual should consume large quantities of the wild oregano oil- and spice oil-based supplements, as needed, even taking it, if necessary, on the hour or every half-hour.

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3 thoughts on “Flu is no major threat if using oil of wild oregano”

  1. I take oregano oil for tick bite prevention during that season. I now take olive leaf extract to prevent viral illnesses such as the flu. I was told that oregano oil is mostly a bacterial issue, not viral.

    1. Hello Karen,
      Thanks for commenting! Oregano oil is excellent support for the immune system and acts as a cellular cleanser.
      There have been studies that show oregano has antiviral and antibacterial properties. Might i suggest the book The Cure is in The Cupboard by Dr. Cass Ingram. It is an excellent reference guide to have on hand and very education on how to use the oil of oregano for many uses!.

  2. I have extreme soreness on lips of vagina and buttocks. They finally said it was vulvodymia and I also have a chronic cough that I keep clearing my throat and coughing up clear mucous. Have you been able to help any of these problems?

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