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Cass Ingram

Five Super Foods that Protect Your Body, No Matter What

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Cass Ingram

March 14/2020

There are a number of foods that offer protection to our bodies at all times. The more that is consumed of these super-charged foods and herbs the greater is the protection.

Heat is a positive thing, in other words, that potency and pungency that a person tastes upon consumption. As a rule, hot or spicy means it is powerful, especially in its actions on the mucous membranes. This also means that naturally hot/spicy foods increase the metabolic rate, often dramatically so.


Wild oregano

The king of kings, in the ability to dramatically empower the immune system and far more, nothing can compare to the powers of this incredibly potent herb, which is really a spice. As well, numerous books are available which outline its immense health-giving powers. It has three main potencies: germicidal, antihistaminic, and immune-boosting. For a person who wants the ultimate power this is it. Studies show that it has a combination effect, being at the same time antiviral, anti-fungal, anti-mold, antibacterial, and anti-parasitic. Of all spices tested, by far, wild oregano is the most potent germicide. For the ultimate protection it is bested used the extracted oil of wild oregano. Moreover, pay attention to the word wild, as, now, there is actually cloned and farm-raised-based oil of oregano on the market. Many of these fraudulently claim to be wild. Some are even tainted with synthetic components, like chemical forms of carvacrol. Beware of cheap imitations claiming to be wild but which really aren’t.

Store oregano often isn’t the truly wild type and is typically contaminated with fillers. For truly wild oregano use a high-quality wild extract, the crude herb in a capsule, and the juice-essence, the latter being a hydrosol from wild herb distillation.



Make no mistake onions are a super-food. J. H. Kim did a study finding that extracts of onions were highly active against oral bacteria, including the main cause of dental caries. These included nasty oral bacteria such as Porphyromonas gingivitis and Prevotella intermedia. The results showed that components of this food had a positive effect against all the oral pathogens tested, maintaining activity as long as 48 hours. This makes sense, as onions lose much of their pungency over time. It is well-known that the regular intake of this naturally hot-tasting food helps reduce the risk for infection. It’s acrid, aromatic compounds are particularly invaluable for respiratory health. For anyone with lung conditions they should be routinely consumed. A single onion per day is plenty; no need to overdo it.

While it is best raw even cooked onions offer some benefit. In fact, daily intake is associated with a number of benefits, including thinning of the blood, improved bowel function, resistance to colds/flu, enhanced digestion, and increased metabolic rate, the latter being an aid to weight loss.



Everyone knows that garlic has immune-bolstering functions. According to work published in Microbes and Infection there can be no doubt about its antimicrobial powers. Freshly homogenized garlic was found to be active against a number of disease-causing species, including E. coli, candida, giardiasis, and amebas. It was also determined to possess antiviral properties. The spicy food contains compounds that bind to the various protein components of the germs, especially the germ’s much-needed enzymes, neutralizing them. Other work at Cornell University found that it was capable, even as the typical sprinkle powder, of inhibiting virtually all known bacteria. No matter what the degree or type of ¬†infection it is always a good idea to consume it. Raw garlic is the true germicide, with over 90% of its potency lost through cooking. It is an inexpensive, while not entirely a socially acceptable way, of being protected. Take advantage of it. However, for garlic breath chew on parsley.


Black seed

These are tiny seeds from the ripe pods of the Mediterranean plant, Nigella sativa. It is not common for Westerners to consume black seeds, but they should. Also, the oil should be regularly consumed. There is great powers in black seed and their expressed oil regarding immune function. an immune-potentiating complex, proven to strengthen the immune response. There are countless assaults against the body, so it is ideal to consume black seeds and the freshly cold-pressed oil on a regular basis. Quality black seed oil is often mixed with fennel and cumin, which are related seeds, also form the Mediterranean, often found in capsule form. Some people prefer the pure liquid, it can be found also with tiny amounts of wild rosemary and oregano oils as enhancing antioxidants and preservatives. The whole seed can be purchased or in a ground form with enhancing cumin powder and red sour grape.



No doubt, cinnamon has monumental health benefits. This delicious spice offers potency not only as a natural anti-infective compound but also for balancing blood sugar. Cinnamon is a natural addition to carbohydrates, as it aids in sugar and starch metabolism. So, it protects against two major health concerns, diabetes and infection. In particular, it is a strong natural medicine against fungus. As well, it is a potent antioxidant and so helps preserve the tissues from age-related degeneration.

Add these natural medicines to the diet in every way possible. Take them also as high-quality supplements. As a result, you will enjoyed increased strength and vitality, while reaping major benefits for immune health. Moreover, these are all wild foods and/or high-grade food supplements that can be readily found. Use them for yourself and your whole family and get the divinely-inspired, whole food answer to the most optimal health possible.



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