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Cass Ingram

Cass Ingram Lecturing on his Lyme Disease Experience

Cass Ingram Lecturing on his
Lyme Disease Experience

5 thoughts on “Cass Ingram Lecturing on his Lyme Disease Experience”

  1. I am very amazed at watching Dr. Cass ingram’s incredible seminars etc… I will let
    people know about his Lyme book etc..
    Would love to have my sister see him. She has Polysythemia vera. Does he
    take appointments? Please let me know. Thank you!

  2. I’m afraid to take the doses of wild mountain Oregano, that you took. Aren’t there any side effects? I’m taking a couple of medications so I’m concerned.

    1. No side effects from the truly edible spice material other than possibly constipation if you don’t take goodly amounts of probiotics. No liver issues, no kidney. Nothing like that.
      Regardless, you can take the whole crude herb/rhus coriaria and the edible oil with impunity. It is Lyme that kills and destroys lives; the oregano is a lifesaver. God made it, laid it all out.

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