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Cass Ingram

Don’t Fear Cold and Flu: Wild Oregano to the Rescue

There is no reason to be apprehensive about weather changes or for that matter, cold and flu. That’s because in nature there truly is a powerful answer. This is wild oregano, particularly its extracted oil. Long relied upon for every conceivable upper respiratory disorder, a quality, truly wild oregano oil from Mediterranean mountain-grown spice is potent to the extreme.

For one, it is a destroyer of viruses. What could more crucial in terms of a mechanism of action than this? However, often, people hear of numerous other natural therapies that support a healthy immune system and support a cold-flu defense response. This includes garlic or its extracts, grapefruit seed extract, colloidal silver, and elderberry. Yet, none of these have mechanism of action offered by wild oregano oil: not even close. Thus, through focus elsewhere people are often diverted from the ultimate truth. Unless people forget, there is only one natural medicine given a high dictate in the early scriptures, in this case the Old Testament, and that is the wild oregano growing in the Mediterranean mountains, the ‘purging herb’ of Leviticus.

Dissolves viruses?

Consider one study where oregano oil and its active ingredient carvacrol did the untenable. They categorically dissolved the viruses, in this case the winter disease-related norovirus, undermining the viral capsid or coating. Long before this Siddiqui found under the electron microscope that oregano oil did, in fact, fully do so, “disintegrating” them. In work by Ijaz and Ingram in a study on cold and flu viruses wild oregano oil, in this case the oregano blend, was found to destroy viruses in vitro in a study on both cold and flu viruses. It proved so potent that it even in a higher dose, 25-fold greater, destroyed the notoriously dangerous pathogen, the bird flu virus. So, anyone can imagine how invaluable wild oregano oil would be in the event of contracting any respiratory virus and, in fact, any virus that attacks the mucous membranes.

Supports the immune system at the same time?

Once again, wild oregano is superior to all natural medicines for cold/flu support and also for supporting any condition where the immune system must be modulated. This is true in all its forms: the distilled oil, the whole, crushed herb, ideally combined with Rhus coriaria, another wild immune-booster, and the essence or aromatic water. That’s because wild oregano doesn’t only destroy noxious germs, viruses and more. It also supports the immune response against invasive pathogens. It was even found to do all the following:

  • Reverse immune suppression in an animal model from the injection of immune-suppressing toxic chemicals (in this case, cyclophosphamide),
  • Increase the cell count of so-called competent immune cells,
  • Enhance the capacity of immune cells to kill germs and boost the ability of the bone marrow and lymph nodes to produce such cells,
  • Increase “overall phagocytic activity” of white blood cells, that is their ability to attack and ingest germs, compared to controls.

It was even concluded that oregano therapy aided the immune system in recognizing pathogens. Plus, it has been long known that wild oregano increases the body’s interferon levels, a sign of immune activation.

Thus, oregano, that is the wild type, in its various forms is the #1 choice for enhancing the immune system. Ideally, it should be taken daily for prevention: in its various forms, as the oil in an extra virgin olive oil base, as the whole, crushed herb with Rhus coriaria, and as the aromatic water or ‘juice.’ Use wild oregano to get healthy and to stay healthy, regardless of the seasonal challenges.


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