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Cass Ingram

The Destructive Nature of Refined Sugar – Metabolic Poison

The Destructive Nature of Refined Sugar – Metabolic Poison

Make no mistake about it refined sugar is a deadly poison. Corrupt to the extreme this poison is noxious to the human body even in relatively small amounts. In fact, it is so corrupt that no one should consume it. How dangerous is it? As little as a few teaspoonsful daily is enough to disturb the metabolism, severely so. This is so much the case that those few teaspoonsful could cause noticeable symptoms.
In fact, there is no way that this substance can even be regarded as a food. There is nothing food-like about it. Rather, as it is a mere purified chemical substance it behaves more like a drug than a foodstuff, in fact, an adulterant to the extreme. For instance, refined sugar destroys the teeth, eating away at the enamel, even the base bones. The teeth are the hardest, most indestructible tissues in the body. How much more corrupt can a substance be than to destroy the teeth?
It is also a highly addictive substance, which gives reason for classifying it as a drug rather than a food. Refined sugar is drug like, similar to cocaine or opium? This makes sense, as any sugar addict will attest. It is even drug-like in its consequences, the occurence of withdrawals and cravings. Truly, so extreme can be the consquences to the addicts that it is virtually impossible to withdraw from it ‘cold turkey.’ It often requires massive nutritional and dietay support, as well as emotional support, to achieve successful withdrawal in the case of extreme addicts.
Here is an example of how the corruption known as ‘sugar’ can lead to addiction. When significant amounts of this substance are consumed, the brain is directly impacted. It releases powerful substances, mood-altering chemicals, including serotonin and dopamine. These substances create a sensation of mood elevation, a kind of sugar-induced high. People do get this mood shift, though it is temporary at best. Howeve, continued consumpiton leads to disastrous consequences, including a major down, manifested by anxiousness, anxiety, depression, and even fits of anger or at least obnoxiousness. The body gets adjusted to this high then low state, and most people fail to recognize that it is entirely sugar-induced.
The sugar industry is fully aware of this addiction. It is the way this corrupt cabal can maintain its multi-billion dollar sales. As published by S. O’Connell in Sugar: The Grass that Changed the World rat studies have confirmed this addiction capacity. Princeton investigators, led by B. Hoedel, fed rats a normal diet supplemented with refined sugar, given in the a.m. The, they stopped the sugar feeding. The results were highly revealing. The rats started chattering their teeth, and it was obvious that they were nervous or anxious. The anxiousness and teeth chattering were a sign of a sugar-induced imbalance in brain chemistry. It is destructive in a wide range of ways besides its effects on the nerves and teeth.
Clearly, refined sugar is a metabolic poison and has particularly noxious effects on the hormonal system, especially the adrenal glands. It is a frank poison of these glands, eventually causing them to be systematically destroyed. Furthermore, sugar can readily distort the body, for instance, causing rapid weight gain. Again, as described by O’Connell if it is consumed in an amount in excess of what can be burned, weight will be gained. As little as five teaspoonsful extra daily was determined in humans to lead to a yearly weight gain of up to 10 pounds. No wonder people in America are so obese considering the excessive amount of this noxious chemical that they consume.
Consider what would happen if a person routinely consumed 10 extra teaspoonsful above metabolic burning capacity daily. The weight gain would be as high as 20 pounds per year, amounting in 10 years of an extra 200 pounds. Sugar destroys much more, including the internal mechanisms of human chemistry. As published in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism human subjects who consumed the equivalent of the sugar in two cans of cola had greater than twice the amount of free radical damage than controls, who consumed no sugary drinks. Furthermore, in this study, among others, it was found that this refined chemical caused the loss of key nutrients, including those which protect the body from oxidative damage such as vitamin E and vitamin C.
Let it not be forgotten that the B vitamins are also destroyed by refined sugar. Once again, for what reason would anyone consume this substance? A listing of the body systems which are adversely affected by refined sugar are as follows:
• the boney skeleton
• the joints
• the endocrine glands
• the brain
• the liver
• the immune system
• the dental system
• the free radical protection system
• the skin (which it ages aggressively)
Worse yet, a number of sugar sources are tainted with GMOs, notably high fructose corn syrup, fructose sweetener, invert sugar, glucose, and beet sugar. Corn syrup is one of poisonous of all sugars, largely because the combined effect of heavy refinement,along with the GMO toxins. Avoid sugar as you would avoid the plague.
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