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Cass Ingram

Benefits of Wild Oregano for Prostate Health

wild raw oregano oil

Who would ever consider wild oregano a key natural therapy for prostate health? Yet, for over 20 years it has been recommended for the support of this organ, largely through the book the Cure is in the Cupboard. It is universally known that oregano oil is a germicide. The prostate is a hotbed for a variety of germs, which can readily lodge in this region.

This is made worse depending upon sexual practices. Those who have had sex with multiple individuals are certainly infested. Pathogens readily reside in the prostate, thriving off its nutrient-rich secretions.

Essentially, wild oregano oil acts as a cleansing agent for this organ, purging all hidden infections. This includes viruses, bacteria, yeasts, fungi, and parasites. Yet, it also has a power that is virtually unfathomable. It readily destroys cancerous cells lodged within the tissue. In this regard it acts as a natural chemotherapeutic agent, rapidly cleansing this organ of noxious, dangerous cells: with no side effects.

This was confirmed by researchers at Long Island University, who discovered that oregano contains precisely the ingredient necessary to destroy prostate cancer cells. It was the active ingredient carvacrol, they determined, that was responsible.

This is a most crucial finding considering that prostate cancer is responsible for nearly 30,000 premature deaths yearly. The findings were so impressive that they deemed it appropriate treatment for those suffering with the disease to increase their oregano intake. Yet, in fact, this was known long before, as demonstrated by Harvard University’s retrospective study evaluating nearly 50,000 people. There was a major reduction in prostate cancer in pizza consumers. Investigators thought it was the tomato paste, a source of lycopene, even though no positive association was seen with tomatoes themselves. Apparently, it was the oregano all along.

“Carvacrol,” noted Supriva Bavadekar, a lead researcher of the study, causes apoptosis or “cell suicide” of prostate cancer cells. It seems to do so while exhibiting no harm to healthy tissue.

The findings are made exceptionally important, since the standard prostate cancer treatments, radiation, hormonal therapy, surgery, and chemotherapy, are rife with dangerous side effects. As well, typically, men who undergo the surgery are left impotent. With oregano, including the wild oil, there are no such issues.

Wild oregano oil goes beyond this for prostate health. It has a power against metastatic tissue. While the mechanism has yet to be determined it must be taken as a supplemental therapy for this condition, both in the wild oil form and also the juice or essence, the later available as a soluble liquid. Note: for any such condition be sure that the oil of wild oregano is an entirely natural supplement derived exclusively from wild, mountain grown spice. Beware of cheap imitations containing synthetic carvacrol, which is toxic or cloned versions with unnatural, artificially high carvacrol levels.

When using high-quality, truly wild oregano oil there can be no doubt that it is antiproliferative. This means its intake fully blocks the development of cancerous tissue.

For the prostate oregano oil offers another value. This relates to its antioxidant powers. It has an antioxidant capacity of some 100 times that of blueberries at 3000 ORAC units per gram. As well, it increases tissue glutathione levels, including the production of this lifesaving compound within prostate cells. Glutathione is crucial, as high levels are anticancer and anti-inflammatory plus normal or extra-high levels enhance immune function.

Plus, regular intake helps block the development of new infections such as those which occur with aging. These include viral and fungal invasions.

There is a specialist wild oregano formula for this organ. In addition to wild oregano, which it contains in a raw state, it also contains the Mediterranean spice herb, Rhus coriaria. It is this herb which is ultra-rich in gallic and malic acids, both of which have profound, positive effects upon kidney function and urinary. The herb acts to prevent urinary retention and should ideally be taken along with the oil.

Other prostate support supplements include crude, whole food pumpkin seed oil, Austrian-Styrian-source, and pomegranate concentrate. Yet, go with the wild oregano. Use it as the master cleanse. Take as a protocol, a combination of the wild oil, , and the whole, crude herb with Rhus coriaria, the original village formula, now made available. A typical protocol would be to take at least five drops of the oil twice daily or one 50 mg tiny gelap twice daily, along with one or two capsules of the whole, raw, crude herb with rhus twice daily.

Find this combo therapy, and take it vigorously. As a result, there will be a profound improvement of health plus much prevention. It’s the pizza spice, just a pure, wild version. What could be superior to that?


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  1. The part you didn’t address is most antibiotics even can’t penetrate to prostate due to the shape of it and lack of blood flow. Why would oregano oil?

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