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Cass Ingram

Benefits of Black Seed Oil

3 thoughts on “Benefits of Black Seed Oil”

  1. 87 y.o lady developed a severe skin rash all over my body encluding my head. Had hearth attack 2 years ago and after leaving rehabe this happened ..I was able to ignore until now..About to go crazy been to derm dr…no results….er and not results…I have open sores face and all .I am ashame to go out into public…..No results from medical field.. dagnosed of cancer of R eye and am schedled for surgery…a shame to go to the hospital for my surgery..Suffer undescriablly,

  2. My 70yr old mother is taking the recommended brand and following the autoimmune protocol in Ingram’s book. She weighs 80lbs and is currently having a decreased appetite and just doesn’t feel right in the head. She doesn’t take any medications either. My thoughts are that she’s taking too much oil for her size.

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