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Cass Ingram

As an Antibacterial Nothing Can Compare to Wild Oregano Oil

Make no mistake wild oregano oil is one of the most potent naturally occurring antibacterial agents known. In fact, nothing in nature can compare it regarding its broad-spectrum powers, fully proven by a wide variety of scientific studies.

People should be taking major advantage of it. Wild oregano oil is a definite gift of God, a blessing that would if used routinely prevent most of the ills of humankind as well as reverse countless of these.

In one study by Preuss and Ingram, the oil categorically destroyed all traces of five potentially deadly pathogens, including species of tuberculosis, staph, klebsiella, H. pylori, staph, and Bacillus anthracis. This caused the investigators to conclude that wild oregano oil alone could be relied upon “in the prevention and treatment of severe bacterial infections,” adding it would be of particular value versus “those that are difficult to treat and/or resistant to antibiotics.”

In other work as reported in Science Daily scientists evaluated oregano oil versus drug resistant E.coli of the so-called Beta lactamase producing strain. This multiple drug resistant bacteria proved to be ultra-sensitive to the oregano oil. The investigators also discovered that the oil possessed a major synergy when combined with various antibiotics.

In Nutrition and Food Science it was reported that that the oil had significant potency against food spoilage bacteria, including a number of those which cause food poisoning. The germs that succumbed included the spore former Bacillus subtilis,E. coli, staph, and salmonella. This demonstrates the preventive powers of edible wild oregano oil in preventing food-borne bacterial infections and also in their treatment, far superior to antibiotics, which cannot be taken daily for such prevention. Actually, if people would routinely take a few drops daily of the daily use form, either as tiny gelcaps containing six drops or drops taken orally or under the tongue, there would be no food poisoning outbreaks.

It’s not merely internal use where the oregano oil saves lives. In severe injuries, even burns, it prevents infection. In Frontiers in Microbiology a major finding was made. Oregano oil applied to burns fully prevents traumatized tissues from bacterial attack. Some 13 different burn-related pathogens were eradicated, an impressive feat. By applying the oregano oil 24 hours after the burns there was a drastic reduction in bacterial pathogen growth; the germs were obliterated. Furthermore, despite the sensitivity of burn-related tissues there were no negative effects of any kind, no toxicity or irritation to the tissues.

In The Cure is in the Cupboard and Doctor’s Guide to Oil of Oregano: 101 Uses all this has been made abundantly clear. Here, the edible, daily use wild oregano oil has been touted as beneficial to all manner of skin infections, including acne, rosacea, skin mite attack, boils, infected wounds, ringworm, and athlete’s foot. The same is true of bacterial overload internally: H. plyori, small intestinal bacterial overgrowth, that is SIBO, esophageal irritation, sour stomach, food poisoning, bladder/kidney infections, and far more. Clearly, it supports a healthy detoxification/cleansing response in all such conditions, rapidly and thoroughly. So, take advantage of the wild oregano. Use the daily use capsules or sublingual drops. For tough challenges rely on triple strength form. Stay well and get well with wild oregano oil. That’s the wild nature guarantee.


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